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2015.08.12 20:58 tabledresser [Table] IamA Mike Shinoda AMA!

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Date: 2015-08-12
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Hi Mike! Another huge fan here! Do you have a plan if the zombie apocalypse happens? If so, what is it? Why isn't everyone mad that the people from The Walking Dead never just find an island? Is that already a thing? The zombie's can't even get over a fence, they definitely can't swim well. So get a fucking boat and get out on an island already.
Do you prefer Spotify or Apple Music? I like Beats One a lot. I like Apple Connect, but it's not as vibrant as it can be. I like collaborative playlists on Spotify a lot. Both have decent recommendations. Sonos supports Spotify at this point.
I've never been this early to an AMA before! Long time fan of both LP and Fort Minor so thank you first! What's your go-to sandwich? Tuna or beef dip. Unless I'm making it, then I usually do a ham on bagel. This is weird; I just realized how nonsensical that sandwich decision making is. Like, I should just make tuna or beef dip. But I don't. Someone fix me.
Hi Mike, thanks for doing this AMA, Big fan :p. MY Question: LP is kind of known for its large spectrum in music-style. Is there a change LP will make an album that is heavier than HT or meteora? See you at Pukkelpop Link to
Hey Mike, do you still have demos of "The wizzard song" from Pre Meteora time? I want to hear it so badly! Cheers and see you in Düsseldorf! Can't wait to see Fort Minor(+LP) Live! That was from the DVD right? We do dumb crap like that all the time, and sometimes it gets captured on camera. Does anyone have the link to the LPTV episode where Chester, Dave, and I were jamming backstage--I think it was a ska jam?
You have done a lot with your creative life, from music to art and I am sure you have learnt a lot along the way. What advice have you learned from your experiences that you could share with us all? You know stuff like how do you manage your time, all your ideas and demands and everything you want to do to ensure you actually get shit done and make it a reality? Read Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Workweek. And his blog.
P.s I have your signed skate decks from Glorious Excess on my wall and a signed hunting party vinyl from an LPU meet + greet on my walls, my most prized possessions! Thank you! :) I don't really watch TV, I don't follow any shows, I don't read pop garbage magazines and don't care about reality TV. I've met a few of the Kardashian clan, and I didn't have anything to talk to them about because I don't know anything about them, and everyone else in the world does. They (Brody and Kim) were nice, BTW.
What's the darkest most insane early 2000's record label scum bag story you have? Honest question. I love hearing shit like this. I don't have a lot. I once knew a label guy who bought his wife fake boobs as a pre-wedding present so she'd have them for the wedding. Needless to say, that didn't last.
Mike what you recommend to get the success in the music industry??? (i love all songs of LP and tell chester that his screams make my wife cum) Awesome, I recommend staying true to your artistic vision and always focusing on how you can improve.
How's marriage counseling going?
Hey mike! What is the weirdest thing you've seen at a concert? These guys: Link to
Hey, Mike. Big fan. Since the release of Linkin Park's The Hunting Party, I've been wondering, was it intentional that the riffs to Victimized and A Line In The Sand sound similar? If so, why did you do it? Not intentional...but Victimized was a bit of a precursor to THP album in a way, so it makes sense. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees...
I recently heard on the radio that you guys are "Free to be creative on your new album, as finances aren't hold you back". Can you elaborate on that? I have no idea what that means. I guess it's true, especially when compared to the first album. On our first album, we were struggling just to get a new guitar and a bass amp.
How did Fort Minor first meet/get back together? Also, will you be going to see Straight Outta Compton this Friday? 1- I just started making songs. Styles Of Beyond were friends from back in high school days.
2- YES.
Hey Mike, do you and Chester do any special preparations when you perform at high altitude locations like Colorado or are you two used to it? Also, what are your favorite pizza toppings? Funny, my favorite pizza toppings are ham and pineapple, unless I'm in Colorado, in which case my favorite pizza topping is more oxygen.
1) Why was the song A.06 (A-Six) excluded from Meteora album, and why was only the instrumental released? Can we expect A-Six with full lyrics to be included on some of the next LPUs? 2) Why were songs Part of Me and Carousel (from Hybrid Theory EP) never played live? We played those songs a ton when the band name was "Hybrid Theory," and once we had a whole album to play, those kinda just went away.
Hey Mike, what music, new or old, have you been jamming to recently? I have public playlists on Spotify and Apple, follow me there! I'm always putting new music in.
What's your favourite Nintendo game? 1.) Mega Man 2 2.) Metroid 3.) Super Mario 2 4.) Legend Of Zelda 5.) Mega Man 3
I was born in 1999 and listened to hybrid theory on release. The next time Linkin Park comes to the UK, can I play guitar on a few songs? I would also like to know what your favourite cake is. Thanks! We already have a guitarist, but if he's broken, you can fill in. Favorite cake is this one: Link to (Thank you stormsky )
What is your favorite dinosaur? GRIMLOCK Link to
Hi Mike, I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park, I have over 100 songs on my iPod... My questions are: would you ever go back to having red hair? Does it annoy you that some people think you're in "Wake me up inside" when it's 12 Stones? Who is your favourite Pokemon? 1- not likely, I'm a grown ass man 2- I'm glad that's not actually something people think 3- Charizard EX is arguably the most powerful Pokemon.
You realise the irony in this sentence right? Right?? Cmon, give me more credit than that.
Which is your favorite brand of beer? Sapporo, Modelo, Kroenenburg (misspelled, I'm sure)
If I recall correctly, you mentioned in an earlier interview that you guys (Linkin Park) don’t really jam when coming up with new music. How, then, do you start conceptualizing a new album, especially considering that every record (aside from Meteora, arguably) has been a significant evolution from the previous one? 1 - I'm constantly writing--on my phone, laptop, in my studio. From hundreds of demos, a handful of songs stand out, and we flesh those out. They can start from anything--Lost In The Echo began with an iphone recording of a children's cat keyboard toy, which I put in iMaschine (an iPhone sampler app), then took to the studio. I might even sing something today, into my phone in the car, that becomes something.
If Reddit got together to write you a rap, would you rap it? That's a great idea. Let's do it right now.
Hi Mike, Any plans of making another art show like Glorious Excess in the near future? Not to fear, good friend, I shall paint again. Some day.
Did you know that your name is fun to say to the tune of My Sharona? Link to
How did the mash up with Jay-Z come about? Also I loved seeing your moonshine posts on Instagram when you were in West Virginia (my home state) Jay Z and MTV came to us asking "if we'd jam together."
What does it start with? One (usually)
1) Who were your mentors, how did you find them, and what big lessons did you take away from them? 2) What advice do you have for people trying to find success in artistic fields like music or video production? 3) Are you still doing work in Haiti? Are there opportunities for us to help you in your side projects like that? 4) When LP was just getting big with Hybrid Theory and you used things like Instant Messenger to connect with your fans, did you ever use a screen name of SunggleFuzz something or was somebody just pretending to be you and trying to kill me? 1- Rick Rubin is a genius. 2 - Do what you love 3 - My involvement in the recycling project had to come to an end, but I'm really pleased that the effort is still ongoing and there are a ton of people able to support their families because of the work of SRS 4 - vaguely, but I'm not sure. Thank you for dropping by (then and now)!
Hey Mike, thanks for doing this! Do you and Linkin Park plan on doing an European tour? Also, the 360 music video for "Welcome" was awesome. European dates are up RIGHT NOW: Link to
What do you think of lpfiction? Eh.
I'm not too familiar, but how come is it that I remember your name? It's just math, really.
Hola Mike, greetins from Ecuador. My question is: Hablas Español? Poquito.
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