Dating SLS

My (26M) GF(22F) is pretty happy about our relationship, but im not sure if i am...

2020.10.25 22:33 BadDreams26 My (26M) GF(22F) is pretty happy about our relationship, but im not sure if i am...


I (27M) have a GF (24F) of one year. We met on tinder and was started our dates with hookups which is a bit unusual for me because i dont like hook ups and ons type of relations but i liked her so i wanted to give us a chance. She was kind of a mental wreck at first, asking me about why i wanted her , telling me that she was just a sl*t on tinder hooking with guys. But i loved her personality (i mean she is pretty beautiful too) so i wanted to give it a try. In this one year everything is going perfect we almost never argue and spend a lot of time together, she is talking about she want to have a life with me and got married in future etc. Yes we are happy, but am i ? I am a self confident man dont get me wrong, im not against woman to have experience thats perfectly normal. What bothers me is her tone, at first she was always bragging about her messed up past like it was an achivement, how she nearly got a theeresome or how she was a lesbian back than, past drug problems etc. It was our hookup stage so its normal to talk about these stuff when u are not attached i got it but even than, most of the times i dont express these kind of things to people cuz it might just make them sad , what a turn tables which i am now after months. I didint care at first tbh but after like 6 months these kind of things starts to bother me, as we got serious. We got close a lot during pandemic, spend a lot of time together, have a great bond. I love spending time with her, got almost the same hobbies, doing music etc. We are both white collars so we always have some topic to talk to. But time passes by and i dont know if im just wasting her time sometimes. The other problem is trust. I trust her, i never got jelly over her, i know she is msging with some guys and its ok she can have friends, but these guys are not the ones i know as her friends, i mean ok i might not know all of em, but when i ask her if she talks anyone, she says no im not, but i saw her phone got lotsa msg from some guys while she is on wc. I dont like this attitude. ı got 3 options which i can think of. 1-dumping her, which will crush her and my hearth. 2- Continue dating her, not saying im going to cheat, but i might get some close friends beside her. 3- there is no problem, all on me and i gotta face withmyself. Which im doing for almost 6 months and its not working. I am VERY confused right now, waiting for u opinions...
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2020.10.23 22:21 OGPapasote M24NNJ. Coupling are adding me in!! Need Advice, New to the Lifestyle

I met a couple on sls, we chatted, exchanged pictures and are set to go out in 3 weeks. I’ve had 3sums and been with one older woman before. I joined because I just want to be a sex toy for a couple, and specially want to experience group sex. Any tips for this first date from experienced swingers? I don’t want to sound like a tool by saying the bs we all know SM say. I really want to kill this date, help me! 😅
BTW: They know I haven’t been with a couple.
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2020.10.23 15:36 NukFloorboard does anyone know what this type of phishing scam is and where they would have got my information?

i keep getting these phishing emails they always follow the exact same format
FSG Facebook support group: hi (my name) (always some middle eastern name) has tried to log into your facebook account with a (random phone brand and model) is this you?
(random name like sexy or Sl*ts or adult)dating(dot net): hi (my name) you have been signed up for (random name)dating(dot net) congrats! just follow the link to confirm if you did not sign up click this link
at first i didn't care until i got annoyed and decided to check the email header to find its 3 pages of gibberish its using a basic encryption method some military or government bodies use to hide their headers which raised some eyebrows
then suddenly it got more sinister "VeteransDating(dot net)" this has now spooked me a little because this is not something i broadcast my facebook doesn't say i'm a veteran i don't post about myself being a veteran anywhere i have no idea how they know that
and the emails are always from addresses like this QAOZAAVV(dot)[email protected](dot)us
so its impossible to block since they're randomly generated if anyone could tell me where my email might have been leaked from or who these people are i would be at ease a little more
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2020.10.23 04:06 Phemfatale [H or A][US][Any] Small Group looking for M/W

Hello, and thank you for reading this post!

4 of us are looking for somewhere that fits our schedules to call home! Three of us are definitely interested in raiding (AOTC with possible light mythic) and one may be interested, depending on how SL goes (haha).

We have all achieved AOTC for every tier from the starting from Legion, with most of us having experience dating back to vanilla.

We are available to raid 6pm-9pm pst Mondays and Wednesdays. This is strict due to work/rl obligations. I know its a tiny window but hey, gotta see whats out there!

Here is what we are looking to play:

I want to heal- have all healers at max level on both horde and alliance, take your pick, I like them all. I am not averse to flexing or dpsing either.
One would like to tank (pally pref) but if no tank spot is available, then he'd be happy playing lock or monk.
One is fine playing either warrior dps or shaman dps (ele) - take your pick.
The undecided person would like to enh sham or rdruid.

We are all interested in m+.

If we sound like people that would fit in, please add Btag: Bubukitty#11610 (the tank), Message me on here, or leave a reply with your guild info!

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you!
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2020.10.22 03:44 strawberry_bbhlgum I kind of unfriended my 2 years bestfriend, I don’t know if it’s really the right thing to do?

I (F18) have this friend (F18) whom I recently blocked in all of my socmeds.
We’ve been friends for two years now and her boyfriend was also a friend of ours. They got together because of me (I pushed them because they looked so cute together and they were there already so why not put a label on it). But early months in the relationship, the guy showed a bunch of red flags. Like many. He curses and calls her sl**, their fight sometimes results to hurtin not only to each other but also to themselves. AND as what a friend would do, I told her to leave him because they aren’t even married yet but he’s showing A LOT. What will happen to her if she ends up with him? That’s what I just said. They just make up if there’s sex involved or the guy buys fancy things.
So in 2019, I got a boyfriend. He’s not on the same page with us (like a comfy lifestyle), in fact, I met him on a dating app. But this guy is my everything. He’s literally the kindest guy I’ve ever met. 1 year in our relationship and he never showed any red flags. He’s like the perfect boyfriend as you would call it. But he’s not financially stable all the time, some of his things are rip-offs since he cannot afford to spend his money on branded ones. I introduced him to my friends, including the girl and his boyfriend, and the first thing I noticed is how they laughed at his shoes. Every moment that we are with them, they would whisper things that I know in myself about my boyfriend. They would even tweet things about us such as not buying fancy things, like we can only afford fake ones. It’s true and I will not deny it because I’d rather spend money on necessary things with a good guy. I have faith in him, he’s going to be a successful doctor like he dreamed of.
Lately, we (me, her, and her boyfriend) got on heated exchange. I blocked them because I prefer to be at peace rather than arguing with them.
Did I do the right thing? 😖
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2020.10.21 01:09 Frankandchars New to the LS need a little help with kasidie profile

So I (wife) am tasked with doing all the searching and ground work. I have posted a few times, recently I posted about our first experience the other day. It was a good time, not sure the couple will play again (no biggie) and my husband showed interest in meeting other couples. We both really want to meet a chill/sane couples that we can have a good time with in and out of the bedroom. That being said I figure I’d need to make a kasidie profile to weed out any weirdos as best I can. We are in a state that kasidie has more traction than SLS from what I read we are in Colorado. Tried double list, too many fakes and pic hunters.
I want to write a great profile description, but literally have no clue where to start. I missed the whole tinder thing as I started dating my husband right when that all came out lol. I have never written an online dating profile or LS one for that matter. What kind of pics should I include? We need to be very discreet so is it okay to cut off our faces in the profile pics?
Biggest question!!!! How do you get verified with kasidie and is it worth it to pay for it?!
I did my research on where to connect with couple lol, I know that gets repetitive lol.
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2020.10.19 12:00 JacksonWarrior This Week in Power Metal Releases (10/18 - 10/24)

This Week in Power Metal Releases (10/18 - 10/24)
Power Metal:
Related Genres:
JacksonWarrior's Corgi and Atmoblack pitstop:
I played the KFC dating sim last week and the teacher is a corg. I also failed to get those digits from Col Sanders
What you may have missed last week...

Recommendations of the Week


Black Fate will appeal to fans of Kamelot, Conception, and Sunburst. If you're not yet familiar, vocalist Vasilis Georgiou purposefully and successfully emulates the vocal style of Roy Khan. The music on offer is symphonic-tinged, mid-paced metal that admittedly doesn't do much to excite me, but this is one of those instances where the vocals make it worthwhile.


Mors Principium Est has a solid track here. Despite being Melodic Death, I found it quite enjoyable. Also, that walking skeleton in the video makes it all worthwhile. Even without, it's a good track.
Soul Secret does give me Dream Theater vibes, but the vocals here feel weak when trying to sing over the heavier parts of the song. Otherwise, the instrumentation is entertaining but again, big bang of Dream Theater off of them, so if that's you're cup of tea, this may be a pass. Mild Recommendation.


Ice War is the punkier kind of speed metal, it's alright.
Soul Secret gets a light rec from me as it gives off big Dream Theater vibes but without all the mad shredding of Petrucci, which is my favourite part of Dream Theater.


Mors Principium Est are one of the few good (great, even) Melodeath bands, and this album is shaping up to continue the trend.
I'm not sure how much I liked Adamantis, but I think I liked it enough to recommend it. Has a bit of a less polished early 2000s kind of sound, which is up my alley. I think it could be a grower.
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2020.10.16 19:17 Danficca Query Help

u/foco_sql looking for help here on what I could have done better or how to make this more readable rather than using 8 CTE's.
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2020.10.16 00:01 CharlieDayJepsen Extraterritorial Rights - Shelly de Killer

To the gentleman who tried to cut de Killer just now… Excuse me, but would you care to die?
Ace Attorney is a tapestry of characters, whether human, animal or something more. Much like any structured story, each of these characters has an assigned role to play. Whether a shining protagonist, a flawed antihero, a comic relief sidekick, or a dastardly villain, each of the moving parts within this series’ storied past falls into a defined role at some point or another.
This is a necessity of good storytelling, as it evokes human emotions that we can relate to or identify with. Phoenix Wright is loyal and resilient and epitomises some of the admirable traits we aspire to imitate. Miles Edgeworth is flawed, yet displays a willingness to better himself and broaden his worldview. This resonates with our sense of humanity, as personal faults are an inevitability we come to grips with every day. Counter to this is somebody like Blaise Debeste, whose self-interest and callous disregard for others showcases some of the worst that humanity has to offer. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Blaise Debeste is not a nice person, or that Phoenix Wright is a good person.
Yet the hallmark of well-rounded personalities in fiction is to appear human. They aren’t real, yet you feel that they are so. Through all the Cyclops masks and robot shoulder pads, what makes a good AA character is to imbue them with a natural humanity. What makes a great AA character is when that humanity is masked beneath a deceptive exterior.
Shelly de Killer has perhaps the most deceptive exterior of all.
By and large a fan favourite, most of the praise I see for de Killer unfortunately tends to boil down to surface-level stuff, like “he is a spooky assassin; that's cool.” General criticism tends to be the equally vague “he is stupid; that's illogical.” While these are true, they are a result of the far more compelling strengths and deeper flaws that run through de Killer. His nature is what makes him such a great character, not his profession. His mistakes don’t make him a bad character, but instead expose his flaws and true nature. People are not always who they appear to be, after all. I’ll elaborate on this, but I wanted to mention his general reception upfront, as these seem to be common stances that fans and critics take.
I’m excited to do this writeup, as I sense de Killer is quite misunderstood by much of the fandom. He’s certainly not as suave as some think he is, but he’s not as nebulous as others say either. A genuinely good character is a pleasure to write about, so this will be a long writeup. If it’s too long, who cares; I greatly value his inclusion and thoroughly enjoyed writing about him. I hope it’s an equally enjoyable read.
With that said, I'd like to start pulling away the stitching of the honourable Shelly de Killer. After all, the most important thing when analysing a character is honour.

1. Concept or character?

The first thing I'll address is a criticism commonly aimed at de Killer: that he isn’t much of a personality. Rather, that by being a contract killer, he is simply a concept; a tool for culprits to utilise. It’s a point I see stressed often. On one hand, I can see why people think that. If it weren’t for Matt Engarde or Simon Keyes, de Killer wouldn’t have been involved in the events of the two games.
On the other hand, I don’t. Yes, de Killer wouldn’t have had any involvement in the cases if he weren’t hired by any of the existing characters. But without him, there is no case in the first place. Matt Engarde was always going to hire somebody to kill Juan Corrida for him. I don’t think there was ever any question of Engarde doing the deed himself. He categorically states that he refused to “dirty his hands” in the murder of Juan Corrida. It would sully his “refreshing like a spring breeze” image. Therefore, it makes sense both narratively and characteristically for Engarde to hire an assassin.
Look at Simon Keyes. There is no way a circus performer was going to have the skills or resources to assassinate the “president” (in fact, Keyes’ actual murder of him was a chance encounter). Plus, it’s well within his personality to adopt the role of the puppet master, secretly pulling the strings in the darkness. So again, it doesn’t just make narrative and characteristic sense for him to hire an assassin, it necessitates it. There is every reason for de Killer to be involved, or else there wouldn’t have been a 2-4 or an I2-1 (or the subsequent events of I2).
Secondly, I’m not a fan of the idea that because a character is born out of necessity, they are now “lesser” than the characters around them. Yes, Shelly de Killer is a “murder weapon” of sorts, but he’s not just a faceless tool. This would imply that he possesses no depth or personality, or that he plays no active part in the development of the case. In reality, it’s the opposite.
By virtue of his contract, he has to break from the “silent assassin” role and goes rogue. He kidnaps Maya, takes her and Knightley hostage, hijacks Edgeworth’s investigations, “assists” him and Phoenix in order to pursue a shared goal, and he doggedly tries to exterminate Matt and Simon by any means possible. None of this is indicative of his typical assassin work, but instead a result of the exceptional circumstances he finds himself in.
While he exists as a “murder weapon” of sorts, he is also a distinct and clearly-defined person in the story. I'll be discussing the various elements of his own personality, the influence he holds over the story and the direct supporting role he plays in the events of 2-4 and AAI2. This will show that ultimately, there shouldn’t even be a “concept or character” argument, because in reality, he is neither. He is a hybrid of the two.
As for what type of character he is...

2. Second-tier villains: an archetype

I want to discuss a common Ace Attorney archetype, the “Big Bad”, to give an idea of what de Killer is not. Speaking broadly here, but these villains generally display “Dark Lord” characteristics, a grand evil force in direct opposition to our heroes. On the whole, characters like Manfred von Karma, Dahlia and Ga’ran fall under this category. These are the chief villains of the series, not to be toppled until the final case of the game. The Big Bad, in their almighty evil, provides ample opportunity for “second-tier villains”: characters who commit villainous acts in service of a larger evil. These lesser creatures of evil slink around the world, providing interesting wrinkles in the narrative.
Examples of second-tier villains include Patricia Roland, a willingly immoral accomplice who pays for her opportunism, driven by a powerful enemy to act out of fear instead. Paul Atishon walks the tightrope between dynastic politician, pathetic coward and blackmail-savvy scumbag, all in service of a benefactor halfway across the world. Being an assassin, de Killer’s service is a literal one. He is hired by clients to commit their crimes and the game dictates that the one who hires him is the true culprit. Because of this, Shelly is perhaps the poster child for a second-tier villain in the AA canon. Rather than catching the assassin himself, both 2-4 and AAI2 are intended to be resolved by catching his client instead.
Thus, we get de Killer in this role of a second-tier villain. It’s a role he performs gracefully, I feel. The stiff regime of honour and duty that he adopts provides ample opportunities for comedy when he comes across an everyman.
Phoenix: And, uh, anything else?
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of the master or his affairs.
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of himself and his affairs.
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of the family cat.

Doe (de Killer): I am no assassin. I'm just a simple ice cream salesman.
Edgeworth: (C-Curses...! I don't know anything about ice cream!) Hm. So, um... What's the most important thing about making ice cream?
Doe (de Killer): The most important thing about making ice cream is honor.
These little comedic nuances are dynamite! Having these moments of clashing personalities can be interpreted in many ways. Is de Killer really that stiff of a man that he doesn’t know how to tone down his routine? Or is he fully aware of how he comes across and is simply toying with our heroes? The ambiguity here is a great moment and shows off some masterful shades of personality while saying very little.
On the topic of personality, let’s begin diving into that, because there's a lot going on under the surface.

3. “My name is… de Killer.”

Horror is about as subjective as comedy, and it’s something that AA games don't delve into frequently (odd for a series about murders and serial killings). When it does, I find it lands very well. The reason for this is that it doesn’t go for over-the-top scares. It simply gives human characters a nightmarish edge. The image of smiling young Athena, covered in her mother’s blood, is very confronting for a kid's game. The details of the SL-9 incident, complete with portrait art of fresh-from-hell Joe Darke, are pretty grim.
Shelly de Killer, despite the goofy name, certainly has that aura of threat and terror to him. Whenever he appears as himself in 2-4, he's always bathed in red light. Instead of the usual “sprite fade-in”, he pops up with his theme music to give you a shock. With his creepy face and barely-restrained yet boundless capacity for violence, he’s a Gothic blend of slasher and biological horror.
By keeping the majority of his interaction off-screen, the games never fail to give me that sick thrill of discomfort whenever the curtain is drawn back and de Killer faces you in person. The whole sequence at Engarde Mansion is truly unpleasant. You have the innocence of Pearl and Shoe siphoned away by the arrival of de Killer. Then you have his vague, repetitive statements, constantly shooting down whatever topic Phoenix tries to talk to him about. He acts like a sketch of a human being, unsure of how to make proper conversation and just repeating phrases to put an end to the chat.
It’s made more tense with the dramatic irony. We know that Maya is a room away from Phoenix in that scene. As unpleasant as the conversation with John Doe is, it's a lot better than the thought of another uncomfortable de KilleMaya scene.
Speaking of, the scenes when you play as Maya are even more tense. There's that palpable feeling of suspense when exploring the mansion. Knowing that he’s going to appear at any point makes for some unbearable tension. This is strong character work and fantastic presence from an individual who is off-screen this entire time. To me, that’s the mark of a strong, well-written and fascinating personality.
Despite the nightmarishness of his presence, de Killer is prone to indulging in gallows humour, resulting in some pretty fun gags, like this exchange in 2-4. The game likes to play with his design by working his appearance into his objects. The two-way radio in 2-4 is my favourite example of a weird testimony; just watch it bop side-to-side, sweat and even kick its own ass! AAI2 brings it back with his ice cream cone that defies gravity. Since most interpretations of him sit between British and Transatlantic, it’s quite funny to imagine his poor attempt at a kidnapper’s impression over the radio.
He’s a lot of fun as a witness, too. This is a personal preference, but I'm not a fan of the overused “ugh” faces. I hate when the prosecutor raises a point that I’ve already come up with the answer to, but the game dictates that I can’t reach that conclusion yet, so my in-game avatar can only freak out and despair.
Equally, I dislike premature freak outs. I don't like it when witnesses go and lose their mind the moment they get called out on a mistake. I enjoy the chase and the build-up to a breakdown. Not just the final defeat, but when they finally drop the facade and show their real face to the court. This is because I earned it. I had to work for it. Whether it’s the first case or the last, I want to work for the victory. This is precisely why de Killer is such a good witness. He gives you nothing. Despite him being guilty as sin, he gives you nothing for so, so long and even when you trip him up in an unavoidable lie, the shock barely registers on his face.
Having de Killer remain cool and emotionless, the only reaction coming from his key object, is like a dare. To me, it says he's someone used to living under pressure. “Is that all you’ve got? You’ll need to do better than that to catch me out.” Even Edgeworth remarks on his intimidating confidence. In I2-1, he’s a refreshing change from your standard first-case witness fare. He's no pushover. de Killer doesn’t just refuse to concede. He actually points out a flaw in your own investigation. He leads you away from him for a complete interrogation of Nicole Swift instead. There are final case culprits who can’t even manage that.
Like all witnesses, it's required that he make mistakes at some point. That's OK, because the sheer amount of work and effort you have to put in is worth it. Let's take a look at the 2-4 trial. To summarise, it takes:
Until finally, he slips up: he thinks Adrian's a dude.
Now what? You’ve destroyed his testimony, but a little too well. How are you supposed to stall him now that you’ve decisively proven his testimony is all a lie?
Then he hits back, almost instantly. Weaving an entirely new testimony, a false story of how he contacted Adrian indirectly, his mistakes pop up more often. The lies become clearer. Mistakes are good, though. If he was just a godlike character, it would take the interest out of him. Seeing this man who appears to be that way makes me want to discover if he has an Achilles’ heel. And he does. People are not always who they appear to be, after all.

4. “As a de Killer, I always finish what I set out to do.”

The 3rd heir in the de Killer line, Shelly appears to the world as a calm, methodical assassin, carrying out his business with precision and professionalism. Assassins in fiction are always going to be sensationalised to a degree, whether it’s the suave, suit-wearing Agent 47, or the cult-like ancestry of Assassin’s Creed (interestingly, de Killer exhibits both these traits). The writers have shown through de Killer and Dogen that they prefer their assassins to appear put-together.
This is why he works so well. de Killer’s passive nature only stands to make him appear more sinister and threatening. Just listen to the smooth yet discomfiting jazz of his theme. Nearly every single one of these chords are dissonant, the music evoking the clash between de Killer's calm nature and his violent actions. Make no mistake: the polite, calm exterior of morality that de Killer exhibits to the world is, like his face, stitched together to hide the true nature underneath. It is a lie.
In reality, Shelly de Killer is a murderous psychopath. Like most contract killers, both fictional and real, he displays traits of moderate to severe psychopathy. He clearly has no feelings of guilt about killing his targets. It extends deeper than that, however.
4.1 He has no empathy
de Killer is shown to have the emotional detachment required to act coldly without fear. Being a hired gun, one with his own investigative team dedicated to catching him, it’s clear that he’s racked up a significant number of hits in his time. Secondly, after the public revelation of his treacherous client in AAI2, he immediately shows up to take his revenge.
4.2 He follows set subjective moral guidelines
The “honourable assassin” tag is one of the most notable things about de Killer. Descending from a line of assassins, he seems to replicate their way of doing business. He leaves calling cards at the scene to assure his client he has completed the job. He also refrains from needlessly killing, despite his expertise.
de Killer: I did not kill him. It is not my principle to kill needlessly. I am also grateful to Rooke, a worthy adversary who was connected to me by fate. Thanks to that man, I did not kill a target who had no value to be killed.

Phoenix: I heard you injured three officers in your attempt to get this back.
de Killer: That was most regrettable. However, it was an order from my client. I was told to protect that video tape.
Most importantly, he lives within the self-imposed rules of his contract. One of these rules is the trust he values between himself and his client to ensure high-quality clientele.
de Killer: To an assassin, nothing is more important than the trust between a client and himself.

de Killer: My client deliberately gave me a false target. ...It was a betrayal most foul. I am now searching for my client. In all likelihood... is the same person you are looking for.
Edgeworth: (Is he saying that his client murdered the president?) Just who is this person you are referring to...?
de Killer: I, myself, am not allowed to say. It would be a violation of the rules. I cannot disclose the identity of my clients. For to do so would create a problem of trust with my other clients. This is precisely why I am personally searching for them myself.
These rules seem silly to us. Is he just saying that so the game doesn’t have to give away the culprit yet? Perhaps. Why include this scene at all, then? It seems like it exists just to confirm de Killer’s involvement in the mastermind’s plan. He insists that to publicly disclose his client’s identity “would create a problem of trust” with his other clients. Basically, he’s saying “rules are rules”, even though the only person holding him to those rules is himself. This scene, and the strange clause of trust that de Killer lives by, indicates that he blindly follows his own rules, to his own detriment and vulnerability.
4.3 He views himself as morally superior
Despite his grubby profession, there are times when de Killer takes the moral high ground. One such time is his decision to honour Sirhan Dogen’s plea to spare Simon's life in the climax of AAI2. This clash of titans (spectacular artwork aside) offers a great character beat between the two assassins.
Dogen: His is the first life I have ever saved... I will not allow it to be taken away so easily.
de Killer: You saved a life...? The assassin, Sirhan Dogen?
Dogen: Keh heh heh. Ironic, is it not? That I, the one who has taken countless lives, am making a plea for this young one's life. He saved my life, just as I have saved his. Before I knew it, I grew quite fond of the lad. You may laugh at me as much as you wish. However... I must ask that you spare the life of the boy. From one assassin to another... Please make this allowance.
de Killer: ........ ...I understand. If you are willing to go that far...
Dogen: You have my thanks. I am in your debt.
de Killer: ......No need for thanks. I simply felt there would be no merit in a fight to the death with you. That is all. And with that, I must take my leave.
This rare moment of de Killer being caught off-guard is great. Not only does it add a touch of humanity to his omniscience; it also shows Shelly, for the first time, questioning his own morals. At first, he scoffs at Dogen. Then, he pauses, clearly considering the meaning of the words. Seeing a “colleague” humbly make a plea to do the one thing Shelly has never done seems to rattle him for a brief moment. Furthermore, I love that he covers up the moment with a “well, it was going to be an inconvenience to fight you anyway.” Attempting to disguise his submission as a rational conclusion he came to himself shows how uncomfortable he is with unfavourable situations. It’s humanising, it’s disarming and best of all, it establishes the untold lore that the assassins of Ace Attorney have crossed paths before. Give me that story, Capcom!
4.4 He is a narcissist; vain and egocentric
There are many times when Shelly exposes his narcissistic side. The calling card he leaves at crime scenes shows three things: 1, it clears his clients of any police scrutiny. 2, he gets to mark his kill like territory. 3, he taunts the authorities who have failed to catch him. Take a look at that scene in I2-1 when de Killer tries to lure his target out into the open. When the President gives no response, de Killer realises that he has been misinformed about his target and that he has no reason to linger. So he flees, leaving his card on the way out. Even though he's not made a kill.
Not only is Shelly signalling to Miles that the case isn’t fully solved, he’s taunting the police once again. “You had me right in front of you and you still couldn’t catch me”, it says. He loves this game of cat and mouse. Why else would he choose to step in front of the authorities decked out in his signature shell logo? “If too many people knew my face, it would be quite troublesome,” he claims at one point. His actions in I2-1 suggest otherwise.
Sure, de Killer may have the resources to alter his appearance at will. The stitches running down his face (and apparently his entire body), suggest he has surgically done so in the past, perhaps when his cover has gotten too hot. Despite this, it's clear he has no qualms about teasing the police, no matter the danger he places himself in by doing so.
This is a common complaint from critics of Shelly. His actions seem illogical or counterintuitive. But to me, that is exactly the point. This is not a logical man. Do not take his calm, emotionless exterior at face value. He tells us himself: “people are not always who they appear to be.” Why should he be any different from the “people” he speaks of? Matt Engarde was a deceitful bastard who posed as a vapid dudebro. Simon Keyes was a grand mastermind who posed as a wimpy circus performer. Shelly de Killer, in reality, is an egotistical, high-functioning psychopath posing as a calm, collected gentleman.
He's the 3rd in a line of assassins dating back a century. He's been trained to be the most efficient, adept killer possible. He's been raised to believe - and clearly states that he believes - he is in control. He's had pursuers hot on his tail for God knows how long, yet they are simply unable to capture him. Why would he have even the slightest concern that he could be caught? In his years of work, he claims to have only sustained a handful of injuries. He's as complacent as a person can be and he has every reason to be that way. Throwing himself into the path of the police with the confidence that a quick getaway is always possible is the mark of his vain, maybe insane, personality.
Here are some choice quotes in 2-4 showcasing the range of de Killer’s pride and vanity.
de Killer: Please keep in mind you do not have much space to maneuver with me. As a De Killer, I always finish what I set out to do.

Judge: Hmm, Mr. de Killer seems to be a very clever man. I'd almost say he seems to be mocking us.

de Killer: I don't think you understand your place, Mr. Attorney. I said this is something I must first state. Do you know what the word "first" means?

Judge: You... Who gave you the right to be so high and mighty...!?
de Killer: To the gentleman who spoke just now... Excuse me, but would you care to die?

Phoenix: We understand, so please tell us the name of your client!!
de Killer: I'm afraid I cannot do that. I still have a few things to say before I do.
Phoenix: (Aaargh! That egomaniacal...)
de Killer: It's not good for your health to be so aggravated. You won't live very long if you let everything bother you…
All of these traits, moments and events paint a clear picture to me of a high-functioning psychopath who has made murder into a profitable profession. This is most clear during his scene in I2-5. “My client deliberately gave me a false target. It was a betrayal most foul,” says de Killer, clutching his smoking ice cream cone with hot, simmering fury. Kay asks what he's going to do. And with a serenely calm expression, Shelly de Killer responds:
“Of course… they shall be rewarded with a punishment most befitting of a traitor.”
4.5 He acts out of pleasure
Due to his nature, de Killer brings something previously unseen to the world of Ace Attorney: a pure, primal desire to kill. All other killers we see in the games kill with motive, emotional or otherwise. Fear. Rage. Desperation. Even serial killer Joe Darke only murdered witnesses to his crimes. Not de Killer. He sees murder as a pleasure and an economy, one that he can make bank out of.
He's apparently above the trivial incidents of restaurant poisonings and locked-room mysteries. He's seemingly beyond the petty trifles of motives and emotions. Yet he can’t help but get swept up in these twisted crimes and cases; and make no mistake, a case is made markedly more intriguing when de Killer becomes involved.
But why does he get involved in the first place?
Simple: Shelly de Killer is not good at his job.

5. (Un)professional assassin

Let me clarify: de Killer is good at killing. There is no doubt about that. Characters describe his work as “the best.” No, where he fails at his job is his most prominent flaw, disguised as professionalism: the personal relationship he establishes with his clients.
The “bond of trust”, as he describes it, is the most important thing to him in his line of work. Insisting on meeting them in person, de Killer prides himself on his direct line of contact with clients. For a secrecy-dependent profession, this is surely unusual. The conventions of contract killing seem to dictate an anonymous correspondence between client and killer. His trust is his Achilles’ heel and his biggest flaw. Mia notices it, Engarde notices it, and they use it to manipulate him to their advantage.
In fact, the more we see Shelly de Killer’s odd work ethic, the less powerful he appears. Not only can he be a clumsy witness, despite his good show, but he can also be outsmarted by his clients. The pesky trust clause he lives by has shown to be his undoing in both his appearances, humbling and humanising him. Then we have the final straw, the climax of de Killer vs Dogen. The man who has mercilessly mowed down police officers to sneak back into his hideout, the one who willingly steps into highly secure police investigations actually backs down from his vow of revenge when he feels disadvantaged.
By the end of AAI2, Shelly de Killer has never been less powerful. He’s not this omnipotent presence anymore. He's flawed and messy, with ideologies that consistently result in him making things personal. He is not good at his job. His client relations make him emotional and vulnerable. He is an unprofessional professional, something entirely different from what he presents himself as.

6. “...People are not always who they appear to be.”

It deserves emphasis and clarity, so here’s how I feel: de Killer’s “moral code” and sense of honour isn't some cool trait that deepens his personality. It’s all bullshit. It is pure vanity that disguises who he really is. There’s a reason this man is stitched together from head to toe. Who he presents himself to be is nothing like the man underneath. “People are not always who they appear to be.”
Shelly de Killer is not some dutiful, honourable contract killer. He's a petty, prideful, vanity-driven man who has bought so far into the mysticism of the de Killer creed that he wraps it all up in neat, tidy stitching. The only ambiguity is whether de Killer is aware of his flawed nature or not, and that is what makes him such a hugely compelling character. Going after two treacherous clients in a year is far more likely to scare off prospective clients than to reassure them of your trust, yet de Killer does it anyway. So why does he do this?
Considering how often de Killer muses about how professional and clinical he is when going about his work, it's extremely ironic to see how emotional and primal he becomes when his “rules” are broken. If he were truly indifferent about his work, would it not be smarter to simply blacklist Engarde and Keyes, or give them up to the authorities, at worst? A response such as this seems like a far more logical, proportionate one. It's a clear warning to his potential clients: betray our contract and I will give you up. Instead, he goes “cross me and I will hunt you down until I kill you myself." His actual responses are so wildly out of proportion, it’s quite astonishing.
But this is the way that he is. This is why de Killer goes after his clients as he does. Not because of honour or his contract terms. Despite what he tells others, he does it out of ego, not honour. As I said earlier, all the previous killers in Ace Attorney seem to have had emotional reasons or motives for killing. In reality, de Killer is no different from the rest of them. Despite the dispassionate way in which he works, he’s shown on multiple occasions that he is more than susceptible to human flaws like emotion and error.
He prattles on and on about honour and his “moral code” as an assassin, yet in both of his AAI2 appearances, he puts himself in frankly insane levels of danger to achieve his own ends. Why on earth did he walk in on a team of law officials while sporting his signature emblem all over his outfit? Why in the world did he willingly walk into a tent full of police and law officials just to kill a treacherous client? These decisions defy logic and go completely against the calm, methodical assassin we are told that de Killer is.
So why does he go so far against what he’s portrayed as? Simple. The one who portrays de Killer in this way is not the game. It's de Killer. Phoenix has even noticed and commented on his streak of egomaniacal behaviour. Shelly is the unreliable narrator of his own story. He believes in his own flawed “code” to the point that he truly attempts to portray himself as something Other. This is a man who swears not to give up a client out of a non-disclosure guarantee even after a betrayal, yet has no qualms about killing him the second the client's identity is made publicly known. He trivialises his profession with petty acts of revenge disguised as honour and virtue. His actions are shown to be deliberately and repeatedly inconsistent with his self-portrayal. He is not the man we are told he is, because people are not always what they appear to be.
In reality, Shelly de Killer is just as vengeful and petty as any of the other villains in the series. Where he differs is his stoic defiance of that fact, preferring instead to adopt a facade of gentlemanly honour. Is he really above the messy crimes our heroes constantly find themselves entangled in? No, but he attempts to present himself as such and to me, that is the heart of the character.
These incidents he gets himself involved in show that he has the capacity to not only be manipulated, but caught out. Speaking of which...

7. The one that got away

In a series that focuses on bringing culprits to justice under the law, Shelly de Killer seems to regard himself as above the law. He seems to think incredibly highly of himself, and so does the series. As of yet, Shelly is the only killer in the series still at large. We’ve mowed down prosecution gods, a police chief, a demon-thot, a queen, even the man’s own clients; yet the man himself remains the one elusive killer.
Despite the adult narrative the writers imbue into it, Ace Attorney is still a children’s game at its heart. As it stands, no matter how complex or (shudder) sympathetic our killers are, every case strives to give us that primal, “fist pump” moment when we finally catch the culprit for good.
Shelly de Killer gives us no such moment.
Not only does he deny us of that moment, he outright slinks away unscathed. There’s a moment in the credits of Justice for All when we get de Killer’s last words delivered via his radio. Seeing him is a reminder of the fact that the real killer was never brought to justice. Sure, we get to see the very satisfying breakdown of slick shithead Matt Engarde, but there’s still that itch, that one loose thread. In a game that is literally titled “Justice for All”, the person who deserved to be brought to justice the most... isn’t.
And then he shows up in AAI2. “Here we go,” I thought. I went in expecting we would get the chance to take him down for good. I love a good sprawling narrative, but just give me the simple pleasure of burying this guy once and for all. And then... we just don’t. Yet again, de Killer gets away. But he doesn’t get away with it. Unfortunately for de Killer, Simon’s machinations mess up his assassination attempt and put him in yet another vulnerable position.
I have no clue if the writers ever plan to bring back de Killer. I doubt they know either, even if they share my enjoyment of his inclusion in a game. It was half a joke, but I once suggested that if they needed, Ace Attorney can always rely on Shelly de Killer as a final villain if the story ever comes to an end. Makes sense to me. He's a character who’s been with us since the early days of the series. He managed to outsmart both protagonists. I'm quite sure his true face has been hidden all this time. Why not rely on him for a satisfying final takedown?
To this end, fans have even speculated, theorising that de Killer may have been the Phantom or the sniper in the conclusion of Dual Destinies. I doubt that is what the writers had intended, but the ambiguity is there for any future exploits they may need. Of course, this kind of speculation is mostly meaningless when rating the man as he is right now. Still, I think it’s at least fair to count the sound possibilities of a character as a point in their favour. A personality that generates this much speculation must be one of great interest. Even if this doesn’t come to pass, it’s OK if de Killer is never brought back again and if he’s never caught. I’ve come to terms with the notion that we aren’t going to catch every killer in the series. And why should we? After all, de Killer has always been a second-tier villain. He was never the main villain to break down, not even in 2-4. Besides, how do you begin to bring a character to justice when he operates exclusively outside the law? Even Sirhan Dogen displayed traces of empathy and compassion. He eventually paid the price by being caught. Despite showing us traces of his humanity, de Killer himself has never seemed to acknowledge the fact. It seems that he would need to begin viewing the flaws in his ideology if we are ever to see him brought to justice for good.
Shelly de Killer never fails to add interesting wrinkles to the narrative of the story, and I think that to finally catch him would take a lot of the mysticism out of the in-game universe. This would be to the series’ detriment, I feel. Despite the simple pleasures we get from catching a killer, the sign of a stronger narrative is that there’s always something out there, unfinished. Something dangerous. Something worth chasing.


I understand this is a lengthy post about a seemingly minor character, but I think it’s crucial to properly explore what de Killer brings to the series. To write him off as simply solid or merely fascinating at a surface-level would be to miss out on the unique otherworldliness that he brings to the series. Again, make no mistake, any case is decidedly more interesting when Shelly de Killer is involved. It means that there is a client, a puppet master in the shadows. It also means that this puppet master has found a way to manipulate the man who makes it his mission to punish traitors. He can always be relied upon to lend an instant shot of tension, conspiracy and good old revenge to a case.
He is always “on” as a character. When he’s lurking off-screen, you can feel the tension and suspense of him hiding nearby. When he finally steps out to speak to you, it’s a decidedly creepy interaction. When he’s not busy being a murderous boogeyman, he can be charismatic, playful and downright humourous. I’ve never felt that there was a moment when de Killer is lacking in presence. His personality is expressed marvellously, whether on screen or off, and there are few characters who can do this as effectively as he does.
Not a single moment is wasted with de Killer. Less is more and his brief appearances do wonders for his mystique. I can’t think of a single line of his dialogue that isn’t vital exposition, or reveals more to us about his personality. He is - quite literally - all killer, no filler. Despite the blank facade he may present to the world, de Killer is a character with personality, flaws, depth and star quality in spades.
Do not get the impression from this to be that I’m just saving a fan favourite. I am saving somebody who I believe to be one of the most interesting personalities in the series. For all of the unique qualities he brings to the series, de Killer is, without question, worthy of as high a spot as possible in the rankdown. Critics may say that “de Killer doesn’t make sense” or “de Killer is bad at his job” a lot, but what can I tell you? That’s exactly the point of him!
If de Killer was actually good at his job, he would not leave his cards. He’d have sent Engarde away on a trip and then just killed Juan Corrida in his own home. But he’s not good at his job and that’s why he is such a strong character. He lets whimsy, vanity and pride slip in, affecting his ability to be the objective presence he tries to be. He wants to be impartial, but his intentions are betrayed by the ugliness of his true self.
There is plenty of fascinating content to unpack about de Killer. I love discovering the messy flaws beneath his seemingly inscrutable personality. His inclusion introduces an exciting concept: an assassin, simply the epitome of an antagonist in a series geared towards solving murders. Most of all, I love that he’s able to function as more than simply a character or a concept.
Shelly de Killer brings something new into the Ace Attorney universe: he is both a conceptual force of nature and a supporting character, at once omniscient and an active participant in the unfolding drama. He is the only killer in the entire series who has yet to be put behind bars. Both his appearances have had a hand in the most compelling developments for the series’ two protagonists: for Phoenix, his inner conflict about defending the indefensible and for Miles, the inciting incident for his decision to stray from the prosecutor’s path. He’s become the series’ white whale - our heroes are never quite able to catch him and any attempt to do so would likely lead to ruin. The world of Ace Attorney would be markedly less interesting without de Killer out there, on the fringe of the drama.
Franziska von Karma said it best: “Shelly de Killer is no ordinary man.”
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2020.10.15 22:20 y_e_a_t_u_s My girlfriend's ex messed her up mentally and I dont know what to do

Ok so a bit of backstory, My gf's ex was a jerk(I would use a different word but ion wanna get banned) and I guess he would take every little thing and use it against her and yell at her until she apologised. Ik its messed up but now I guess she got it in her head that anytime she does something wrong, she HAS to apologize. He also was cheating on his main girl with her, which she did not know of. When his main girl dumped him he said it was all her fault and basically got the whole school to call her a slt and a whre. He also screenshotted a facetime call where she was undressing. She didnt know about it until those screenshots got leaked after they "broke up". Ive been told that he would also lie to her about a lot of stuff and would get really mad at her when she lied about something little.
Anyways, back to the current situation, she has it drilled into her head that she HAS to apologize about little stuff. Like I really dont care if u lost a stack of wood on the minecraft realm. And whenever I'll get heated in pvp she will get like really nervous and think its directed at her. I dont mean to come off like I'm complaining about this I just dont know what to do. I really love her and care about her and I want to be able to accommodate her and like not upset her or remind her of her ex, but I dont know how to do that. I think I'm making progress by just being hella chill abt everything and i think shes getting better, but I think I just need a outside opinion.
before we started dating, we were just really close friends and we would yell at each other and it was fine. But like when I asked her out she started to get really emotional and stuff. I'm not a very sympathetic or empathetic person. Like I'm autistic, so like I deal with trauma and pain and stuff by facing it head on and dealing with it. But like I cant tell her to do any of that because I think that will just make thing worse. Please help and like give some advice. Anything helps and I will update with any progress
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2020.10.15 22:19 y_e_a_t_u_s My girlfriends ex messed her up mentally and I dont know what to do

Ok so a bit of backstory, My gf's ex was a jerk(I would use a different word but ion wanna get banned) and I guess he would take every little thing and use it against her and yell at her until she apologised. Ik its messed up but now I guess she got it in her head that anytime she does something wrong, she HAS to apologize. He also was cheating on his main girl with her, which she did not know of. When his main girl dumped him he said it was all her fault and basically got the whole school to call her a slt and a whre. He also screenshotted a facetime call where she was undressing. She didnt know about it until those screenshots got leaked after they "broke up". Ive been told that he would also lie to her about a lot of stuff and would get really mad at her when she lied about something little.
Anyways, back to the current situation, she has it drilled into her head that she HAS to apologize about little stuff. Like I really dont care if u lost a stack of wood on the minecraft realm. And whenever I'll get heated in pvp she will get like really nervous and think its directed at her. I dont mean to come off like I'm complaining about this I just dont know what to do. I really love her and care about her and I want to be able to accommodate her and like not upset her or remind her of her ex, but I dont know how to do that. I think I'm making progress by just being hella chill abt everything and i think shes getting better, but I think I just need a outside opinion.
before we started dating, we were just really close friends and we would yell at each other and it was fine. But like when I asked her out she started to get really emotional and stuff. I'm not a very sympathetic or empathetic person. Like I'm autistic, so like I deal with trauma and pain and stuff by facing it head on and dealing with it. But like I cant tell her to do any of that because I think that will just make thing worse. Please help and like give some advice. Anything helps and I will update with any progress
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2020.10.13 20:17 Blue000000 I (28F) met two friends (26M) one night - I had a really bad experience with one of them but started dating the other. I really like him but he's now found out about the experience I had with his friend and is being really off with me. How do I fix this?

A couple of months ago I went to help my friend shoot a video. He told me it would just be a few people. But when I turned up there were loads of people and I was quite overwhelmed, especially since it was one of the first times I had been around a lot of people since lockdown. I drove there because I didn't have any intention to drink more than one or two (just for a small confidence boost). But everyone was drinking there and in anxiety I drank a lot more than I intended too. I guess it had also been a while since I'd drunk alcohol and I ended up getting really drunk.
There were a couple instagram girls there too. I felt ugly and insecure because I was looking at how beautiful these girls were and felt so ugly and fat in comparison. I had been speaking to the guy whose house it was, lets call him Lucas. I didn't particularly like the guy, he seemed a bit fake and he was clearly flirting with one of the instagram girls there. I also met another guy there, lets call him Dom - I don't remember having a conversation with him but remember being introduced to him.
When I was younger I used to get black out drunk and on two occasions didn't know what had happened during the night. That was about 8 years ago. I still sometimes black out a little but its more me forgetting parts of conversations than anything serious. However this night ended up being like a night when I was 20 years old. I only knew one person there. My memory of the night is so patchy which makes everything so difficult. I just remember snippets. I remember lying on Lucas' bed but I don't know how I got there. I was texting my friend who was there weird things and i remember he came in and asked if I was ok. Then he left. I'm not sure how it started or who initiated it but I think I had sex with Lucas, I don't remember how. I have a vivid snippet in my head where I'm "giving him a blowjob" but don't want to so stop and then he said "if you're not going to then you can get a taxi home." In my stupid drunken state I just knew I couldn't drive and i was hours away from home. So I did it even though I definitely didn't want too. I remember him continuously threatening to put me in a taxi. I remember feeling so disrespected and kept thinking if I was one of the instagram girls he wouldn't have treated me like that.
The next day I feel horrible. I don't really know what happened. I don't sleep with people I don't know, its just not something I do anymore no matter what. I felt so embarrassed that I had gone there essentially for work and then ended up sleeping with someone. Especially within that industry, men often view women who do those kind of things as "sl*ts." I couldn't even tell my friend who was there but told him something bad happened. He told me that he had told Lucas that I was really drunk and to make sure i got home ok. So now I know this guy knows how drunk I was.
Honestly I only blame myself for everything that happened. I shouldn't have got so drunk. But I also couldn't help how upset and gross I felt after the experience. I spent a week pretty depressed about it but then decided to pretend it didn't happen as a way of dealing with it.
Anyway, so this guy Dom messages me the next day. We get to speaking and end up hanging out. We get on really really well. I actually don't think I've ever got on so well with someone I've dated before.I tell him I haven't had sex in 4 months and am doing celibacy unless I meet someone i really really like. And honestly in my head I didn't even think about Lucas in that moment because I had totally blocked it out. But then during the past few months we've been seeing each other I keep thinking that I need to tell him about Lucas because I don't know if they're good friends or not. I had spoken to my friends about it and I had a plan to tell him once we got a bit more serious because it was something that was difficult for me to talk about.
I tell him that I've had some bad experiences with the last couple guys I dated (who were not great people to be honest). I'm quite reluctant with him because I have actually been hurt in the past from people in the same industry. He's also really successful - like he's famous successful. I get really overwhelmed by this because I'm just a doctor and he constantly hangs around models and singers and beautiful successful women with tiny waists and huge bums. On his birthday all these women posted about him and I spent ages stalking these girls and asking myself why on earth he would even be talking to me when he knows women like this? Like maybe because he's not typically goodlooking, these girls reject him?
Anyway on his birthday I send him a short message. He was on holiday for it and when he returned he was upset with me for sending such a short message and asked me what was up. I told him how I don't trust men but then he tells me how he hasn't actually done anything for me to think like that, which is completely true. He then asks me if I did something with his friend. My heart sinks because somebody has obviously told him and I wanted to tell him myself. I tell him everything that happened from my experience. He's upset with me for lying to him which I completely understand but when I tell you it really was not intentional, I had just blocked it out and convinced myself it didn;t happen. We end up having sex that night.
When we first started talking he would message me loads, he'd invite me out all the time and invite me on holiday. I said no to the holidays and some of the parties mostly because I felt we didn;t know each other well enough for me to be going away with all his friends and only knowing him. Now I wish I had just gone, or at least gone to the parties. But I was kinda anxious about bumping into Lucas again.
Anyway since we talk about everything that happened, he's not messaging me as much and seems kinda off with me. The next time we hang out we spent an hour where he talks about how much it upset him and how he never sees girls who have been with his friends. He says how one of his other friends came to say bye to Lucas and saw me naked on the bed. Which makes me feel sick because it takes me ages to show my full naked body to somebody and now two people i don't know have seen it? Dom says he can't get the imagery of us together out his head. He says he'll just have to get over it and then we have sex again and during sex he says how no one else can have sex with me.
So afterwards I ask him whether we're just having sex or if theres potential for more. He then says that he struggles with relationships because girls can't handle how much he's out of the country for work and how many female friends he has.
I messaged him a couple days ago just to fully reiterate that the night I met him (which was before I really knew him) I didn't have the capacity to consent and the trauma from that made me deal with things in a weird way and that it was up to him now whether he can get over it or not. He says he's not sure if he can and the balls in my court (even though its really not). I say I'm happy to continue hanging out but don't want to have sex till he figures out whether he can get over it or not.
The conversation since has been very hostile. I feel like we'll never be able to get back to normal or he'll meet someone prettier with a better body that he gets on even better with and then I'll mean even less.
tl;dr; I met two friends at a party. I slept with one of them that night (Lucas) when I was too drunk to consent and felt so much shame afterwards. The other guy (Dom) I ended up dating and really liked, despite not feeling worthy enough of him. Dom found out about Lucas and hasn't been the same with me since. I can't help but blame myself. I wish there was a way I could fix it. I've been feeling so anxious all week because I know its only a matter of time before he cuts me off and I don't know how to fix it. When we first started dating he kept saying how much he liked me and how he'd never got on so well with a girl before. Maybe he was just saying that, but I felt the same. Also maybe I shouldn't have told him that I wouldn't have sex with him again. How can I fix this?
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2020.10.10 19:39 teambald12007 So I rejected Yumi.

I hadn't done either do the Sun SLs yet so K decided to do it for my second run. During my second run of Persona games I only date Best Girl and consider it my 'cannon run' so I only dated Rise and had to reject Yumi. Since the other girls don't actually say anything going the friendship route is easy but I felt the pain in that goodbye and I regretted it.
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2020.10.04 08:44 persephoneelise My ex’s new GF called while he was cheating with me

Disclaimer: yes, cheating is bad and I’m aware. Don’t leave comments calling me a sl*t or anything like that. That isn’t what I’m asking advice on.
Okay, so here’s the background. “C” and I work together at a local pizza restaurant. We met a few months ago through work and quickly hit it off. At the time, he had a girlfriend, “M”, who he’d been dating for a month. We had chemistry and eventually kissed. After that, I told him to make a decision because it wasn’t fair to me and M. He chose me and we dated for around a month and a half before he ghosted me for 3 days out of the blue. Then, when he finally responded, he dumped me via text. Within a week, M was sleeping over at his house again, and they made it official again two days ago.
Obviously, I’m not over him. In the slightest. I was a bit tipsy (okay, yes, I was wasted), and texted him, jokingly asking him to bring me hash browns (a 1am craving). He ended up showing up at my door with them. We hung out for a bit, talking and such. When he went to leave, he hugged me and I kissed him. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex again. Towards the end of it all, his phone started ringing. “M <3” was the name. He ignored it, we finished, and he left, presumably to go see her again. I’m not going to tell M what happened. But what should I do? Do I talk to him about it? Do I pretend it never happened? I’m not sure. Any answers are appreciated, sorry this was so long.
TLDR: C left his gf for me, then left me to go back to her, then cheated with me again. I love him but I know it isn’t healthy.
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2020.10.03 20:23 mikeyrocks6934 We planned our first mfm for tomorrow night (Long)

We been on sls for awhile now and meet a few people and been to one house party that turned into a flop. After a few days being on sls and updating our information and pictures, we received a message from a couple saying how much they like our page and pictures, so we viewed their page and we agreed to talk and see where goes and how well we all click.
We moved the chat to kik a day later and the three of us are chatting, My girl who’s is brand new with everything, myself who’s been around the block a few times and the guy who also been around the block a few times and his FWB is somewhat new to the ls. Talk for a few days and he said he’s fwb doesn’t come around all that much because of her schedule with work and family which is understandable.
We got invited to go to a small house party which I took the lead on because I didn’t want to throw my girl in the fire and I thought it would be best to start with a small party to ease her into it because I know big clubs can be very overwhelming for first timers and sometimes turn people off.
So a couple sent us the invite and I asked how many couples and singles were going to make it out and they said about 4-5 couples with 4 men and 2 women so I said ok let’s go, so we got dolled up drove over and we’re the only ones besides the co host and the single guy who was there, off the bat she wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t want to be a dick so we just hung out and played a few games of pool and during that time she was chatting with our couple/single guy who also sent us invite to hangout with him at his house.
We left the so called party around 1030 and got to the guys house 45 minutes later. The three of us clicked, he’s into the same things that I’m into, we both enjoy riding, old cars, hunting and so on. Walked down to chill by the fire he had going, maybe about an hr later he went into the house and my girl and I were talking and I said something about maybe playing with him.
I could tell he wanted to play and I was feeling it also but she wanted to hangout and talk cause she didn’t want to feel pressure and go with the flow of things. So about 2 hrs later the three of us went inside and talked more and kinda flirting and all that before we realized it was 430am.
So we were about to head home and before I left I asked him does she let you play alone because had in their page saying we only play as a couple because they were being asked if she can play alone and she didn’t want to so she put that on their page and my girl and I didn’t want to break any rules and be disrespectful to them or their relationship. He told us he plays without her and I said cool and left it as that.
Few weeks went by and 3 of us still talk every day here and there. So last night she had to work and sometimes I don’t chat in the group chat because I want her to get to know him and let her be her. Guy is very respectful, very welcoming and super friendly and we could not ask for a better man to bring into our life’s and share things with.
We are happy with how things started out for us and her being her first time. She’s super excited and super nervous about tomorrow evening but couldn’t be any more happier with how things are.
Plus met a cool couple that we both got along with and set up a play date with them in 2 weeks, it would be a first full swap together and we can’t wait!!!
Thank you for reading my long post
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2020.10.01 16:45 loungeroomwho “At least I don’t have herpes, sl**t.”

My partner and I got into an argument, well, ex partner now. Tonight he said to me, “Well you’re a herpes diseased bitch for life. At least I don’t have herpes, sl**t.”
My heart breaks right now. He knew I was a virgin who was sexually assaulted and in the process got herpes. He knew how much the stigma behind it affected me. He knew how much having herpes affected me. And yet tonight, after three years of dating, he said what he said.
I feel like utter crap. I feel like I just because I have herpes I don’t deserve to have love. Five years ago when I found out, I went through a suicidal stage. A year later, I was getting better and started getting into healthy sexual relations. Then another year later, I met my ex. And he accepted me and I completely didn’t feel like crap about having herpes. Now, I’m spiralling.
I wish people were educated about this condition. I wish people didn’t have to make us the joke for everything. I wish there weren’t stigma to it all. I wish people realised how much the stigma affects us all.
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2020.10.01 11:34 SingleMalelover Certain things that helped me when meeting couples as a single man -

I’m a 28 year old SM from South Asia who’s been meeting swinger couples for a few years now.
Obviously not everyone will be able to relate to what I say due to cultural differences, sex itself is a taboo topic in this part of the world .
English isn’t my first language , so pardon any grammatical errors .
Again I would like to point out , this is only my POV. I had a lot more to add but this seems a little too much lol.
Pardon my grammatical errors
And to the single males out there hope this helpful.
UPDATE as on 10/08/20 : Thank you everyone for your response . To the single guys sending me PMs for contact details of couples , I think you missed the very idea of this post . Appreciate the many PMs I got as well. Thank you.
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2020.09.30 17:04 sksk_skks He wont leave me alone

This is gonna be long. I am a 14f this guy is a 15m.
We dated back in july and broke up the first time because his ex texted me telling me to watch out for me bevause he leaks nudes and what not. He asked me about to because he had my Instagram account and i told him it was none of his business about what we talked about. He kept pushing it and i finally told him, "she told me you cheated on her and told me to never send you nudes because you would leak them" Take in mind we were on the phone He said "how hard was that to tell me" i said "hard" because i have ptsd which makes me act a certain way to confronting. He then yelled at me; "HOW THE F*CK WAS THAT HARD HUH" i hung up and had my guy best friend break us up. The next day the manipulated me and i got back with him. We dated for another 3 weeks and then this guy i used to talk to texted me. Lets call him luke Luke said he used to have feelings for me and i said "no way i used to have feelings for you too" and then i said "but i have a boyfriend now so you missed your chance". Luke said "yeah we would've been a great couple" and i was like "yeaaaa suree". Then he started flirting with me and calling me queen and i told him "wow you're gonna make me catch feelings" i say stuff like that jokingly and then luke said "you should probably delete these messages, you have a boyfriend and hes crazy" i agreed and thought i deleted them. I didnt and my bf lets call him Mark. Mark texted me saying we need to call and i said "in busy right now maybe later" and so we had an argument over text consisting of "i cant believe you" and "you let him call you queen" We broke up That was my fault and before you ask yes i did apologize to him.
August comes.
At this point i joined a phone call with him and his friend because me and mark were getting to actually know each other. Mark was saying stuff like "im trying to get with this girl [me] shes all i ever think about" and i just laughed it off. Then i told him "you know we are never getting back together right?" He got upset and started calling me a whre, slt , he a btch and a few other things. I had a panic attack and then texted him, "i never want to get with you and i would appreciate it if you never texted me back" he said "i dont get with sluts like you anyways" i then blocked him. He made another account and i replied to him like a dumbass. He wanted to talk on the phone and i gave in. He was talking about how he wanted to have kids with me and how he could be the one working two jobs and what not. I told him "no i dont want to be with you" he said "our kids would be so cute" and i told him again "im not going to have kids with you". He then calmed down then 5 minutes later said "im thinking about getting yout name tattooed on my face" i said "what the h*ll is wrong with you no" I then hung up he called AGAIN and i answered and we were talking and he apologized about saying those things. He then started begging for me to get back with him and i kept saying "no i already said no" he went on like that begging for me for 10 minutes. He then asked "do you want me to leave you alone" and i yelled "YES" and he hung up. At this point me and luke became a thing. Mark found out and he said "wow you move on so quick sas i nothing to you?"i didnt answer. I texted him two mybe three hours later "i know i hurt you im sorry i dont know what else you want me to say ive told you sorry so many times already whst do you want me to do?!" He said "nothing just be happy with him" he left me alone for a week. He makes ANOTHER account and texted me off of there saying how sorry he was and what not at this point me and Luke were not a thing and he blocked me. He said "you know i can make luke un block you"i told mark. "No that was his choice to block me, im not gonna push him to un block me, if he wants to he can" Then we texted. More. And more. And at this point one of my guy friend gave me this idea he said ; "why not get one of your guy bsfs to pretend to be your boyfriend so he can leave you alone" i said "thats actually not a bad idea" so i did that and mark got mad i was with him. I told him "im not with you, you said you lost feelings for me. So what is your problem???" He ssid "i guess i got jealous " September comes and im dating marks friend. Lets call him andrew
Let me just make this clear me and Luke we not officially a thing
Me and Andrew started dating. Andrew told me that after me and mark broke up mark wanted for him to dox me and he told him no. I said "what the hll" andrew said; "he was so mad he wanted to go beat you up and have his friends there with him for backup." I at this point was scared. During that time, andrew texted angel and angel was saying stuff like "i made her into the slt dhe is" he Scresnshoted it and sent it to me. I screenshoted it and unblocked mark and sent it to him and said "what is this about". He said it was nothing i tolf him to stop saying stuff like that. And we went back and forth until i blocked him yet again. Me and andrew only dated for a week and mark made yet ANOTHER account to text me and i asked him was i a bad gf because i was having doubts that i was actually a good person he said "yeah you were" We talked for a bit and then two days after that.
He yelled at me. Again. Saying how i should be responding to his text messages quicker and i tolf him "im not dealing with you right now" had another panic attack and he asked what he did wrong.
Something i should mention is i have ptsd from yelling and other things.
I blocked him.
He made another account yesterday. Asking why i blocked him and i blocked him immediately. I had two of my friends tell him to leave me alone and that he is harassing me. He doesn't see what is wrong with him "checking up on me" daily.
Why i "overreacted " when he yelled at me.
Im not sure what to do
Any advice?
Also sorry for all the misspelling and what not im on mobile.
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2020.09.29 18:59 Shooter-mcgavin Seelos Therapeutics Inc (SEEL) running after positive Roth Capital Report

Haven't seen any chatter on this stock - it's been down on the year, dropped and has maintained in the low .60's for a few weeks and then after a mostly dry day yesterday it spiked up from $0.63 to $0.78 from 1530 to 1600. This morning it opened at $0.85 and has gapped up again in the last hour to $0.97
Yesterday, the catalyst appeared to be Roth Capital re-iterating a buy rating with a $12.00 target price ( Key snippets from the article:
"Calling SEEL “substantially undervalued,” firm analyst Jonathan Aschoff points to two of the company's pivotal programs, SLS-002 (intranasal racemic ketamine), its treatment for acute suicidal ideation and behavior (ASIB) in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), and SLS-005 (trehalose), its ALS treatment, as major upside drivers.
SLS-002 is set to enter a proof-of-concept (POC) trial, with the FDA “eager for a useful anti-suicide drug.” Aschoff noted, “We firmly believe that, although it is formally called a POC trial, achievement of two endpoints, the primary endpoint of Montgomery-Åsberg depression rating scale (MADRS) and the key secondary endpoint of Sheehan-suicidality tracking scale clinically meaningful change measure (S-STS CMCM), will be enough to allow SEEL to file for approval of a ketamine importantly differentiated by its ability to reduce suicidal ideation
Aschoff believes it’s likely that SEEL will have already kicked off the 120-patient randomized trial portion when it publishes data from 16 patients dosed with SLS-002. The analyst added, “We also believe that SEEL was given extremely helpful trial design guidance from the FDA due to the clearly evident observation that current national and global affairs are contributing to suicide more strongly now than perhaps ever.”
"As for SLS-005, the company recently got permission from the FDA to proceed with its registrational Phase 2b/3 ALS trial. Based on data from multiple preclinical studies, treatment with the therapy resulted in the preservation of motor neurons, motor function and prolonged survival.
What’s more, SLS-005 has been granted Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) in the U.S. and E.U. for other indications such as Sanfilippo syndrome, spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) and oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD), as well as Fast Track designation for OPMD."
Full disclosure I do hold 6000 shares of SEEL
SEEL SEELOS THERAPEUTICS INC COMMON STOCK 6,000 0.9533 +0.17 (+22.16%) 3,781.55 5,719.80 +1,938.25 (+51.26%) Average Cost 0.6303
Annual Dividend Amount $ 0.00
Dividend Ex Date
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2020.09.29 03:48 Osa242 Double Date Nation

Disclaimer: We have absolutely no affiliation with Double Date Nation. You’ll notice the link below is not an affiliate link. This is all purely our opinion with no bias other than we bought in.
You know how everyone complains all the lifestyle sites are a train-wreck of bad design and outdated software? Well, DDN is the answer to that. That comes with some caveats, but I think this is the best SLS replacement out there, technology wise. It gives all the basic features you’d want in a lifestyle site and it’s not a muddled mess. The user interface is put together with thought.
I’ve long been a proponent of avoiding the shift towards a Tinder like app. I think apps like that (Feeld) totally miss the boat when it comes to what’s important in a lifestyle app. Profiles that you can revisit as couples evolve in the lifestyle are a necessity. This “decide now” mentality really doesn’t work for a group of people that may drastically change over the course of their lifestyle journey. There’s simply not enough couples out there to be able to afford throwing some out that could pan out in the future. How many couple do you know start out only looking for single F’s or M’s evolve to searching out couples? If you dismiss a couple on an app because they don’t match with you right now, you’ll never see them when your play style does match up. That’s why I think sites like SLS, Kasidie, SDC, etc are still the way to go despite their obvious flaws.
So, what does it have? Full profiles. Multiple picture galleries with full control over who can see them. Messaging. Groups. Friends list. A suit of settings to customize how you use the site. For example, I would imagine a very popular feature is the ability to not be seen by single males.
As for what’s missing? Well, I’d like a place for saved searches. Even better if it notifies you periodically as new members join that match your search. Verifications, certifications aren’t there. One could argue the friends list serves that role. Honestly, we don’t have much use for certs, but that’s a whole separate discussion.
What’s the catch? Well, it’s the user base. It’s small. But, from what I can tell in our local area, it’s all real people. None of the typical new site BS when they seed a bunch of phony accounts to make it look better. This site was built by a real couple in the lifestyle and it shows. We’ve met them personally. Seem like good people. They’ve taken an approach of growing this organically by word of mouth. It’s an admirable approach and I do hope it winds up working.
Why the review now? Well, it would seem they’re launching an app. Leading up to that, they’ve been offering a lifetime membership. I despise paying monthly. I much prefer lifetime options. Their’s goes away at the end of September. We went back and forth for a while, and decided to roll the dice on this one. Hope it pans out.
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2020.09.26 00:16 cece188 Don’t ever stray from the FDS rules, even if you want to believe the man you found is amazing!

I made a post on here where I basically ranted about how I found this guy who seemed charming, funny, and was wealthy on OLD. I let all these things that he seemed to check off indicate to me that perhaps I found “one of the good ones” on OLD. When we got together for a date, I was disappointed because I found out he was previously in a relationship with an older woman who already had 4 kids and they were trying for their own kid next. He was only 23 years old. Throughout the date he kept venting to me about his ex, complaining about her every now and then.
I wasn’t very truthful in my post because there were signs that he was LV from the beginning and I chose to ignore them/give him a chance due to my friends/family saying I was being “too nit-picky and I should “give him a chance.” This man took usually 2-3 days to respond to my texts. He was a nice guy in his responses but this displayed that he wasn’t very interested and had no intention of putting in any effort. Before I went on the date, he called me asking me if I had a fake ID so I could drink. Again, another red flag.
During the date, I then started feeling disillusioned because after an hour with him, his brother and sister in law showed up and it was like a “double date.” I stayed pretty shy and to myself as the rest of the date he just talked to his brother and SIL. They then started talking about the club and the conversation went into girls grinding and the club and he started talking about “those sl*ts that dance.” It was in this moment that I felt like I had been booboo the fool all along to believe that this man had HV potential.
As I was driving home from that horrible excuse of a date, I thought about this sub and all of you beautiful ladies. I ignored my standards (consistency, effort, morality) because on paper he looked nice and had money. I let my friends and family tell ME, what MY STANDARDS should be and how I should go about dating, aka, give LV men a chance. I will never allow myself to go through this again. If a guy is already showing yellow/red flags, I won’t even bother. As Ariana has said-thank you, next.
Please take my mistake of straying from the FDS handbook as a why you should follow and internalize the handbook word for word. Seriously, you will be inevitably disappointed if you allow yourself to ignore the warning signs. I repeat, you will be inevitably disappointed!! Listen to your intuition and know that if something doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t seem like what you’re looking for in a man, you are 99% of the time correct.
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2020.09.23 21:34 CaramelxMarshmallows Indian women should NOT marry: 1.3 billion reasons

Indian women should absolutely NOT marry in the current Indian climate and in this essay I'll explain why it's too risky and the laws DON'T help.
India has 77 million more men than women. Reasons? Extreme male preference leading to widespread female foeticides and infanticides.
Now that they've killed all the women, Indian men don't have anyone to marry so they're looking elsewhere, for more gullible targets.
Women in India accounted for 36% of global female suicide deaths in 2016, despite making up less than 18% of the world’s female population

💀 Patriarchal upbringing and male pandered brainwashing of women💀

This starts at birth. Desi women are told that their entire self-worth and purpose is wrapped up in being a self-sacrificing wife, mother, and pillar of the household. After a woman reaches X age, she's constantly pressurised to marry. Often against her wishes, marriage proposals are sent and she's forced to marry a NVM that looks like an elephant sized amorphohallus.

💀 Blaming the women 💀

The number 1 rule of misogyny is: Blame the women.
Whenever something is wrong in the house or the family, people always ask “why didn’t do something about this?”, so from the get-go, your entire future is framed in terms of marriage and your future family. So a lot of women don’t know any better, and they’re a failure if they try to leave.

💀 Internalised misogyny💀

For this reason, a lot of older women in the family/MILs will treat younger women piss poorly, but for some the intention is to teach them at a young age how to manage a household and survive in a joint family, especially when it was tough for a lot of these MILs.

💀The MIL nightmare💀

The MIL will treat you like a slave. Will make you bend over backwards to make sure her son with the face of an elephant sized amorphophallus lives comfortably.

💀 Trashy NVM💀

Don't expect them to treat you like a Queen. They don't care about your happiness and they'll blame you if you raise your voice or try to leave. They'd rather you burn your blood and be a fuckin slave while they act like they're living a good life.


Financial, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, sexual. Endless gaslighting. You name it.

💀No financial independence💀

You will be forced to resign from your job. If you don't, you face repercussions. The financial component is that men are breadwinners and they’ve never been taught to emotionally or intimately provide for their families, and it’s not like their parents’ relationships showed them any different. So women, even if they want things to change, don’t really have the financial backing or the power to get what they want. If they go back home, their family will be talked about or socially shamed (not to mention her family will probably be the ones doing the shaming).


If they get divorced, the man will easily be married but she will have a “dirty/used goods” mentality about her. And kids make it all the more complicated, because if their lives are affected in any way, it’s the mom’s face and FDS mindsets will change things for women now, but the main thing is that women need to know that there are other options out there and the relationship they see with their parents isn’t the only reality they have to subject themselves to.
Speaking of the divorce, Triple talaq is a form of divorce that was practised in Islam, whereby a Muslim man could legally divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq (the Arabic word for divorce) three times. A divorced woman could not remarry her divorced husband unless she first married another man, slept with him for one night, a practice called nikah halala.

💀Predatory grooming💀

Society strives to keep female financial independence to the bare minimum. Parents try to get girls fresh out of college or in their final semesters married, what life experience would these girls have?
Men, and their families want younger girls so they can "mold" them as they choose.

💀 Delusional romantic movies💀

Movies romanticize domestic lives, showing some stolen kisses in a kitchen while ignoring the larger nightmare that half the family is in the living room while this girl is cooking alone and her husband is distracting her.


Be prepared to pay dowry at the time of: engagement, marriage, after visiting your own home, after your parents visit you, after the birth of every child.

💀 Housework💀

Be prepared to cook, clean and do all stuff while your family lounges watching TV and your MIL complains that you can't do stuff properly.

💀Family shaming💀

Your family will be shamed for anything your in-laws deem "inappropriate". Can't cook? Shame on your family. They didn't teach you to be a good DIL.

💀No healthy sexuality💀

Be prepared to have a lifetime of non-orgasmic sex and be ready to be sl*t shamed to the highest level incase you demand anything or masturbate. Men think sex is something humiliating and derogatory done to women.

💀 Restrictions on clothing💀

You maybe forced to wear ONLY traditional Indian dresses or your clothes may be regulated by your MIL to make you "fit to be a decent DIL".

💀 Entertaining guests💀

Your in-laws will call people to the house and YOU will be expected to prepare a luncheon and entertain them.

💀 In-law politics and gaslighting💀

They will make a mountain of a molehill at every point and you'll be seen as the trouble. If you buy something or get a gift from someone, expect your in-laws to get jealous and pass comments.

💀Womb- hijacking💀

You will be expected to be a good DIL and pop out kids as per your family's demands. You won't have a choice!
The DIL is supposed to have as many sons as possible. But a single daughter and the DIL along with her entire family gets shamed.
In some parts of the country, illegal tests are being done to determine sex of the child. If female, then it's illegal abortions, throwing DIL down the stairs, murder. You name it.
Especially MIL expects her DIL to give her grandchild within a year. I've seen my aunts and my mum's friends nag their DIL for it.
If you decide to be childfree, you'll be labelled "barren land" and someone who must be pitied. They won't care even if your husband is childfree which is unlikely.
After having kids and fulfilling their "kidesire", you'll be expected to "be mature" and leave your job, if you haven't already, to fully focus on child rearing. If you manage work and childcare, then be prepared to be exhausted and get gaslighted by the family for "riding two boats at the same time" while the in-laws will try to spoil the kids so that they can blame you.


Menstruation is looked at as something impure in most families. Expect to be treated like an impure object, excluded from literally everything, separate utensils, no permission to enter the kitchen or to eat/ cook/ serve food to others or attend any religious occasion including weddings and funerals.

💀 Polygamy💀

Polygamy became illegal in India in 1956, uniformly for all of its citizens except for Muslims, who are permitted to have four wives and for Hindus in Goa and along the western coast where bigamy is legal. A polygamous Hindu marriage is null and void.

Some feminist commentary

Turkish feminist economist Deniz Kandiyoti calls this behavior Token Torture a form of bargain with patriarchy (PDF) where MIL gains some sense of control over a weaker female in her close proximity i.e. the DIL.

💀 State sponsored patriarchal control on married Indian women: 💀

  1. The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
The law upholds father as the natural guardians of a Hindu, minor and after him comes the mother. This means the father is considered the natural guardian of a child, with respect to all legal decisions over a child’s life or even if you need to sign a document on behalf of the child the mother can’t do it by herself. There have been some cases which have been taken to court because a mother has done some investment on behalf of the child and the bank has refused the papers saying that the father has not signed. The actual implication is that the mother is not able to make her decisions on her own especially when she is dealing with the government or official institutions.
  1. Adultery: Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code read with Section 198(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code
This one is tricky because prima facie it feels like it is pro-women since only, married men can be tried for this. The misogyny in this is that only aggrieved husbands can register the case. So the man whose wife is being cheated upon just has to grin and bear it.
  1. Marriagable Age: Hindu Marriage Act
Minimum age for marriage is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. Go figure why.
  1. Marital Property
In India, there is no concept of marital property i.e. shared property of the husband and wife. After divorce, the court asks the earning spouse (generally the husband) to provide the wife with a nominal maintenance. Unless the property is registered in her name, the wife does not get a share in the property. Also, maintenance stops if the husband dies. Then what? The divorced wife has no property in her hands. Her contribution towards the household is not taken into consideration so as to distribute the property, at least that which was acquired during matrimony, in a proportional manner. Instead, everything remains with the husband and is inherited by his heirs.
  1. The Hindu Succession Act
Section 15 of the Hindu Succession Act states that the property of a female Hindu dying intestate should devolve upon (after her children and grandchildren) the heirs of her husband before her own parents.
Even if her in laws mistreated her, by law, all her property could go to them.
  1. Rape of a separated wife
The rape of a separated wife carries lesser punishment than the rape of any other woman. Forced sexual intercourse with the former is punishable with two to seven years of imprisonment. Prison sentence for the rape of any other woman ranges from seven years to life.
©To all the Queens for help. Thanks a lot! 🙂
So my desi queens, I suggest we learn something from our Japanese and Korean counterparts. They raised their voices but no one listened. So now they've stopped dating, marrying and having children in such large numbers that both these countries have a birth rate of less than 1 with a steadily declining population. So why should we contribute when the laws itself want to curtail us?

A fun fact: As per the Indian society, I'm a "home wrecker" because of this post. In their opinion, I'm trying to "destroy families and Indian culture".

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