Dating goobye

Now, 22 years after “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” came out, Harris is leaving his wife and his faith. It would seem a bit like major whiplash if you don’t know much about legalism, the ... Joshua harris quotes i kissed dating goodbye. I'm saying let's wait until we can be purposeful, so there's a talk behind our deconstruction, and we're not just stirring up passion for the sake of a good time. If you're not ready to get married, don't grab at a relationship. Patiently wait for the right time to start one that can eventually lead ... For many years people have asked whether I still agree with my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. In addition to this question, some readers have told me the book harmed them. Two years ago I began a process of re-evaluating the book. This included inviting people to share their stories with me on my website, personal phone calls with readers, an in ... is a platform for academics to share research papers. Dating is the “product of our entertainment-driven, disposable-everything American culture,” Harris explains in “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” Dating, at its core, promotes the wrong attitude ... I’m from the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” culture… and I have to say I agree with you, Sheila! In my relationships I set the standards of what we would or wouldn’t do, with my bf. But as time went on I realized I didn’t truly know if the guys I dated were really interested in me in the way that I would need to feel loved. I Kissed Dating Goodbye and its related resources, as well as two similar followup books, have all been discontinued from publication. Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media. About the Author: Clare is a digital journalist for the Broadcast Industry. I’m truly thankful to be sharing my space at with Joshua Harris today. But I’ll be honest, it’s a little surreal for me. It feels like just yesterday I was that 16-year-old girl, sitting under a tree at Creation Fest East, listening to him share about his best-selling book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. It swept the nation like wildfire and totally changed the dating culture ... More than 800,000 copies later, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, with its inspiring call to sincere love, real purity, and purposeful singleness, remains the benchmark for books on Christian dating. Now, for the first time since its release, the national #1 bestseller has been expanded with new content and updated for new readers. Joshua Harris, author of the 1997 book 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' and a former megachurch pastor, wrote in an Instagram post Friday that he 'lived in repentance' for his prior teachings in the ...

How Hentai helped me become an Ex Simp

2020.09.17 09:12 gadgetmcfly How Hentai helped me become an Ex Simp

Warning: loooong text, a few months old repost because I thought some of you all might need it and some poster in reddit said he had nothing better to do. So it all goes back to almost high school me. Horny dumbass experiencing love for the first time. It was for this cute weeb girl one class above me, she was older than me. Something that gave me a slight edge over the competition is my skill to draw well which came in handy lots of times, but as everything I have, it’s a double edged sword. I met her when I was pretty dumb and young, she was pretty, I didn’t know her name, but she looked like a good person. I really liked music so I asked permission for the music teacher to practice in the music room and lo and behold, after sometime of playing she joined in. I played the hardest songs I had learned by ear, cause i can’t read well music notes, like the super mario land 2 theme, snow land from mario kart super circuit and starlight zone. I learned some interesting stuff there. Somehow I ended up knowing there that she’s dating the midget of the class, he’s my eight year old brother’s size and he was eleven at the time but he is quite charming and fun, that’s why this conversation was me at my rather unpressive peak. When the waffles episode of teen titans go aired, everyone was saying waffles like in that episode and she hated it and I wholeheartedly agree. She liked love live and fox girls. Pretty fun conversation in my opinion. I tried to get to know her better and worked to relative success until... My brother joined the religion workshop and unlike everyone who did it to do their obligatory workshop and do nothing there, he did it because he’s a mildly good boy. There he met the girl I liked. I told him I liked her before, trusting him he wouldn’t tell anyone, but as any secret I tell him, it get’s out and I get fucked over big time and everyone laughs and I try not to cry like a bitch, but that wasn’t the case. This had greater repercussions. Fast forward to the next day, lunch. I was sitting next to my brother and she was close and then she asked me. -Hey, are you my friend or the one that likes me? “Fuck you brother, I have no options left, I wish you never said that, I wish I could trust you with secrets, but I was too stupid to keep to myself” -I’m... the one that likes you... -ok. that was the last lines we verbally shot at each other for like a year. He said he was doing it to help me and laughed it off and kept making fun of me for it. He didn’t know shit about what was going inside my mind by then. I... I still don’t know how to describe what I felt. I was simping hard for her, but my love poisoned mind didn’t listen. So a year went by. I didn’t care much about romance anymore, I was playing with the boys now, just fun times, didn’t care about grades, I had daily fun, got my switch next year, everything was fine. I don’t remember what happened but somehow I think we talked to eachother again, I think it was that one time I published a comic to the school’s newspaper and people loved it, and I thought to myself “This time i can and will succeed”. Apparently, I was too stupid to abide by my word. I was younger than her, had bad social intelligence and she had seen me cry about everytime I did, like 5 times, and to add insult to injury, she knew that every time I tried to talk to her, it was eventually to date her. It’s like the stars aligned to fuck me over. At least I made some good plays along the way. Like all those four times she watched me drawing in admiration. Along the year I told two girls from her class that I liked her and they said they wanted to help and I said I didn’t want help. We went for a road trip and I fucked up in multiple ways. There was this crowd around a bee in the floor and I stepped on it, I still don’t know why, but I think it was a just action. Why so? Well, you can call me murderer and all, you aren’t wrong after all but where I live, bees were brought in by colonizers. They affected the ecosystem of native pollinizers so it was kinda justified but wrong anyways. Everyone called me a murderer and then ran off and cried. Then in the walking part about the trip, those two girls told me my crush broke up with the midget. I somehow then was driven to the edge again and cried some more. There where these paper thingies covering our windows so we couldn’t get distracted by the other classes’ recess so y tore apart a hole in the corner to watch my crush through the window. I was caught eventually and I thought it was over for me but the teacher, an absolute sis covered my dumass telling the students that it’s ok because I’m experiencing love for the first time and im quite young. Thank you teach, I’ll be forever grateful for your help. Then in Valentine’s Day, some students were selling chocolates with a letter to someone. I wrote a letter full of lovely nothings from anonymity, I should have written an apology for my infinite stupidity but the chance escaped my hand. After buying the chocolate, I was broke and then when chocolates for my class were delivered, I had nothing. Some girls and boys got multiples but I was empty handed like I expected. Somehow it flew over my head, the chance that I won’t get the girl but I was too dumb to understand. Then she joined theater class with a friend so I joined in too. I was timid at the start but eventually became friendlier to everyone. They knew me as a creative genuis with good skills at convincing people to join the workshop and good drawing skills. I might have accidentally flexed on her and unintentionally said that she is worse at drawing than me but I wasn’t very educated on subtext and fucking choosing my words carefully. That same class she said she was switching schools after year’s end so I had one chance. Dumass me tried to not think it was my fault because I probably was even tho I wasn’t a stalker or a creep, I was just a young lovefool and never did anything too immoral. At the end of one class she said something to me I want to forget but I probably won’t ever forget it. -Hey, does your brother like me? -No, I love you but he doesn’t. -Ok, see you. -Goodbye. I came out of that conversation with a corroted success in my mind, with a corrosion expanding like a pandemix until I realized. “I said the L word too soon, now I’m getting the L for it”. Last day of theater workshop and the teacher tells me and my crush to try to get new kids interested. We shared no words during the day but I was still joyful, not for her presence but for all the children i’m getting hyped up for the workshop next year, I was happy giving to people, I was very happy and I walked out of there with a wide smile on my face. But we are back in reality now, school was about to end so I asked everyone trustworthy for advice under the sun what should I do and they said I should ask her out. While that happened a classmate told me she asked him where I was to talk to us. I had just the necessary bit of hope now. I asked her three questions in three days, gradually escalating from innocent to the last question, Did you ask [Insert Classmate Name Here] where I were so you could talk to me? She Said No. I was played like a damn fiddle, everyone told me to ask her out that day but I just couldn’t due to my lack of courage. I had only the last day to ask her out. Allright dear readers, if you want to ask a girl out, don’t do it when your odds are bleeding, do it when the relationship is escalating and your odds are getting better. The bell rang of the last day and zoomed acroos the school to find her and I told her I had something to tell her... -I can’t I’m way behind in my schedule and I’m busy. It was over for me, I was crushed, I wasn’t even funny anymore, just sad, but I couldn’t cry, I deep inside knew this would happen, love left my body, I thought clearly and I didn’t cry, I had cried enough. Pretty much all of my family helped me overcome this, even my mom when she repeatedly shipped us. But well, a win over her is a win, maybe not because I wanted to win but it’s there. I faked being okay and having gotten over it but the pain remained but not with the same label. Whiel this was happening, I discovered a hentai where the girl getting screwed was pretty much the same as my crush, it was pretty vanilla and the final sex scene was hella sad but my dick didn’t care. I stopped coming back to it after a while. I became more fucked up as time went, I masterbated almost daily, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror, with strangers I always adopted a facade of the calm, serious and emotionless kid which hurt my social skills and chances of getting in another school and starting over. Eventually I got in after some emotional coaching with my mom and had my first day, I showed who I truly was that day and everyone fucking admired me. Mostly because I didn’t cry because I didn’t repress my emotions anymore, I let them move. This helped me so I can now see myself in the mirror without cringing hard. The problems were still there but they were better. Fast forward to today, typical night of searching for hentai. I was searching for this obscure 90’s hentai I found some months ago and then I found it while inptuting the words. That hentai I used to cope with my misery. I decided to give it a watch. Getting off to it was fucking impossible for the previously mentioned shit, the scene in the hentai itself was a sort of goobye moment so it was sad. I couldn’t think about the hentai as my mind was busy with my self loathing and regrets. Then I said to myself that getting off to this was impossible since my dick was hella flaccid but I couldn’t. I felt drawn to it. I did the impossible and did the deed. I was going to pause it and be sad but then the ending came in because I was too lazy to move a hand.
“What’s most important is to love yourself” “We’ll get the chance!” “We get many chances in life” “But our youth comes only once” “Whether it’s Akiba or Harajuku” “All teens are the same” “They dash home an play videogames and read manga” “And send emails to their friends” “But we can’t spend all day crying. What a waste” “What’s most important of all is to love yourself” “We’ll get the chance!” That song resonated with me. Those were the last pieces of my mind puzzle. So may this be a piece of advice on my part as I have learned something far too valuable to keep to myself. Us teenagers shouldn’t worry about love, it’s for grown ups. We teenagers should only worry about our fun and our grades. Have fun, do dumb but funny shit and don’t regret it, there is no point on dwelling in the past, you cannot fix it. Don’t try to be the calm and serious kid, you’re missing out on lots of fun! Loosen up guys, be yourselves and party hard! Now that we are in cuarantine, play online games with your friends! Let your teen spirit shine but most importantly, love yourselves. Everyone is seeking validation today, they are throwing people under the bus for it. You are the only one that can give value to yourself, don’t depend on people to validate you, don’t base your worth on how much he/she likes you, base it on how much you like yourself. I’ve come a long way to learn this, so im passing on this knowledge to you, so you can use your life the best you can. TLDR: Hentai taught me to never look back in regret because I can’t change the past, to live my teenage life at it’s fullest and not have draining romantic relationships and to love oneself as you can only give yourself value and learn to let go of a relationship that won’t work.
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2020.08.15 11:29 docduckyu AITA For Telling GF I Love Her In Front of Family

I [14M] have been dating my girlfriend [14F] for 9 months. Weeks ago she told me she wants to tone down our shows of affection in front of her family. This was in response to me having my arm around her while on the couch with her and her parents. I told her ok.
I was over at her house. She gave me a hug goodbye. Her mom and dad were in the room with us. When we hugged I told her "Goobye, I love you". She said bye but didnt say I love you too. I didnt really think much about her not saying it back, I know she loves me.
She was mad later at me. She told me she already said to tone the romance down in front of her parents. I didnt realize she meant me telling her I love her. She told me she loves me but that she feels embarrassed saying that stuff in front of her parents. I told her I wont do it again. I dont understand why she cares (I didnt tell her that). She didn't like I did that after she told me to tone down romance in front of her parents.
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2020.07.09 22:03 Icy_Passenger1698 BADLY IN NEED OF SOME ADVICE

It's quite long, I'm so sorry that you have to read all of this, but I really am very confused and I really need some serious help.
So, my bf(21) n I(21) have been together for abt 5-6 months now. It's been a long-distance relationship since we started (10,000kms apart), so we have met only once when we met for the first time at the beginning of the year, spent abt a month together and started our relationship. He was supposed to fly to my place in june according to our plan, but thanks to covid, now we have no hopes of meeting till next year.
He's basically the nicest guy I've met so far tbh and I love him, and things were going on fine, until there were a few things I noticed, and felt like we were opposites or smth; like the his choice of movies are totally different from mine, I am more of an emotional person and he's not emotional (or doesn't wanna show idk), and stuff like that. But I must say, he had changed his sleep cycle for me and always says affectionate things to me, respects me, calls me a strong woman and stuff.
He had also told me that there were so many things that have happened in his life, that make him dead on the inside, or make him emotionless. And somehow, I wanted to get that out of him, cause I really wanted him to be happy. But I slowly realised that he didn't want to show or talk about it.
To make things worse, my parents want me to go abroad next year to do my masters and I started telling him to come with me, so that we could finally be together. In the beginning he was like okay, but slowly I guess he started feeling pressured about it, I could see that. This made me even more nervous; I would cry to him almost evry other day and he would be upset, Sometimes I would think I should just end it.
Then last week, it had literally been the third time I cried to him, on the same day, twice while watching a movie, and he told that he wasn't sure about his feelings for me anymore, cause he feels bad seeing me cry and is feeling pressured and stuff. He told me that he cared for me the same way and stuff, but he's scared (idk of what!) and he can't do this anymore. He suggested that we broke up and remained friends or smth, talked and watched movies and stuff, except for the romantic part.
Tbh, I didn't cry much then and I said okay, but later I felt the pain of our , and god it was painful. I wanted him back, but I wasn't sure about why or what I even cried for. It was depressing to think that he wouldn't be my baby anymore. The next few days, he would message me, send me pictures of him cooking n stuff and all I did was cry, cry and cry.
I realised this wasn't gonna work. So I told him after 2 days, that he can't ask him to be there as his friend even though I never can see him as a friend, and watch him date other girls and do stuff like nothing ever happened. I told him that I'd always be there for him n stuff, sent him a long goobye message and finished......when he messaged me the next day that he needs me and that he was wrong about everything.
He then told me that he was scared that I would leave him, like all the people that left him, and also scared that if he knew I loved him unconditionally, he might not be able to give the love I deserved cause he was an emotionless dead-on-the-inside man. But when we broke up, he felt empty, lifeless, and hopeless. He told me that loves me a lot, and never felt this way for any other girl. He promised that he would open up to me, go to a therapist, work hard for a job or a masters seat abroad with me, and told that he wants to change his ways, not for me, but for his own happiness. I agreed and got back with him.
I knew that my bf was already going through a lot, and Ik I love him a lot. But there are times I cry when I see no ray of hope, no path, and ik it's depressing me. Some times I feel like I'm not sure about how I feel now, and him leaving me again scares the shit out of me. Also, there might be times when he might need me, but I won't be there for him cause I'm so far away. That thought saddens and depresses me. What should I do? How do I handle this situation? I am in such a deep hole of sadness, it hurts me like hell. PLS ADVICE
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2020.06.03 11:15 Zephylandantus Evil? - 3

First Previous
“Finally” The soul sprang from the body with an elated sigh. “I am free” it beamed.
HE just stood there, looking at the remains of the young male splayed on the bed, as the medical staff frantically worked on postponing the inevitable end.
“Free?” HIS voice offered no warmth, no reconciliation, only a cold, doubtful question, demanding an answer.
The soul snapped its head to face him, clearly surprised of his presence. “who are you?”
HIS face was obfuscated by the hood of the cloak HE always presented to the dead. He slowly raised his left hand and waved the scythe he held with it suggestively.
“The reaper… So I didn’t kill myself?” The soul sagged its shoulders in a gesture of defeat. “I couldn’t even do that properly.”
“You did something” HE said, keeping the projected sensations at a baseline, a cold null. “I didn’t kill you, that is not my task.”
“So it's...over?” The soul raised its head, seemingly in hope of a definitive answer.
“What is over?” HIS tone still demanded answers, the task could wait.
“The pain. The constant suffering, the injustice.” There was justified rage lumbering just beneath the surface.
“Possibly.” HE gestured the soul to follow him, there was a limited distance it could go before HE could no longer block the light. Together they passed through the hospital drapes that seperated the bed in the emergency unit from the rest of the hospital, through the doors in one end of the room they could see a couple of rows in the receptions waiting area.
“There” HE said and pointed with his free hand to one of the chairs.
The young male followed the direction with his gaze, it landed on a woman in her mid twenties, holding a toddler to her chest, the tiny body was apathetic and not responding to its mothers calm cooing.
“What about it?” The soul asked, clearly missing out whatever point HE’d tried to make.
HE sighed. “That is Desiree, with her daughter, Tyra. Tyra is suffering from a rare neurological disease, not commonly seen in the very young. If she does not receive medical attention by the senior doctor soon, I will have to attend to her soul in a matter of minutes.”
The soul turned to look at HIM. “so?”
HE pointed back at the curtains. “The Senior doctor, the only one that has the knowledge to diagnose her condition properly is currently in there, trying to keep a seventeen year old boy from successfully suiciding on rat poison and sleeping pills.”
HE grabbed the soul by the neck and lifted it to his eye level. “Because his parents refused to replace his mobile device with the newest model on the release date.” HIS voice was as cold as a siberian grave. The malice that emanated from his presence was overwhelming.
“the worst part” HE said as he casually discarded the soul by tossing it through the curtains. “Is that you consider it a success.”
“They deserve it” The boy screamed. “The emotional abuse, the den-”
“SILENCE” HE roared as HE appeared in front of the soul, still lying on the floor, beneath the bed where the doctors and nurses were struggling to bring the body back to life.
“You cannot justify what you’ve taken from that girl.” HE looked past the curtains, their ethereal existence leaving them as transparent as he willed them to be.
“Tell me” HE bowed down, the clear, blue flames of his eyes burning holes in the souls forehead. “Does she deserve the consequence of your selfishness?”
“I was hurting-” the boy began. his voice quivering with dawning remorse. “I didn’t know what else to do.”
“I know.” HE said, this time projecting a calm and understanding atmosphere. “But that doesn’t change the fact that she will die, because you will live.”
“What?” The boy looked up at the underside of the bed. A clear, monotone beep turned into a staccato, which settled into a steady rhythm.
Peter tore his eyes open and grabbed the doctor on his left by the collar of her scrubs. “The girl, save her!” he gasped, before the exertion drained his, by now, exhausted body of the last of its reserves, slipping him into a coma.
HE appeared at the apartment, the ghastly apparition, still chained to his will, lay on the floor, accepting the caress of the three year old girl as she rubbed its stomach.
“Hello, Tyra” HE said warmly. “Sorry it took so long, did you have fun?”
“Yes” The girl replied, smiling at the enslaved soul, which no longer held resemblance to its old form. “your puppo is nice.”
“He is a good boy” HE allowed the smile to penetrate past the hood. “But it is time to go and see Nanna, she has been waiting for you” A lie at worst, a wild guess at the truth at best. HE had no idea of knowing what lay beyond the light, HE just did his job.
“Ok, goobye puppo.” She patted the head of the soul and skipped into the light.
A/N: I could claim that I felt inspired and that the concept of this series appeals to me on a higher level.
Which is not entirely untrue.
Another aspect of the truth is that I'm using this series as a procrastination mechanism.
Enjoy. Or don't. Your choice.
Clickbait-y title
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2020.03.09 06:17 Dancingcakes2 Sanders Sides from conversations from this week (I forgot to add these to other ones)

Patton: starts drawing an ant ready to swim
Roman: hey Patton what's that?
Patton: it's the ant for the ANTendance race! And it's going for a race because we're 7C!
Virgil: slams head on desk my life is a bunch of puns...
Virgil: starts fidgeting because of anxiety
Roman: hey look he's doing TikTok dances!
Virgil: what no!
Roman: copies Virgil
Virgil: I hate you...
Virgil: closes eyes while coss legged on a table outside
Deceit, Roman and Remus: woah look Virgil's mediating! joins him
Virgil: alright boys, I'm the teacher of this class! spots Patton walking by Patton why are you in mediation class?!
Patton: I have Pepsi..?
Virgil: ok you get an A+++,now everyone relax we have a lot of stress to get rid off!
Logan: Roman you're going to fall...
Roman: trying to balance while walking from a wooden curb to a bench no I won't! trips and falls onto a tree
Logan: I'm not helping you...
Remus: in his room I love you so much, no matter what happens I'd always be there for you...
Roman: listening does Remus have...? enters Remus' room
Remus: sitting on a desk holding onto his collection of bottle caps ROmAn CaN'T yOU sEE BUsY?!
Roman: of course... leaves
Patton: enters Remus' room hey Rem, do you want some food?
Remus: sitting on his desk while sipping on soup and eating bread no, but can't you turn off the door?
Patton: s-sure...leaves quickly
Virgil: I'm so single I'm the only single person...
Patton: Roman's single, why do you date him?
Virgil: what no! blushes from embarrassment don't say that! grabs mirror and looks at himself you made me blush!
Logan: Patton makes everyone blush, even me
Virgil: goobye, I'm leaving! My bottle cap collection is the only thing that understands me!
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2019.09.04 15:18 TheCornyCactus I (18F) can't get along with my mother's (54F) boyfriend (52M) who have been dating for well over a year and it's ruining their relationship

My mom met a guy when she joined a band as their singer and after a while they started dating. (This is all taking place in the Netherlands where I was born and raised)
They dated for some time, but it all went wrong when after visiting us he got angry (can't remember what it was about), left and later told my mom to come outside to talk about it. I immediately felt something was wrong so I kept an eye on her. Eventually she came back inside, told me he was furious and demanded all sorts of thing from her, including paying back money that he kept sending her even though she refused. She then told me she would go out to talk to him again and told me to keep watch and call the police if anything went wrong. He apparently locked the car door when she got in and was absolutely furious... He kept yelling so hard that I could hear it from where I was standing, told her he'd love to see her hang herself from the crane that was at the mall in front of our house and told her that I should watch her. He told various other horrible things. I was so afraid at the time and sat in front of our house on the curb to keep watch. When she eventually came back, which was around 2:30AM, she was in shock and really scared.
The next day we had to close all the windows and put this screen in front of the window in the living room cause he said he would smash it in. Me, my brother and my mother then went to the police to file a report.
Even more weird things happend including him sending my grandma messages about how much he loved my mother and he even sent her a self made collage of my mom's selfies that my mom sent to him. Everyone was freaked out cause this dude was legitimately being insane and really creepy. After a while he apologized for what he did and after very long conversations they've had my mother apparently forgave him and eventually they continued dating again. To be honest me and my brother could not understand why she would do that, but apparently she was okay with it
He moved in with us very quickly and since that moment I have not felt safe and at peace in my own house. In the beginning I ignored my discomfort and tried so hard to get along with him because it made her happy, but I just didn't feel at ease... He would get mad very often and then they would fight until the middle of the night and I'd hear him yell so loud.
Eventually I had reached a point where I was so unhappy and felt so unsafe that even they noticed and my mom brought it up during dinner. I broke down and explained I couldn't accept their relationship because I thought he was a dangerous man and I told them that I felt unsafe in my own house. Of course he didn't really take that well...
Nothing changed after that conversation and it kinda turned into a game of "how long would it take for him to get extremely angry again".
After another fight my mom told me that she found out that he lived with his ex wife for a very long time and that he had lied about that, since he had said that he had nothing to do with her anymore.
Besides lying so many times to the point that my mom doubts everything he says and doing extremely weird things he also checked her phone to see who she is texting, is extremely possessive and accuses her of cheating on him all the time and doesn't want her to go out with friends or talk to other men, hates my father and accuses her of still being in love with him (which is absolutely not true lmao), hates that apparently "all conversations are about my father", which also isn't true, but my mom now doesn't allow me to talk about my father because of this, he never helps out around the house, is pretty aggressive with our dog and told me that his previous dog wouldn't walk on a leash so he lifted him up with his leash, effectively choking him, until his tong turned blue he then let him go and the dog walked on the leash ever since. My mom brought it up with him and she told me that he said that he made that story up, but I honestly wouldn't be suprised if it was true. Besides all this he is also racist, homophobic and Islamophobic.
But one of the worst things for me is that he lies about me to my mother and what's even worse is that she believes him. I'm now being blamed by my mother for ruining their relationship when I don't see any way how I could get along with him. Yesterday my mother even admitted driving the long route home to avoid everything, said she wants to pack her bags and leave and she tried to make me feel incredibly guilty about all of this.
At this point me and her boyfriend have been sorta avoiding and ignoring each other for months, but apparently he still complains and lies about me to my mother on a daily basis and she believes it or at least partly believes it which is straining my relationship with her even further (our relationship was never good since she's always been abusive but that's a story for another day). My mom keeps telling me to interact with him and she's telling him the same thing, but we have nothing to talk about. My whole family is well educated and loves to have good conversations or debates, but he went to the high school with the lowest difficulty while me and my brother went to the highest (in the netherlands high schools have different difficulties). I deffinitely do not have a problem with that, but his views are very limited because of it and we also communicate and think differrent because of it.
We only say "hello" and "goobye" to each other and sometimes he makes shady/meanful comment towards me or my mother. The rest of the time he just looks at me with an angry face. Even during dinner he is completely silent and as soon as he's done and I'm still eating (I'm 99% of the time the last one to finish) he goes outside to smoke, which I think is a tiny but rude, but okay.
I really don't know what to do anymore. I never had any problem getting along with her other boyfriends, and there have been a lot of different ones, but I really cannot stand this man. I have given him so many chances that I just don't think it's worth it anymore and I kinda don't even want to get along with him anymore.
Is there anything else I can do? I have no ideas anymore how to improve this situation anymore and I feel like all of this is hopeless.
TL;DR: Can't get along with my mother's boyfriend, who has locked her in his car at the beginning of their relationship, threatened her before and is very questionable in general, and it's ruining their relationship
EDIT: I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind people who are trying to help me. It's really comforting to see that so many people tell me to get out of there ASAP, since I have felt guilty for a very long time for even thinking this. I will try to respond to everyone, but seeing how many comments I have that might take some time.. (+ I added a sentence at the beginning stating in which country I live seeing as some people thought I'm American)
Also very important to add is that my mother just now ordered me to get out of the house for a couple of days and is sending me to my father... I'm planning to take this chance to discuss with my father about the situation and to see if I can live with him for a while. It breaks my heart that that means I have to leave my loving dog behind, but at the moment I see no other choice. It's a very hard descision for me, since it means leaving everything I currently have (job, friends, dog, etc.) behind, seeing as he lives on the other side of the country, but I believe that even though my dad has never been active in my life it is still far better than living in an abusive household.
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2019.07.09 20:26 whatever_4321 I'm not interested in him. What should I do?

Hey! So I met this guy a few weeks ago. We talked for a while and he asked if I wanted to go "for a cup of coffee one of these days", and I accepted. I'm a 23 year old girl, I've never had a boyfriend so I thought maybe this was a good idea, to go out, meet this guy who is actually very nice.
He invited me for a date. We went to the cinema and then dinner (yeah yeah, very typical ahaha), and then we sat by the river and talked a little about ouselves... and then we kissed. Everything seemed perfect, probably like the ideal fisrt date for most girls I know. Also, it was my first kiss. And yes, I know, I'm a late bloomer... (there are a few reasons for that... I'm very insecure, anxious, with a low self-esteem, etc. etc.) I know I need to change and that's why I accepted going on the date. Because I felt that I needed to lose the fear of getting involved with someone.
Back to the date. The first kiss was like what I had imagined. It was really good and I felt all that kind of excitement. After a while we said goobye and I went home feeling good, but.........not really into him. I mean, everything went really well, but I was just not feeling it....
It's been two weeks now (both of us were out of town) and he wants to meet again. During all this time we didn't really texted, but when he did, he started to call me things like "babe" etc... and saying he wanted to meet again "but in some place more private" and that "he missed me and my kisses". I don't really know how to react to this, but I find it all a little awkward and even kinda clingy. I mean, we've only met twice: before the date and on the date...
Plus, I really don't feel anything for him. Like, he's cute and nice, but that's it. I don't feel excited to meet him, I don't think of him "that way"... actually, I don't even know if I want to go out with him again... I think I don't, but at the same time, I kind awant to give it a shot.
So I wanted to ask any of you for some advice. What should I do? Should I go out with him again? Should I just tell him I'm not interested after only two weeks and one date? Help me! And sorry for writing so much ahaha!
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2019.04.01 21:06 Peryr623 sorry if tmi

so i went out on a second date with this guy i met a month ago. he only comes to town for bussiness and it was clear i wasnt looking for anything serious. we kept flirting upon his arrival and although I never said I would stay over, the hints were there but very subtle. Unfortantely I got my period the day we went on a date, i didnt mention this before because i wasnt even sure if we would get to the point of even kissing. also i got it after a horrible hormonal imbalance so no way i could have predicted this.
we had a great dinner, walk on the beach, holding hands and kissing so he asked me to come back to his hotel with him. I said i would have loved to but I am with my period. he said it didnt matter to him, and we went back to his room. we just kissed more, he grabed my boobs at one point but thats all. he didnt insist on anything else no implications of bjs or anything. next morning he has to go to work, and he walks me to my car kiss my lips goobye, and not a word at all during the day.
i texted him, and i said i was sorry we couldnt have that much for the previous night, but periods sometimes are out of control, and I was hoping we could see him again before he leaves. he only said I had nothing to worry. I know now that I wont see him again, but I wonder if this really enough to turn a man off like this? or is this something I should have mentioned before I even went out with him ?
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2018.03.12 23:33 kickazz2013 Give any Advice for ABC(American Born Chinese) for dating Mainland Chinese, who is in America as student

I have never dated before But she lives in Florida and I live in North Carolina. We met a online few weeks ago (recommended by Some lady)
We met in NYC Yesterday. She flown and I rode the bus. It was alright.....?
We had lunch together. My mom/me and Her aunt/Her with the Recommending lady.
We were shoo off together to get some alone time together? We talk and walked around, had coffee then I had nothing else to talk about ;O That lasted about 1 hour and 20 mins.
I didn't want to hold her back since we didn't have anything to talk about. So, I let her go, Walked her to her Apartment and said Goobye Maybe meet Next time?
We met again to have dinner together. Then said Our goodbyes.
Basically My parents Approve, Her parents/relatives Approve.
I kinda like her? But I have never chased after anyone before and can Anyone give me some tips or their experiences?
Basically I am asking for Dating Advices. Thank you for reading
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2018.03.12 23:29 kickazz2013 Give any Advice for ABC(American Born Chinese) for dating Mainland Chinese, who is in America as student

I have never dated before But she lives in Florida and I live in North Carolina. We met a online few weeks ago (recommended by Some lady)
We met in NYC Yesterday. She flown and I rode the bus. It was alright.....?
We had lunch together. My mom/me and Her aunt/Her with the Recommending lady.
We were shoo off together to get some alone time together? We talk and walked around, had coffee then I had nothing else to talk about ;O That lasted about 1 hour and 20 mins.
I didn't want to hold her back since we didn't have anything to talk about. So, I let her go, Walked her to her Apartment and said Goobye Maybe meet Next time?
We met again to have dinner together. Then said Our goodbyes.
Basically My parents Approve, Her parents/relatives Approve.
I kinda like her? But I have never chased after anyone before and can Anyone give me some tips or their experiences?
Basically I am asking for Dating Advices. Thanks
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2016.05.19 23:51 elecathes Blind Reaction to Steven Universe Episodes 19-20

Episodes 1-2 Episodes 3-4 Episodes 5-6 Episodes 7-8 Episodes 9-10 Episodes 11-12 Episodes 13-14 Episodes 15-16 Episodes 17-18
Hey guys! Back with episodes 19-20. I’m going to try to get these out when the new episode isn’t airing, so either a few hours before or after it. I guess you guys will already know, but I don’t yet, so… There’s that. Also, please keep your discussion spoiler free! I’m trying to go into this show with as little knowledge about it beforehand as possible, so as to keep my reactions as, well, reactionary as they can be! Anyways, let’s get into the episode!

Episode 19- Rose’s Room

A new room is unlocked in the Temple that grants Steven's every wish, but such power threatens to teach him a lesson.
Written and Storyboarded by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu
Steven did not love it.
Actually, that’s my new headcanon. Onion and Sans are one.

Closing Thoughts-

This episode had some unexpected horror! You know how I feel about horror, so this episode was really fun for me. The music was fantastic. It had this constant glitchy vibe going on, with musical cuts and distortion, and the song that plays when Steven is exploring the town is absolutely serene. I loved how the town was drawn in this episode! I hope we get to see more scenes in the nighttime, because I love how it looks in this show. This episode was really good, one of my favorites so far! It’s definitely on my top 5. Let’s move on, shall we?

Episode 20- Coach Steven

Steven is resolved to get super strong and takes physical training to a new level after witnessing Gamet and Amethyst's fusion into Sugilite.
Written and Storyboarded by Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco

Closing thoughts-

This episode was, start to finish, incredible. The animation was fantastic, the music was unbelievable stellar, and the voice acing… the voice acting! MMMM! The song, which was wonderful sounding, was used as a motif throughout the rest of the episode, and it was so powerful! I loved Sugilite; Nicki Minaj was born to voice act for that role. Pearl’s acting, too, was absolutely incredible. She put so many different and complex emotions into her lines, and it’s really incredible to watch. Let’s get into the episode ranking! My top five episodes are-
  1. Coach Steven
  2. Laser Light Cannon
  3. Giant Woman
  4. So Many Birthdays
  5. Rose’s Room
That’s right! Laser Light Cannon is officially, for real this time, actually dethroned! As for my musical list, it goes as follows-
  1. Strong in the Real Way
  2. Giant Woman
  3. Let me drive my van into your heart
  4. Cookie Cat Rap
As always, thanks for reading! Please, please, please keep your discussion spoiler free! I want to go into this show as blindly as I can. I’m already very irritated at the sub. Even though I have subreddit style turned off, I can still see the reddit alien variation for Steven Universe, so now I know that there is going to be both a blue and a red gem. Still, I’m looking forward to meeting them! Finally, a question-
[EDIT] I had originally asked for what episode you guys were most excited about me seeing, but then realized that it might get spoiler heavy, so I changed it to-
Until next time!
Episodes 21-22
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2012.05.07 16:35 TasteGeorg Last year a girl I was starting to fall in love with chose someone else because of unknown reasons, but now she's single again and I don't know what to do.

Okay, so this might not be the right subreddit, but it IS a question and this is my favourite one so here it goes.
We started talking for about a year ago, texting constant etc, but at a party SHE invited me to I simply got a quick hug by the door followed by a lone smiley in a text as goobye. She on the other hand got together with another guy later on. The thing is I knew they were kinda dating allready, but she constantly wanted to see me and even told me he liked her more than vice versa. Anyhow since I earlier told her that she had to decide before I started to get feelings for her, and she technically still hadn't made her decision even after i went, I told her that I couldn't do this anymore and said goodbye. It was of course too late for not giving a fuck about her and I have to say it hurt pretty bad for a while (deleting number and chathistory etc).
ANYHOW, found out they broke up this winter, and I am not sure but it seems as if she still likes me (I know it's pathetic but she recently liked my profile picture on fb etc, which is kinda wierd considering we don't even look at eachother when we meet at school). The problem is that my selfrespect kinda stops me from ever make contact with her again, although I am afraid I am still in love with her... My present plan is to simply don't do anything as long as possible, because what I think would be best is if she was the one to make contact, (maybe I could respect myself then). I am not sure she will/wants/dares though, and I don't think i want to miss this chance as she graduates in just a month and I will probably not see her again.
Hell, I am not even sure anything would work considering our history, but I seriously could need som mental guiding as well as protips from people who might have been in this situation. So should I be the one to make contact again, and stomp on my own selfrespect, or should I wait for something that might not even happen?
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2011.05.07 20:37 Finneus Please let this get to the front page, it is for my friend

I don't care if this isn't a question. I need someplace to let this out. I never thought I'd be the one to write one of these.
Link to what happened
My close friend Haley, one of the few people I've ever cared deeply about, died in a car accident a few days ago. I found out last night through some of her friends on facebook. When I heard, I was in disbelief. I didn't want to even think of it as a possibility. Then, when it set in, I cried. Harder than I ever have before, and it hasn't stopped. I can't stop thinking about how she is gone. No one this close to me has ever died before, and I don't know what to do. People have tried to offer their condolences, but I feel so alone. Like she is the only one who could make not feel that way. I wish more than anything that I could say goodbye to her in person, but she lives in North Carolina and I can't make it to her. This makes me feel so terrible. I feel like i'm letting her down by not being there. All I can do is mail her a note from the heart, expressing my feelings. This isn't good enough. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I feel so helpless just sitting here feeling awful. I would give anything to be able to say goobye to her...
TL;DR ignore this sobbing wreck.
A little backstory: Haley and I met online and started talking every so often. As we became closer and became friends, we would talk on the phone or on Skype usually every day. We developed feelings for each other, despite not having met in person before. We talked every day about how when the summer came around (this was last spring) how I'd go meet her or she'd come to me, and we could be together. That didn't last, and we drifted apart from that when we realized it wasn't practical for our feelings. We both cared about each other so much regardless, and kept in close touch always. Around last fall, we had a falling out when I was distracted by girls here, and she started dating this guy from her new city. Apart from a call at christmas to catch up, and a few here and there, we really didnt talk up until last week. She wanted to Skype, but I was busy and couldn't. I told her I would get back to her some time this week. Now that opportunity is gone forever. I keep coming back to that part, about how I could have talked to her one last time before this happened. I feel guilty. I don't know if I should or not, but I do. To see her face and hear her voice would be such the comfort right now. I would give anything for that to happen.
I'm almost out of tears from writing this, so I think I'll close. You are in my heart, Haley. You always will be. Forever. I miss you. I love you.
Edit: Please don't accuse me of karma whoring. That is not something I would do, especially not under these circumstances. I won't have it. Take your words somewhere else
EDIT: Apparently there's some confusion; I didn't want this to get to the front page for karma, I wanted it there to show how much I CARED about her, you sacks of shit.
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2011.01.23 06:12 chumpta need a kick in the ass here [FR?/DR?/mess]

im not really sure if this is a field report or what, but i feel like i just need to write it.
i went on a date with this girl i picked up awhile ago. i picked her up before break and had sex with her same night, and told her i would call her when she got back. ping texts once a week or less, (on holidays), and set up a meet for this past wednesday.
on the way down im a little worried abut flaking. but she shows up and gives me a nice warm, tight hug. the "date" had its awkward moments but overall it went very well. i told her my ipod was dead and asked to charge it at her place. (this was in fact true but of course im going to use it to get into her place easily). ipod gets charging, i sit on her bed and put my hand out. she takes it and i pull her in and we start making out.
now as im trying to take her shirt off she asks me what im doing. "taking your shirt off." she starts saying something about how she likes hanging out with me but doesn't want me to just call her for sex and we can be friends or date or something something.
"you don't want to be a booty call"
alright, fair enough. i enjoy her company when we're not sexing, i'm cool with that. at first i was thrown by the word "friend" but i took it to mean "friends with benefits" and the whole purpose of this little aside was to lay down the rule that we're not fuckbuddies, but friends with benefits instead, with possible relationship development in the future. which im perfectly fine with because i do like her and need some practice on my "relationship game" (for lack of a better term.) I haven't had girls last me very long in most cases, both pre- and post- PUA learnings. so anyway, i tell her,
"yea thats fine... nothing serious though."
"yea nothing serious."
her resistance shows little sign of caving, and she has class early tomorrow, so i just say the hell with it and tell her OK ill leave. im putting my coat and shoes on, and she asks me if i have work the next day.
"nope... you want me to stay, don't you?"
"yeaaaa... but i have school and blah blah blah."
im not going to dilly dally, im going to make a decision, so i say well i gotta go if i cant stay here ill miss the train. im thinking of it as a long-term freezout, in a way. she gives me many many kisses on the way out and i actually have to be the one who stops it and walk out the door. i set up a meet for friday. so far so good.
friday rolls around and i give her the option to meet me at my friends place or at the club we're going to.
"oh sry i cant make it have fun tho!"
ah balls.
i wait a little while and text back: "why whats up"
beta, perhaps. i did sort of regret sending it.
an HOUR later she texts me telling me her friend is back in town and she promised she'd hang with her.
i wait a much longer while and tell her "oh that's fine just bring her with you."
"haha alright well we are at dinner now i will text you later."
ok it's out of my hands now. this was all between like 9 and 10 or so. we wind up going to various apartments to pregame and not leaving till around 12. at around 12 she texts me:
"so how is the club"
"lol we arent there yet, leaving soon though. going to x its at y and nth"
"oh thats where we are"
"lol well see you there."
we get there and it takes awhile for me to find her. i dont want to look like im trying too hard to find her. i spot her but she's in a hard to get spot so i just chill with my friend, when she comes out i act like she found me.
we go up, we dance, her friend says she thinks my friend is cute, so i get them to dance with each other. dude's got no game though and he doesn't wind up helping me out much, although he does keep her occupied. at one point the friend is talking to some other guy and my girl keeps looking over at her. "you're worried about her aren't you." "yea." later, i take my girl to isolate and sit her on the couch with me. she's reluctant to kiss for some reason, but she gives me a quick one and walks back to her friend. later i leave to pee and i come back and she's dancing with another guy. i let it go for a little bit but then they get pretty damn close. so i take her hand and spin hepull her away and step into the space created between her and the guy. well executed move but i see her kind of looking around for him. my frame was a little weak here, i think, because i was kind of looking around for him too. i saw him, he was wallflowering - i'd outgamed him but she was still peeking around for him. felt like shit, much worse than rejection. for the vast majority of the night she was with me though, and good dancing is good kino, so...
anyway, everything got back on track pretty quickly after the "AMOG," except now as we're all leaving she says she's going to her friend's house and not her place. im like well are you going to your place afterwards? she's like "oh i dunno, i might stay there with her. i'll text you if i leave. where's your friend's place?" i tell her. "oh thats not too far."
we leave and my friend forgets he's not closed his tab. we go back and see them coming back out again. we say another goobye and she rubs my back as she walks away.
i plan to call her wednesday to hang out on friday. for logistical purposes, it's better to get her in her room on a weekend when she won't have to wake up for school the next day.
after writing this out i think my main question is about the club night: should i be more worried about waning attraction or could this be chalked up to her being with/worried about her friend? any thoughts/comments/questions about anything in this whole mess of an "FR" are appreciated, i need a few fresh eyes on this one.
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I Kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris Saying GOODBYE To My GIRLFRIEND....💔 Gavin Magnus ft ... My Thoughts on 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' & Joshua Harris ... Kissing Dating Goodbye! CrownedByGrace I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Trailer - YouTube Why I Kissed Dating Goodbye But He Didn't  Dating Experiences Part 1 Irina Shayk said goodbye to Bradley Cooper while publicly ... I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye COMPLETE FILM ... I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Josh Harris Leaves Christianity  Purity, Expectations, and Kissing

Joshua Harris of 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye': 'I am not a ...

  1. I Kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris
  2. Saying GOODBYE To My GIRLFRIEND....💔 Gavin Magnus ft ...
  3. My Thoughts on 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' & Joshua Harris ...
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In 'I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye', we see Joshua Harris embark on a soul searching journey across the country to speak to his former readers, as well a... ----- Please subscribe HERE: The Problem with the Purity Movement I kissed Dating Goodbye - Duration: 8:55. Daily Disciple 500 views. 8:55. Francis Chan interviewed by Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris - Duration: 15:27. Kissing Dating Goodbye! I've decided to wait on Gods timing and stop putting what I desired in a guy before what he desired for me. I was never satisfied and always came into a point where I ... Hey loves, Over the weekend Joshua Harris shared some news on his Instagram about him no longer being a Christian and his divorce. Alongside this he recently... Hey guys, Gavin Magnus here, and its time to say goodbye to my girlfriend.... Today is the day that I have to say goodbye to my girlfriend, Coco Quinn, and m... Joshua Harris is a former pastor and evangelical author of the 1997 best-seller 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye.' 20 years on, Harris faces his critics in a soul-se... I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye COMPLETE FILM - Director's Cut - Duration: 1:18:07. DOCS ology 30,299 views. 1:18:07. Dating is such a controversial subject when it comes to Christians. Some believe it is ok and others believe it's not biblical supported in scripture. Well in this video we will share with you our ...