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Relationships. Eva Mendes has been in a relationship with George Augusto (2002 - 2011).. Eva Mendes has had an encounter with Jason Sudeikis (2011).. About. Eva Mendes is a 46 year old American Actress. Born Eva de la Caridad Méndez on 5th March, 1974 in Miami, Florida, USA, she is famous for Training Day (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). in a career that spans 1992–Present. Nowadays, Eva Mendes tends to keep out of the spotlight. But on Friday, the actress stepped out with partner Ryan Gosling and their young daughters Esmerelda and Amada to enjoy a sunny day at the ... Eva Mendes explains why she and partner Ryan Gosling are so private. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have barely been photographed together during their nine years as a couple – and there’s a good ... Eva Mendes explains to fan why she never posts about her partner Ryan Gosling Jacob Stolworthy. 20/04/2020. Eva Mendes has been in a relationship with George Augusto (2002 – 2011). She has also had an encounter with Jason Sudeikis (2011). We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and hookups. Eva Mendes is turning 47 in . About Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes revealed the main reason why fans won’t see her partner, Ryan Gosling, on her social media accounts — details Eva Mendes has taken to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself that was taken by one of her daughters!. The 46-year-old actress and longtime partner Ryan Gosling are the parents of two ... Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop busted a story about friction between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. The famously private couple was apparently on the brink of splitting up. Let’s take a look back ... Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are one of Hollywood's most private but long-lasting couples. Here we look back at everything romantic and sweet they've ever said about each other. eva mendes posts rare video of partner ryan gosling from set of movie they met on 'Thank God I had my baby; it was a week after he passed. So there was something to move forward,” Mendes revealed.

Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE

2020.09.17 16:04 ExtraEgg Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE

Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE
Wanna Play $TSLA but no Money? $VALE
TLDR: $TSLA is likely partnering with $VALE to produce the insane quantity of Nickel needed to make Tesla’s vehicles, this is almost certainly happening for the following reasons…
  • $VALE is the largest nickel producer in the entire world, with Tesla constantly calling for more Nickel production the partnership potential for these two companies is a match made in heaven.
  • $VALE notified creditors on September 14th that it was paying off it’s $5 billion debt, suggesting a large deal leveling them an insane amount of capital.
  • $VALE’s trading volume is up 37% from it’s average and has bullish whale activity in the options chain.
  • Earlier this month, $VALE announced that they would be paying an extra dividend, on top of their regularly scheduled dividend, reinforcing the thesis of a strong balance sheet
  • Tesla and $VALE already have a history of being bidirectional business partners for over a year.
  • Conservative estimates reveal Tesla's growth plan leaves $VALE’s competitors ill equipped to deal with the demand for nickel Tesla needs to produce it's vehicles within five years.
If there is one to take away from this post, it is the fact that Tesla vehicles need nickel and insane quantities of it. No one is better equipped to supply nickel to Tesla than $VALE. During Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, Elon painstakingly laid out how badly they were looking for a nickel producer.
“Well, I’d just like to re-emphasize, any mining companies out there, please mine more nickel. Okay. Wherever you are in the world, please mine more nickel and don’t wait for nickel to go back to some long — some high point that you experienced some five years ago, whatever. Go for efficiency, obviously environmentally-friendly nickel mining at high volume. Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally-sensitive way. So hopefully this message goes out to all mining companies. Please get nickel.”
The following points are largely circumstantial evidence, however when stacked together create an extremely powerful narrative and points toward the extreme likelihood of $VALE actually having lined up a revolutionary deal with Tesla.
Quotes from Tesla Q2 2020 Earnings Call
“There’s so much to be excited about. It’s really hard to kind of fit into this call, but the sheer amount of hardcore engineering, especially on the autonomy and the manufacturing/engineering front is mind-blowing. And then of course there’s Battery Day, which is coming up pretty soon. And I think that’s really going to surprise people by just how much there is to see.”-Elon Musk
“Yeah. The real limitation on Tesla growth is cell production at affordable price. That’s the real limit. So that’s where — we’re going to talk about — a lot more about this on Battery Day because this is a fundamental scaling constraint. And any part of that supply chain or processing at the cell level will be a limiting factor. So whatever it may be, anywhere from mining to refining — there’s many steps from refining to cathode and anode, cell formation. Whatever the choke point is, that will set the growth rate. And so we expect to expand our business with Panasonic, with CATL, with LG, possibly with others, and there’s a lot more to say on that front on Battery Day.”-Elon Musk
“Well, I’d just like to re-emphasize, any mining companies out there, please mine more nickel. Okay. Wherever you are in the world, please mine more nickel and don’t wait for nickel to go back to some long — some high point that you experienced some five years ago, whatever. Go for efficiency, obviously environmentally-friendly nickel mining at high volume. Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally-sensitive way. So hopefully this message goes out to all mining companies. Please get nickel.”-Elon Musk
“Like the thing that bugs me the most about where we are right now is that our cars are not affordable enough. We need to fix that. So we’re all making progress in that regard, just sort of steadily gaining progress. So yeah, we need to not go bankrupt, obviously. That’s important, because then we’ll fail in our mission. But we’re not trying to be super profitable either, obviously, profitability is like 1% or something, just 1% or 2%. It’s not crazy. Last quarter, it was only like 0.1%. So we want to be profitable. Like I think just we want to be like slightly profitable and maximize growth, and make the cars as affordable as possible, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”-Elon Musk

Battery Breakdown
Battery Breakdown
Philippe Houchois — Jefferies — Analyst
“Yes, good afternoon. Thank you. You mentioned a few times about the constraint to growth is battery capacity still. And I was hoping you could clarify the scope of the Berlin plant you’re building right now. Will there be — the battery capacity consistent with the amount of assembly volume you expect to come out of Berlin? And if not, will you be able to source your battery requirements out of Europe? Will you have to import batteries from outside Europe to ensure production in Berlin?
Elon Musk — Chief Executive Officer
Okay. We can’t say too much about this, except that there will be local cell production, and that will serve the needs of the Berlin factory. Drew, is there anything…?”(TeslaRati by Joey Klender)
$VALE mines nickel in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia and New Caledonia making it the LARGEST producer of nickel. VALE has joint-venture refineries in China, South Korea, Japan, the UK and Taiwan. These locations will help deliver nickel to the Tesla factories in North America, Berlin and China.
Future Nickel Demand
According To Tesla CEO Elon Musk, This Metal is The New Gold
The demand and future of nickel will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Electric vehicles and other modern technology NEED nickel to function.
“With demand expected to increase from 2.2 million metric tons to somewhere in the range of 3.5 million to 4.0 million metric tons by 2030, the nickel market could become constrained.”-McKinsey and Company By Marcelo Azevedo, Nicolas Goffaux, and Ken Hoffman

Nickel Demand
Nickel Demand
Elon Musk’s Emphasis on “Environmentally Friendly”
During the call and clip that was hyperlinked above, Elon emphasizes the demand for an “environmentally friendly” mine. Historically, we all know mines have run into trouble with being friendly toward the environment. Today more than ever, a company's concern for the environment must be vocally expressed and physically acknowledged. If not, the reporters and media will bash Tesla for not being environmentally sensitive. Elon Musk understands this and is aware that the nickel company Tesla chooses must at least appear as if they are environmentally “sensitive". Vale’s website has information on how they are sustainable and conscious of the controversies surrounding the mining industry.
“Given Tesla’s focus on sustainability, the company is likely to prefer to buy from miners of higher-grade nickel sulphide, which requires less power to process than laterite ore, said Lachlan Shaw of National Australia Bank.”-Reuters, Yilei Sun, Melanie Burton“There are three key suppliers - Brazil's Vale VALE3.SA, which operates in Canada using some hydropower, Russia's Norilsk Nickel GMKN.MM and BHP Group's operations BHP.AX in Western Australia. "Vale is in the box seat," he said.”-Reuters, Yilei Sun, Melanie Burton
Just the appearance and attempt to be environmental is enough to scare away most journalists who are looking to make a hit piece on Tesla. To wrap it up, Vale has the efficient, sustainable, and environmental mining that Elon Musk is looking for.

Stock Fundamentals and Technicals
$VALE Average Volume: 27,756,238
9/15/2020 volume: 44,035,430
This is a 37% increase in Volume compared to the average volume.
Current P/E of 50.53, Forward P/E of 5.22
Annual Yield 6.06% Ex date 9/22/2020 Pay date 10/07/2020
Extra Dividend of 1.63% Ex date 9/22/2020 Pay date 10/07/2020
Hedge Funds who own $VALE
Bill Ackman: Pershing Square Capital Management
Carl Icahn: Icahn Carl C
Warren Buffet: Berkshire Hathaway/Dividend Stock Portfolio
George Soros: Soros Fund Management
Laurence D. Fink: Blackrock Inc.
“A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Vale SA (NYSE:VALE) is the #11 broker analyst pick, on average, out of the 50 stocks making up the Metals Channel Global Mining Titans Index, according to Metals Channel. The Metals Channel Global Mining Titans Index is comprised of the top fifty global leaders from the metals and mining sector.” (Metals channel staff)
Whale Activity
FlowAlgo of VALE and Volume/OI below in the green box

Bullish FlowAlgo

Volume and Open interest on far right
Monthly signals: Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Sell
MA(200)Sell Sell
9 buys 3 sells
STOCH(9,6): Neutral
Weekly Signals: Strong Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Buy
MA(200)Buy Buy
12 buy 0 sell
RSI(14) Buy (60.683)
STOCH(9,6):Buy (61.174)
MACD(12,26) Buy
Daily Signals: Strong Buy
Simple Exponential
MA(5) Buy Buy
MA(10)Buy Buy
MA(20)Buy Buy
MA(50)Buy Buy
MA(100)Buy Buy
MA(200)Buy Buy
12 buy 0 sell
RSI(14) Buy (58.562)
STOCH(9,6) Neutral
STOCHRSI(14) Overbought
MACD(12,26) Buy

News Doesn't Care About Technical Analysis
No matter how good the TA setup is for $VALE, news does not give a FUCK about TA. If it has a catalyst to moon... moon it will.
Cash Flow
The increasing and regular cash flow has built a very strong balance sheet for VALE and the consistent high yield will keep the loyal investors around. In addition to this year's regular dividend, $VALE is paying investors an extra dividend of 1.63% on the same day as the regular. According to research firms such as CFRA, the management team has been very active and engaged to keep the company moving in the right direction despite COVID-19 setbacks and a decrease in steel demand.

Balance Sheet
$HNCKF (Giga Metals corp) a competing mining company fell 18.84% today after being in the news about potentially being a candidate for Tesla’s nickel demand. Currently, at a conservative rate, Giga’s mine would stop being able to satisfy Tesla’s Nickel needs by 2025, assuming they would be able to begin mining operations immediately. On the other hand, yesterday (Sept. 16), Vale announced that they had created buffers to reach production of 400 million metric tons of total mineral mining per year in a filing that was part of an investor tour presentation. Nickel is one of the five metals Vale mines.

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
Tesla and Vale already have a bidirectional relationship that GM and NKLA could never even dream of. Tesla and Vale have a history of working together. In March, “Antonin Beurrier, CEO of Vale-NC and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, signed a contract, an offtake agreement for the delivery of intermediate mixed nickel and refined cobalt (Nickel Hydroxide Cake-NHC) produced in New Caledonia. The product will become part of Tesla’s battery composition. The purchased volume remains confidential.”-Tesmanian by Eva Fox (original french source). Tesla and Vale have already signed a confidential contract in regards to Tesla’s battery composition materials needed.
In 2019, Tesla hired an Engineer from Vale-NC to “facilitate procurement and familiarization with the products of the Caledonian plant”
"Tesla has recruited an engineer in a nickel-cobalt refinery in New Caledonia, that of Vale, in order to facilitate purchases for its large European electric vehicle factory in Berlin."
Vale using Tesla’s Lithium batteries at Guaiba iron ore port
“Iron ore miner Vale is installing a Tesla battery energy storage system at Ilha Guaiba terminal in Rio de Janeiro state to help meet power needs at the port as it moves toward energy saving technology.”-London
The project will substitute 20% of the facility's power costs using Tesla manufactured lithium-ion batteries with technology contributing to decarbonization plans, Vale said in an Aug. 24 statement.”-London
Tesla’s technology is being used to lower costs at Vale’s iron ore and to contribute to the “decarbonization plans”. If you remember in the Q2 conference call, Elon Musk was searching for environmental and efficient nickel. Vale has that now thanks to Tesla's battery technology.
More Vale environmentalism
‘Vale recently announced investments of over $2 billion to reduce direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 33% until 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Vale said it intends to become carbon neutral by 2050.”
"As Vale continues to decarbonize its operations, the use of batteries will become an increasingly important part of the electrification of our fleet," Vale's energy director Ricardo Mendes said in the statement.
"This project allows us to test new technology in the field and accelerate Vale's energy transformation, which aims to achieve self-sufficiency by increasing electric power generation mainly through solar and wind sources in addition to our hydroelectric power generation,"-London

Guess who has a large nickel mine in Indonesia, $VALE
Pricing and Math
After calculating a very conservative estimate of how much nickel Tesla would be needing in the future, these were the results… (see figure below)
With a conservative estimate of a $43 billion dollar contract, $43 billion minus the operating margin (38%)= $16.5 billion. This gives the stock 28% upside. The price target for $VALE is $15.36 with a 5% variance giving a low at $14.80 and a high of $16.00 Not to mention the stock market acts very irrational in times of hype, the stock could very well overreact to $20+CFRA’s current 12 month price target for VALE is $15.00, whom most likely have not anticipated Tesla news. (If they get the news, this thing will FLY based on what we have seen this year)
Elon Musk stated that Tesla “will give you a giant contract for a long period of time

Conservative nickel projections

This is not taking into account that the price of nickel is lagging in comparison to its current and future demand. Current nickel price as of 9/16/20: $15,229.50 per ton

Nickel Price: $15,229.50 per ton
Once the demand for nickel goes up and the supply grows scarce, that's easy economics theory, nickel price goes up.
The Plot Thickens
Put on your tinfoil hats for this one…
Elon Musk has a history of hiding stuff in his tweets.

We remember this one. He had called out that Tesla stock was too high at a pre split price of $750
  • The timestamp 8:11 signaled calendar date 8/11
  • The date of posting May 1st turned into 5/1
  • “Tesla stock price is too high imo” signaled that a stock split was imminent
What happened, on 8/11 Tesla announced a 5/1 stock split

Elon Musk has had a rough history with the SEC whom he outspokenly does not respect. This tweet was deciphered to read “Suck Elon’s Cock”

The Tesla short shorts represented the current Tesla models,
  • Model S
  • Model 3
  • Model X
  • Model Y
Elon expressing his lack of respect for the SEC and nobody is perfect

Reporter: “But how do they know if it is going to move the market if they are not reading all of them?”
Elon Musk: “I guess we might make some mistakes, who knows?”
Reporter: “Are you serious?”
Elon Musk: “Nobody's perfect”
Now let’s break down the battery day tweet

  • The tweet was tweeted on the same day as $VALE’s dividend announcement (9/11)
  • Battery day is on the same day $VALE’s ex date for the regular and extra dividend (9/22)
  • “Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day”


I rest my case
VALE 9/25 $12.00c
VALE 9/25 $13.00c
VALE 1/15/2021 $12.00c


EDIT: formatting, GIGA Metals is down 11%
EDIT 2: I'm not fucking selling. Either we moon to Valehalla or the captain goes down with his ship.
disclaimer: none of this is financial advice, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment.
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2020.08.19 01:21 Zithero Book 1: Chapter 21: Reprisal

I smiled at Demond as we sat in a conference room of some sort. We sat near a large window overlooking a marina not too far in the distance.
Demond kept looking out the window from time to time, chuckling.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Elon’s stationed in a tree in the Memorial Grove near the Marina,” he turned to me, “he keeps saying you’re giving me ‘puppy dog eyes’.”
I blushed, turning to the window, waving, “can he see me?”
Demond placed his finger into his ear and asked on his radio, “Elon, can you see Tasha waving at you?”
I beamed out the window as best I could.
“Xei says ‘your honeymoon destination sucks’,” Demond laughed.
“So that’s a ‘yes’?” I smiled, hugging his arm.
Demond removed his finger from his ear, “yes, he can see us. He’s got our backs from a distance,” Demond’s smile was broad and I couldn’t help but blush.
Xei was right, Demond was devilishly handsome, strong, and a very enthusiastic lover. Not that I ever considered such a thing in a partner before.
“You okay, Tash?” Demond asked.
I smiled broadly, “yes. Fine.”
As Demond adjusted the collar around his fatigues, it did remind me of what Xei said: The fact that Demond is a soldier. A killer.
It was something I’d have to face, the differences in our philosophies when it came to life, death, and forgiveness.
Zepherina groaned, “I’m bored. So, so bored…” she put her feet up on the conference room table.
Zithero gave a chuckle, sitting next to her. The contrast of the shorter Alexandrata and the towering Zepherina was amusing to look at.
Zepherina nudged him, almost knocking him out of his seat, making her grin.
“That was on purpose!” Zithero glared.
Zepherina smiled wider, “what? No,” Zepherina’s wing spread wide and she tickled the back of his neck with her feather.
Zithero let out a suddenly too loud laugh before clasping his hands over his mouth.
That was on purpose,” Zepherina chuckled playfully.
Eva laughed, “I’m sure we’re here with good reason,” she turned to Timothy, who was in his Major F persona.
He was panning through the room with a camera phone of some kind, showing Eva, Zeph and I in the frame. I worried about him doing so, but Timothy’s plans usually resulted in a defeat handed to our father.
“Major F,” Eva began, “said we have to remain here for a brief period. I trust his judgment.”
Demond nodded, “The Major hasn’t steered us wrong yet. Whatever the plan is, I’m sure it’s going to work out.”
It was another few moments before Timothy made a cocky gesture to the phone, and heaved a sigh, ending the call. “It’s done.”
“What is done, exactly?” I asked. “You asked us to come with you and just placed us in this conference room.”
“With the majority of the staff that works in the building, evacuated,” Demond added, “which makes me think that this was a bait and switch.”
I turned to Demond, “what?”
Demond looked to Major F, “You needed a target Xyphiel would pick for the cannon, right? All of us together? Nice target… but something tells me you had some sort of plan in place to sabotage his weapon?”
Timothy approached us, not removing his helm, and gave a nod, “Exactly Staff Sergeant.”
Demond smiled proudly.
Timothy and Demond had been having briefings and meetings ever since he arrived at the Temple. I supposed that Timothy was training Demond for something, perhaps a command of his own?
I smiled as I imagined him leading a battalion of angels against the hordes of hell.
“To what end?” I asked.
Timothy placed his hand on my shoulder, “Rage is… well the ship is likely going to be destroyed.”
“Destroyed!?” I shouted, getting to my feet, “What?!”
Timothy sighed, his head drooping slightly, while his face did not show, it was clear he was trying to be empathetic, “I know your concerns.”
“What about the colonists? They are innocent!” I protested, “their home will be destroyed too!” I gasped, “our home will be destroyed! Even my first chapel!”
Timothy nodded, “the majority of people on board will survive, Rage will ensure that.”
“The majority?!” I shouted, “How could you weigh their lives-”
“Against 2.8 million,” Timothy explained, “at most 20 might die. But in doing so, Xyphiel loses his weapon of mass destruction.”
Zepherina got to her feet, “Wait, no more destroyed cities?!”
Timothy nodded.
Zepherina rushed to Timothy and hugged him tightly, spinning him around, “Oh, you’re the best!”
I frowned, looking around the conference table.
Demond took my hand, “I lost my home too.”
I looked at him.
“New York, remember?” he cracked a smile, “but we saved people. It’s the people that make a place special, not the buildings or structures. If they’re resilient, passionate people, they’ll rebuild.”
I smiled at him and hugged him tightly.
“This is a good thing,” Demond grinned, “We won a major victory, thanks to the Major.”
“With that victory, we should get out of here,” Timothy turned to a door and opened it, only finding a broom closet. His voice echoed out from the mask, confused, “wait, what?”
“Wait!” Zithero got to his feet, “this feels familiar…” he closed his eyes, “corruption… a lot of it. All the holy spirits have been cast out of this area.”
“We need to get out,” Timothy advised, “this has become a potential trap.”
“If Rage is destroyed, father can’t use his teleporting arrays, right?” I asked.
Timothy nodded, “All the same, I don’t like being pinned down. We need to get out of here, fast.”
Demond’s smile dropped, “Major, Elon says that he spotted a demon outside. He wasn’t sure at first but he astral projected and confirmed it.”
“Demon?!” Zepherina got to her feet, “where?! I’ll smash it!”
“We need to leave,” Timothy insisted.
Zepherina narrowed her eyes, “I did not come out here to just sit around in a conference room all day! Our job is to kill demons, isn’t it? Every day I am either training for that or doing nothing!”
“Zepherina, it is imperative we leave,” Timothy ordered.
“I agree with the Major,” Demond announced, getting to his feet, “I don’t like the look of this situation.”
Zepherina glared down at Timothy, “I am not tucking my tail and running when there’s a demon out there! What if it hurts someone?”
“It’s a risk we must take,” Timothy answered.
“Well go back to the temple then,” Zepherina spat, crossing her arms over her chest, “I’m hunting down that demon.”
Eva approached Zepherina now, her hands on Zepherina’s forearms, “Sis… The Major knows what he’s doing. You will get your chance to fight,” she gave Zepherina a serious expression. “Do you remember what happened last time you went looking for a fight?”
“What? I…” Zepherina stammered.
“I believe you told me, uh, ‘you pulled a Vegeta’? Whatever that means?” Eva frowned.
Zepherina blushed, “...you remember me saying that huh?”
Eva beamed at her, “I remember everything you say.”
Timothy turned to Zithero, “Can you open a portal or force open the doors?”
Zithero frowned, “I’ve been trying, but this isn’t like the prison that Zepherina and I were in. This corruption is… well it’s amplified,” he sighed, “seems the building itself is the source of the corruption.”
“Then we’re walking,” Timothy stated, “we’ll take to the air once we’re outside and find a good location where we can open the temple doors.”
“Is it because the whole building is shaped like a Pentagram if you look at it upside down?” Zepherina asked me.
“It’s more what happens inside the building,” Zithero said as we followed Timothy.
“We need to hurry, I don’t want to give them time to regroup,” Timothy said as he opened the door to the conference room.
There are moments in life that last mere seconds but feel like hours.
When Timothy opened that door, I watched in horror as the smug face of my father greeted us. My heart felt like it had stopped and my stomach fell through the floor.
A cold grip came over me as my eye went wide in shock and horror.
He found us, trapped us and now if Rage was destroyed as Timothy had said, he was here to make us pay.
In an instant father’s foot flew high into the air and cracked Timothy on the side of his helm, knocking him out and down to the floor.
“Major!” Demond shouted.
“You should have listened to your commanding officer,” Xyphiel began, “and left sooner.”
I rushed to Timothy’s side, “Major!” I shouted, checking his neck to see if there was still a pulse. Thankfully there was. Now, however, I had to get him back on his feet. I was unsure how, if, as Zithero had said, the holy spirits had been driven from this place.
“He lives, for now, my dearest Tasha,” Xyphiel took a measured breath as Rasper, Syria, and Alexis followed him through the doorway, “I want to kill him last.”
The trio of Alexandrata flanked my father, blocking the exit.
Demond rushed towards Xyphiel, throwing a punch at him.
Xyphiel caught his punch and tried to throw his own, it too being blocked, “Ah,” Xyphiel grunted with concentrated effort, “the mongrel who married my daughter.”
“That some kind of werewolf pun, old man?” Demond sneered.
“You being a mongrel has nothing to do with you being a lycanthrope,” Xypheil took a step forward, glaring up at Demond.
“Yeah, okay,” Demond gritted his teeth and transformed, growing a little over half a meter taller still as his shirt ripped away revealing his white-furred werewolf form, “Not taking any chances.” With that, Demond threw Xyphiel across the room with ease.
From his back, I watched as a cursed sword flew off of Xyphiel. It clattered onto the conference room table and my eye grew wide as I saw it.
The sword which contained the Avatar of Genocide’s soul within it: the Puriel Blade! The blade had a sharp edge and blunted back, and had a slight curve to the blade. The grip of the blade had a handguard facing the blade and intricate decorations of eagles on the pommel. A red and black swastika on its hilt gave me a horrible sinking feeling. I could not believe my father had brought such a horrific cursed artifact from the vault! I shuddered at its mere presence in the room. With that blade, any angel could be struck down, even Zepherina!
“Master!” Syria shouted.
Xyphiel smacked against a wall and I shuddered as I watched his eyes shift from blue to red.
“You will pay for harming our master!” Syria shouted.
“Back to the Bar-B-Que for you, puppy,” Rasper taunted and I couldn’t help but notice a more tired look in Rasper’s eyes.
“No!” Xyphiel shouted, getting to his feet, his jaw clenched, “This boy… has angered me,” and with that, father’s neck grew longer as his form grew larger still. Red scales covered his body and a set of black horns grew out of his head. A lizard-like tail soon slipped from his back and his red wings spread wide. He let out a deafening roar and charged Demond!
The pair clashed and while Demond was large in his wolf form, Xyphiel was all the larger.
“Sit,” Xyphiel growled, his tail lashing at Demond’s leg, causing him to fall to one knee.
Demond, for his part, tried to deliver a punch to Xyphiel’s gut, but to no effect.
Xyphiel lifted Demond up, “fetch,” and tossed him across the room.
Eva stood between Timothy and me as the three Alexandrata approached. Zithero and Zepherina joined her in protecting Timothy.
Zepherina grinned, her wings turning black, “I’m going to tear you apart.”
A second door opened, which grabbed Zepherina’s attention.
Standing there was Ragna, in her full armor, “Brother, you found them first?” Ragna mock pouted, “Disappointing.”
Zepherina’s eyes went wide and I felt a surge of power come from her.
Rasper and the others took a step back from her.
“Zepherina…” I frowned, “calm down.”
Finally, we meet,” Ragna turned to Zepherina smugly, a proud smile on her face, “Zepherina-”
Before Ragna could say another word, I was deafened by a shockwave.
Zepherina had dashed at Ragna in a blinding motion, and in doing so readied a punch to strike Ragna.
Ragna, for her part, reacted fast enough to cross her forearms to block.
It did not help her.
The collision of Zepherina’s fist to Ragna’s armor caused a shockwave so powerful the windows in the conference room shattered.
Ragna went soaring backward, the sounds of crumbling walls and doorways were followed by a billowing cloud of dust that blasted into the room.
Zepherina’s fists were clenched and her teeth chattered in rage. She screamed and charged after Ragna.
“Zepherina!” Zithero shouted before Rasper blocked his exit.
“Not dis time brotha,” he shook his head, fists clenched, “this time, yah comin’ home.”
“Yes, Brother, come home,” Syria said.
“Zithy-poo!” Alexis shouted, “I missed you!” she said in a sing-song voice.
“Zithy-poo?” Zithero frowned, holding up his staff.
Eva rushed next to Zithero, “You’re taking him over my dead body.”
“That can be arranged,” Rasper threw his hands forward, fire surrounding Eva.
I gasped for a moment before the flames vanished around Eva, her body remaining unharmed.
“Oh, right,” Rasper grumbled, “Master’s protection.”
“You may strike her!” Xyphiel shouted, grabbing Demond’s upper and lower jaw, defending against what would have been a vicious bite, “Well done, you show me yours, I’ll show you mine…” Xyphiel’s maw opened wide and he chomped down on Demond’s shoulder, causing him to whimper.
Eva took the opportunity and using her telekinesis, hurled a chair at Rasper.
Syria thrust her hand out, splintering the chair in the air with a bolt of lightning, “Alexis, let’s take our brother home.”
“Zithy’s coming home!” Alexis gave a happy spin, “yay!”
I frowned, “Eva, you cannot let them take Zithero!”
Demond had pulled back slightly and Xyphiel faced the window, lording over him.
“I do wonder if there’s a limit to your regenerative capabilities,” Xyphiel grabbed Demond by the throat, pinning him to the conference table, “I think I’ll bring you back to Rage and run some experiments on you,” he narrowed his eyes on him, “however, my lab is in a poor state, so we’ll have to use more… rudimentary tools for testing.”
Demond growled, “Now!”
Xyphiel’s brow lifted and he looked out the window. His eyes dilated and burned red as a bullet appeared in front of his face, now floating, unmoving. “I see.”
Demond’s eyes went wide, as did mine. Did my father stop a bullet from striking him?
Xyphiel plucked the bullet out of the air, “Syria, Alexis,” he sneered, “Kill the sniper.”
Syria and Alexis nodded, and the pair soon jumped out of the window.
“No!” Demond growled, tackling Xyphiel against the wall, a second wind giving him strength! I watched as a power flowed through him, from his patron angel!
“Demond!” I shouted, “I believe in you!”
Demond now began to slash his claws at Xyphiel, tearing at his clothing and scratching into his scales.
“You won’t hurt anyone else!” Demond roared.
My jubilation was short-lived, however, as I noticed Xyphiel wasn’t bleeding. The claw marks on his scales were merely scuffs along his thick and heavy skin. “Demond!” I shouted again.
“A satisfactory effort, but not enough,” Xyphiel grabbed Demond’s forearms, sinking his claws into Demond’s flesh.
Demond roared in pain and tried to headbutt Xyphiel in the throat.
This at least staggered Xyphiel.
Eva and Zithero caught my attention next.
Zithero had kept his staff up while he faced off against Rasper, who now had lowered his guard slightly.
“We are going home, trust me Zith, it’s for the best,” Rasper explained.
“No! You’ll make me his slave!” Zithero shouted.
Rasper nodded, “Aye, ain’t gonna lie, but at the same time, we’ll be titans again.”
Eva ran alongside Demond now and if I had known her plot, I would never have allowed it. I had thought she was going to try to pull Demond back so he had time to heal.
What she did was immeasurably worse.
Eva shouted, “Father,” she closed her eyes, “I know the dark deeds you’ve done, and I will put an end to you,” she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
I could hear Eva’s voice echoing in my mind briefly as she did what I had never seen any rational telepath even consider: She attacked Xyphiel’s mind.
You must be stopped, father!” Eva’s voice rang out.
“Girl,” Xyphiel’s voice rang out in all of our minds as Xyphiel got to his feet, “you cannot fathom the weight of the shadow of the mind you’re standing against.”
A high pitched noise rang in my ears and I flinched.
Demond let out a whine and covered his ears as well.
Eva grabbed the sides of her head, her eyes wide and dilated. Soon one eye dilated completely while the other narrowed to a pinpoint and she shrieked, blood leaking from her nose as she fell to her knees and collapsed.
“Eva!” Zithero rushed to her, pushing Rasper out of the way.
I looked to Rasper, “Don’t do this!”
Rasper turned to me, a look of defeat I had never seen on his face before, “I ‘ave no choice luv, sorry.”
Zithero picked Eva up, glaring at Xyphiel.
Demond slowly grunted, getting to his feet, standing between Eva and Zithero, guarding against Xyphiel. Demond’s wounds had finally healed.
“Rasper, take them,” Xyphiel ordered.
Rasper snapped his fingers, a fiery ring opening up beneath Eva and Zithero.
“Tasha!” Zithero shouted, “Catch!” he hurled his staff towards me just as he fell into the portal with Eva, Rasper jumping down after them.
I caught the staff, closing my eye as I realized both Eva and Zithero had been brought to what must have remained of Rage.
I turned to Timothy, “Wake up, please!”
He remained unconscious but alive.
Then I had an idea, “Demond,” I shouted, throwing my staff to him, while I held Zithero’s.
Demond caught the staff and, to my elation, he could carry it. He struck Xyphiel, which caused Xyphiel’s flesh to burn at the mere contact with the holy artifact.
Had my father been corrupted so thoroughly that even touching a holy weapon burned him? The realization came to me as a shock.
Xyphiel hissed and rushed to the conference table, grabbing the Puriel blade.
“Demond!” I shouted, “Do not let the blade of that sword touch you!” I gasped as I felt as if something was around my throat.
Xyphiel narrowed his eyes on me, “Stop interfering, daughter or I will silence you for good.”
My eye went wide at his threat. Would he kill me?! His own daughter?!
“Let her go, monster!” Demond shouted, cracking Xyphiel across the face with the staff.
Xyphiel fell to the ground, a burn mark in the shape of the staff on his cheek.
I could breathe once more and shuddered as Xyphiel blocked the next strike with the blade.
Smoke rose between the staff and blade as they made contact.
Xyphiel pulled the blade back and, to my shock, I saw a burn on the metal of the blade, and I swear I could hear a voice echoing in the air.
“Der Juden…”
“Oh, you’ve gone and upset him,” Xyphiel hissed and charged Demond again.
Demond blocked with the staff and ducked under Xyphiel’s attack and thrust an elbow into his gut.
Xyphiel doubled over in pain and let out a roar before Demond thrust the staff up against Xyphiel’s jaw.
Xyphiel staggered back and barely managed to block the next blow.
“You’re not touching my family ever again!” Demond growled.
“Funny,” Xyphiel sneered, “I have the same sentiment,” Xyphiel’s tail knocked Demond off his footing as the pair exchanged blow for blow.
I shrieked as Xyphiel managed to graze Demond’s shoulder, a wound opening that I noticed would not close.
“Father, stop!” I shouted.
“I am disappointed, daughter! I thought your zealotry was to God and God alone! Not His depraved followers!” Xyphiel shot back at me.
Demond took the distraction and slammed the bow down on Xyphiel’s wing, causing a loud snap.
Xyphiel roared, spun, and smashed Demond against the wall with his tail. Xyphiel gritted his teeth, eyes narrowing on me, glowing red, “do you know what that man, whom even now you protect, did to your little brother Timothy?”
I frowned, “Yes,” was the only truthful thing I could say without giving away everything Timothy worked so hard to achieve.
A snorting growl resonated in my father’s throat as he inhaled, enraged, “Then you have been misled too much to come back!”
Demond jumped at Xyphiel, the bow high over his head as he moved to strike Xyphiel while he back was turned.
Xyphiel sneered, blocking with his blade quickly, “dishonorable… of course, I expected no less.”
“Whatever stops you,” Demond grunted as more smoke began to rise from the point of collision between the holy and unholy weapons.
Xyphiel sneered, “I’m done playing with my food.”
Demond snarled, but the snarl vanished as Xyphiel removed a hand from the heavy sword, holding it steady all the same with a single hand.
With his now free hand, Xyphiel swiped his claws at Demond’s eyes!
I screamed as Xyphiel then thrust the sword up, pushing Demond’s arms up and over his head, before cleaving downward and removing Demond’s right arm.
“No!” I screamed, leaving Timothy and rushing to Demond’s aide.
Demond collapsed against the ground as I tore my robes apart, frantically making a tourniquet to fix around his shoulder.
“It’s for the best,” Xyphiel said, growling as I passed him, “consider that punishment for not inviting me to my own daughter’s wedding.”
“How dare you!” I shouted, “You’re not my father, not any longer!” I shouted.
Xyphiel began to shrink down to his more human shape, his eyes shifting back to ice blue, “Tasha-”
“This is my husband!” I shouted as tears leaked from my eye, “I love him.” I picked up his arm and pressed it against his shoulder. I didn’t care if the holy spirits were supposedly cast out. God was love, and I loved Demond.
I whispered my prayer and, to my shock, whether it was my prayers or Demond’s healing abilities, his arm began to slowly mend itself.
“Monty,” I whispered into his ear.
Demond groaned, his teeth gritted as he looked to me, “Tash…” Demond roared in pain now as Xyphiel shoved the Puriel blade into Demond’s leg, pinning him down.
“Demond!” I screamed, focusing on mending his arm and glaring at Xyphiel.
“Stay,” Xyphiel spat as he turned to Timothy, “I will get some satisfaction this day.”
My eye widened, “N-no! Father don’t!”
“This man has been a thorn in my side for too long,” Xyphiel growled, sinking down onto his haunches as he looked Timothy over. “Yet here you lie, prone and helpless before me.”
Timothy was still out cold.
“It’s almost anti-climatic,” Xyphiel grabbed either side of Timothy’s helm, “but still… I want to see your face when I tell you I’ve leveled your entire fighting force and reclaimed my youngest daughter from your constrictive grasp.”
He gave a tug, and grunted, grumbling to himself before he pulled out a small device. A red beam about 10 cm in length blazed from the small thing.
With it, Xyphiel slowly cut around the eyes of God of the helmet.
As he did this, Timothy’s body twitched.
Demond reached for the blade with his free hand, which caused the flesh of his severed arm to open up again.
“Hold still Monty, just a bit longer,” I begged.
Demond winced and nodded, “it… burns…”
“Now, let's see the face of the man who…” Xyphiel’s face went from smug satisfaction to complete shock as he dropped the section of Timothy’s helmet. “...Timothy?”
As the metal clattered to the ground, Timothy looked up, taking a deep breath, “Father.”
“How,” Xyphiel gasped, his mouth agape, “are you alive?”
“God,” Timothy said simply, “Our Father, Who Art in Heaven.”
Tears filled my father’s eyes, “My boy…” he smiled, his hand reaching to Timothy’s cheek, “Let me take you home.”
“I am home,” Timothy’s gaze hardened, “goodbye, father.”
My eyes went wide as a massive blast of white energy surged out of Timothy’s right arm and blasted through Xyphiel’s mid-section, cutting him in half at the waist.
Xyphiel’s eyes were wide in shock as his upper body fell to the ground, his legs falling the opposite way. “W-why?”
Timothy got to his feet, his right arm dripping with blood. His elbow had bent all the way to his bicep, and his elbow revealed the barrel of a gun. It began to glow white again, “Sadly, I couldn’t get the head from that angle, but from this one,” Timothy looked down at Xyphiel coldly, “I have a much better shot.”
Syria and Alexis soon flew through the window and rushed next to Xyphiel. Alexis and Syria both appeared dirty and their clothing was ragged. Both took hold of Xyphiel’s upper and lower halves.
“Master!” Alexis shouted as she grabbed Xyphiel’s lower half, “You’re beside yourself!”
Syria took hold of Xyphiel’s upper body, “Master, we’ll save you!”
The three soon vanished into a portal made by Syria’s wind magic.
Timothy flinched as his arm flexed back into place and he rushed over to us, pulling the sword from Demond’s leg.
Demond yelped in pain, but he soon relaxed, “Thanks, Major.”
“Sorry, it wasn’t until I got fresh air from Xyphiel breaking open the helmet that I was able to come to,” Timothy looked around, panic quickly showing on his face, “where is everyone?”
“Zepherina went after Ragna,” I pointed to the dust-filled hallway.
Demond grumbled, “He took Zithero and Eva.”
Timothy closed his eyes tightly, pulling his helmet off completely, “Damn it… Eva…” he looked down the hallway, “we need to help Zeph.”
Demond got to his feet and gave a nod, though, with a slight limp, we made our way down the hallway Zepherina had thrashed Ragna through.
That’s when a woman’s figure soon emerged from the dust, “well well well, look who’s here.”
Red eyes glowed from the dust, as a lilting voice filled my ears.
From behind us, another woman’s voice called out, “Well Bella, it seems an unfortunate little succubus, a wolf, and a would-be-angel are trapped in our web.”
I turned to see a woman in what appeared to be half a dress and half armor.
“Mmm, they could be yummy treats, Esmerelda,” Bella smiled wickedly as she emerged from the smoke.
I steeled myself and took my staff from Demond, marching up to Bella.
“Oh, the little Succubus thinks she can do something to me?” Bella chuckled.
I said nothing as I approached her.
“Esmerelda and I have corrupted this place, you’re powerless to stop us,” she grinned viciously.
I stood before her and held the staff out in front of her face and shivered as the dust around us cleared, “You cannot drive out every spirit that is holy here.”
Bella looked to the staff, “Oh? Can’t I?”
“The spirit held within this staff is incorruptible,” I affirmed.
Bella chuckled, “We will see about that, girl,” her hand was enveloped in black flame as her eyes glowed red, “Corruption.” she hissed and reached out to the staff.
“Tasha, watch out!” Demond shouted.
Esmerelda blinked, “Tasha?” I heard her say quizzically, “Wait, Bella don’t!”
As soon as Bella touched the staff her black flame turned white and she let out a howl of pain as a pulse of air blasted forth from my staff, knocking Bella and Esmerelda to the ground.
I stood over Bella, slamming the staff onto the ground at my feet, “The spirit within this staff is that of the Son of God Himself,” I narrowed my eye on her, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”
Bella gritted her teeth and vanished in a puff of black smoke.
I turned to see Timothy standing over Esmerelda, his wings out, and his foot on her shoulder, pinning her down, “Where is Ragna?”
Esmerelda winced and grinned, “why, my Mistress is with her daughter… or rather…” Esmerelda soon turned to nothing but a vapor, her voice echoing through the air as she vanished, “her daughter is with her, as it should be.”
“Damn it!” Timothy shouted, looking around, “I can’t feel Zeph nearby.”
“Maybe she was captured too,” Demond confirmed. “Elon,” Demond said, his hand in his ear, “do you see Ragna or Zepherina?”
There was silence as Demond’s brow furrowed, “Elon? Come in.”
Timothy turned to me, a grim look of concern on his face.
“Elon?” Demond turned to us, “We need to get to Elon, something is wrong. He’s not answering his coms.”
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2019.10.27 02:43 12Princess110411 Could Asperger's Explain your relationships difficulties?

If you are trying to understand why you are suffering from ongoing relationship difficulties and are wondering if Asperger’s plays a part, this blog article should help.
As we all know, relationships can be difficult and complicated at times, but when one partner has Asperger’s many more difficulties usually arise. That’s because ASD is primarily a social-emotional-communication difference.
Being able to express your emotions and be emotionally supportive of each other is the lifeblood of a healthy relationship. This can be difficult though, if you are in a neuro-diverse marriage, and over time you can both run out of energy trying to deal with these challenges.
To make things even more difficult, the tools and strategies that “garden variety” couples find helpful often don’t work for you in a neuro-diverse relationship.
I will start with what it feels like to be a neurotypical partner with an Aspie, and then also talk about what it feels like to be an Aspie in a relationship with a neurotypical person. I’ll then describe how the relationship usually progresses, the challenges that can happen along the way, and then how your relationship can be helped.
Just a note, in the past Asperger’s was considered related to autism but different from it, but since 2013, when a new classification called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was created in the DSMV, it is now considered to sit at the mild end of the autism spectrum.

Does my partner have Asperger’s? Here are 55 relationship clues.

Here is a 55-point questionnaire we have created that will help as a starting point. It is important to understand that Asperger’s has a very diverse set of symptoms and no two individuals will be alike. But the more of these points that you feel fit your relationship, the more likely that ASD can explain your particular set of difficulties.
If you find that 40 or more of the below clues seem to apply, then your partner could have Asperger’s.
For ease of expression, I will use the term “he,” but this could equally refer to “she”.
  1. Your relationship had a passionate start, but the passion dwindled quite quickly when you started to live together
  2. Your partner can often engage in long-winded conversations that are often one-sided
  3. He may have difficulty putting himself in someone else’s shoes and empathising
  4. He often needs many periods of solitude and quiet time
  5. He tends not to understand the nature of give and take in a conversation
  6. He can often seem to be self-absorbed
  7. You often feel emotionally deprived in the relationship
  8. He often interprets words quite literally
  9. He has difficulty talking about his emotions, and so tends to avoid it
  10. He may have trouble making the connection between what you are feeling and what he has done or not done
  11. You often feel frustrated by not being able to connect on a deep and consistent level
  12. Even if you are physically together, there can feel like there is an emotional distance, which can leave you feeling lonely.
  13. He can suffer from sensory overload at times
  14. He tends to shy away from public displays of affection
  15. You can often feel taken for granted by him
  16. He tends to demonstrate his feelings of love through his actions
  17. You can feel your best efforts in the relationship get very little in return
  18. He doesn’t choose to socialise much with his friends
  19. He can tend to be lazy in the relationship
  20. He may find it difficult to completely let go in sex
  21. He can have trouble engaging with you when you are talking about an emotional issue
  22. He gets defensive easily and the gentlest of conversations he can view as an attack or a criticism
  23. He may not tell you the whole truth
  24. He usually tends to put himself and his needs first
  25. You can sometimes find yourself in situations where you are shocked at how insensitive he is
  26. He can be altruistic and heroic, but sometimes when you expect him to come through for you, he may not be able to handle it
  27. He doesn’t tend to like pressure or expectations put on him
  28. In times of relationship difficulty, he tends to see you as the neurotic one
  29. He can sometimes have a hard time holding onto a job or seeing things through
  30. He feels more comfortable with structure and routine
  31. He finds it difficult having to answer to an alarm clock
  32. He can be excessive at lazy activities
  33. His aloneness or cocooning is essential for him
  34. Depression is a common state for him at various times of his life
  35. He can be very passive
  36. He tends not to be good at organising holidays or outings
  37. He is often not interested in your world, inner life or activities
  38. He tends to be socially withdrawn
  39. He can at times, cut you off and change the subject when you are mid-sentence
  40. He can keep you separate from his family and /or friends
  41. Even if he loves you and values your relationship, you may never get a commitment. He may worry he is not capable of being a good husband.
  42. He may marry because you want it and then often be half hearted
  43. He will be more comfortable with old friends and family than new ones
  44. He can acknowledge it’s good to have companionship, but it does create stress for him
  45. He can tend to live in his rational mind the most
  46. His conversations can often be surface level and brief
  47. You may find it difficult to cope with his anxiety and routines and not being able to be silly and frivolous
  48. The chances are he has never made any promises, unless you are married
  49. You find you have made more adjustments to him over time than he has to you
  50. You feel you are more a caregiver to him than an equal to him
  51. You may feel you are never number 1 for him. His special interest more often is
  52. You may feel you have to do more than an equal share of the household tasks
  53. Your relationship may be more practical than anything else
  54. He may deny there is a problem as he finds it difficult to empathise with what you are feeling
  55. You may feel isolated as no-one else understands what’s going on behind closed doors, and he seems normal to others outside the relationship
Those with Asperger’s are at an inherent disadvantage in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean with guidance it is not possible to create a happy union. Each partner has very different and unique needs and these need to be taken into account.
Our 33 Hart Centre relationship psychologists across Australia have completed training by Tony Attwood, the leading Asperger’s expert in the world, so can help you navigate a relationship where one or both of you are on the spectrum.

Am I an Aspie in a relationship with a neurotypical partner?

Perhaps you think it might be possible that you have Asperger’s and are in a relationship with someone who is not an Aspie.
Here are 33 questions to ask yourself that will give you clues in identifying this.
If you find that 25 or more of the below clues apply to you, there is a high likelihood that you have Asperger’s.
  1. You have had very few relationships in your life
  2. You are not sure you know what is expected in a relationship
  3. You really enjoy your solitude
  4. You have at least one interest you are very passionate about
  5. You appreciate having the opportunity to talk about your special interest
  6. You are easily stressed by social situations
  7. You tend not to talk about your emotions
  8. You tend to show your partner how much you love her by doing things for her
  9. You can have difficulty concentrating if the topic isn’t about your specific interests
  10. You can feel stressed by change or unpredictable situations
  11. You tend to like structure in your life
  12. It can feel great to settle into a relationship and not have to put so much effort into it winning her
  13. You feel easily overwhelmed when someone is talking about their emotions
  14. You can be socially shy
  15. It’s difficult for you to share all aspects of your life with your partner, and work towards shared goals
  16. Managing conflict is not your strong suit
  17. You tend to be more comfortable with old friends and family than with making new friends
  18. You don’t tend to like being silly and frivolous
  19. It can feel after a while in your relationship that your partner is often criticizing you
  20. You can tend towards being passive in your life
  21. You are not so good at listening to your partner
  22. You find your partner often seems obsessed with you showing her more affection
  23. You find it difficult and unnecessary to sense what your partner is feeling
  24. Making compromises doesn’t come easily to you
  25. You don’t like public displays of affection
  26. You don’t understand why birthdays and anniversaries are considered important
  27. Past partners have often left you
  28. You don’t feel comfortable with expectations put on you
  29. Being in the relationship can begin to feel very difficult and complicated
  30. You don’t tend to like making commitments to others
  31. Your partner can seem more and more moody, irrational and emotional over time
  32. You prefer to keep some things separate from your partner
  33. It can seem like your partner is making the relationship difficult for you
If many of these apply to you, then you may have found an explanation for why your relationship has had its particular challenges.
You will need to work together to understand and meet the needs of both of you and create a whole new structure for your relationship.
You may have already tried this with a generalist relationship counsellor without success, but because specific knowledge, understanding and strategies are needed for you, this is best achieved by seeing a specialist ASD relationship psychologist.
Please see below for locations of our Hart Psychologists

Should we get a diagnosis?

It is usually in the context of their romantic relationships that most adults with Asperger’s discover that they are an Aspie, because this is the context where the expectations on them are the most difficult to meet. Colleagues, parents, siblings and even children may consider them quirky, unusual or different, but will often not identify anything beyond this.
Diagnosing ASD, particularly in adults remains challenging as it is both a science and an art, requiring the trained eye of a specialist who has seen a wide variety of adults on the spectrum, and viewing a cluster of traits in the broader contexts of relationships, life history and life experiences. Add to this, the severity of traits can and do vary greatly with each individual, which adds to the complexity of diagnosis.
Clinical Neuropsychological testing is more commonly done with children and teenagers where special educational accommodations may be needed. But for adults, many are satisfied with having the expert opinion of a psychologist specialising in ASD, without the formalised testing procedure, or even self- diagnosis.


More and more people are self-identifying as being on the autism spectrum. Many actually prefer self- diagnosis, because this can lead to them evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in the context of ASD, and it can help finally make sense of why they may have always felt so different from others.
There can be a great relief to know their alternate mindset is what makes them different, and they can actively seek out professionals and resources that will help.
If you would like a more detailed diagnosis than our brief checklist listed here, you can try the AQ a 32 question quiz https://aspergerstest.net/aq-test/, or The Aspie Quiz a 100 question test. http://rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php

When you get the diagnosis

Having a diagnosis of ASD can bring about a huge paradigm shift for both partners.
For the neurotypical partner, it can help explain and put into perspective all, or almost all, of the relationship difficulties they have been experiencing, and she can now understand that for the most part, he has not deliberately been making things difficult.
For the partner with ASD, the diagnosis can bring about very mixed feelings. Sometimes he can deny or make light of the diagnosis, although at a deeper level he also realises that this does explain a lot of why he has felt so different to others over his life.
There can be a relief to discover that his brain is wired differently, and he may also realise that his partner isn’t to blame for their relationship challenges either, and that she hasn’t been too demanding or overreactive as he had previously thought.
Accepting the diagnosis can set them both on a course of new understanding and learning new strategies to help their specific relationship.
For the partner of the Aspie, this initial stage can often be followed by a stage of grieving for the loss of the partner she thought she had, and the loss of the typical marriage, but this grieving process can also bring hope.
As Eva Mendes, a US ASD relationship expert says ‘She may come to think “I now understand the way he is. I no longer feel like I am going crazy. It’s not what I thought my marriage would be, but I am interested in working on solutions”’, particularly if the positive aspects of their life together outweigh the challenges.
This is the time where a specialist ASD relationship psychologist is the most help, in assisting you in coming to terms with the discovery, in understanding each other more fully, and suggesting specific strategies to help both of you meet the unique needs of each other.

When you met, what attracted you to each other?

Tony Attwood has found that it is common for a new person meeting an Aspie to be impressed with his intellect and knowledge on topics, or his literary or artistic qualities.
Due to their giftedness in the areas of maths, science, technology, medicine, art, and music, many adults with ASD make highly desirable life partners.
He will often also be kind and thoughtful to his new partner.
In addition, he often offers a detail-oriented approach to problem solving, and a unique and interesting way of looking at the world.
Initially, he can appear to have a kind of “Peter Pan” type of character, often being good looking and attentive, and not suffering from a lot of relationship baggage, having not chosen to be in many relationships in his previous life.
When it becomes apparent that he is rather socially shy, the partner can often feel strong maternal and caring feelings for him.

What kind of partners do Aspies usually find themselves with?

There are usually 2 very different kinds of partners a person with Asperger’s looks for, and finds themselves with:
Firstly, the less common option is a partner just like them – someone who works in the same industry as them, and/or who has similar interests, who also likes solitude and who likes talking about facts and information, rather than sharing more on an emotional level.
The second and more common choice of partner is a someone who is on the other extreme – a person who is exceptionally caring, affectionate, and nurturing, and with a natural maternal instinct. She/he moves effortlessly in social circles and can easily become a social interpreter for the person with ASD. She can also be a calming influence when anxiety and anger come up for the person with ASD.

What happens in a relationship with an Aspie

The relationship usually starts off beautifully with the neuro-typical partner feeling her partner is very attentive to her, eager to please her, and desires to be with her often. She feels very much appreciated and special in this new relationship.
When an Aspie man finds just the right partner he is looking for, which may take him a long time, initially he will work very hard to make it work between them. He will put himself out and extend himself right out of his comfort zone to accommodate her wishes and desires.
However, he will not be able to keep up this amount of effort for very long, so once he feels he has secured her, and they have settled in, he usually relaxes back into his more normal ways.

The Disillusionment Stage

Once the couple start living together or get married, the initial romantic stage often comes to a very abrupt end, and this loss is felt very deeply by the neuro-typical partner.
She has no idea of how much effort and sacrifice he has had to expend to win her over and to have her as part of his life, and she is devastated when his attention then moves away from her and back to his special projects, especially as she has no inkling of why this is all happening.
This disillusionment stage happens in all relationships; but is often felt more acutely in a neuro-diverse relationship.
Once that initial intoxicating limerence stage has come to an end, both partners start to realise that their relationship is not what they each imagined, nor is it as fulfilling as they initially thought or hoped it might be.
The neurotypical partner may feel disappointed that their ASD partner appears to find more enjoyment from solitude, and being involved in their special interest, than from their company.
Added to this, the conversations that they are having are brief and more superficial than she would like, with the ASD partner having little interest in conversations with more emotional depth.
She discovers that where she expected him to become more emotionally attuned to her and interested in things that are emotionally significant to her as the relationship deepened, she finds that this is often not the case at all.
She may also find that he no longer expresses love and affection for her in the ways he did to start with, as if this is no longer needed. Whereas for her these are needs that remain through-out the entire relationship.
She can also find it taxing to need to adhere to his strict routines, perfectionism and bouts of anxiety, or rages against what seems like minor irritations.
She can also find over time, that she is becoming a micromanager of her ASD partner, with very little appreciation from her partner, and this can exhaust her leaving her feeling taken for granted.
For the neurotypical partner it can feel like she is expected to be his mother, giving unconditional acceptance and support without receiving anything similar in return.
In addition, she can find that there’s times when she just wants to have fun, and perhaps be a bit silly and frivolous, but he’s never up for that. Nor is he interested in having fun socially either.
As a way of coping with these stresses, she may go through a change where she tries to become more like her Aspie partner, taking on similar values, lifestyle and thinking in order to cope, but this is usually an unsuccessful coping strategy.
As a result of all these things, the neurotypical partner often finds herself feeling emotionally neglected or rejected and undervalued.
The ASD partner can also start feeling that his relationship is not what he thought, but usually this takes a little longer for him.
Having not had much experience in relationships, he can find himself in a complex world where he feels overwhelmed with what seems to be expected of him.
Usually, he has not had much experience or practice at the basic relationship skills of seeking to understand another’s view, resolving conflict in a way that honours both persons needs, making compromises and sharing responsibilities, so these can seem overwhelming.
He can become increasingly aware of not living up to the expectations that his partner has of him in the relationship.
He unintentionally trips up in things he says or does or doesn’t say or doesn’t do, and then feel criticised by his partner for it.
He can find it exceedingly difficult and taxing to maintain a relationship particularly as he notices his partner becomes moodier and more irrational, and has more emotional ups and downs than he is comfortable with. And he doesn’t appreciate her seeming obsession with him showing more affection towards her.
As Tony Attwood says he feels like he is in a world “with no operators manual”.
He also can’t understand someone who seems to be so emotional about things instead of using logic to solve problems which he knows is by far the best way.
Often, too, she doesn’t understand how important his special interest is to him, and on many occasions, this is more important than spending time with her. In this, he can escape from the complicated world of relationships to a familiar world where he feels comfortable and knowledgeable and at ease.
He often feels unappreciated, and constantly criticised and not able to do the right thing by her, leading him to feel confused and resentful. This affects his sense of self- esteem and he can easily feel like a relationship failure.
Having ASD will mean that it will be very difficult for him to put himself in her shoes, and rarely will he make the connection between his behaviour and her reactions. This can make things worse as he can then blame her for the relationship problems, seeing her as being unreasonable and difficult.
Each of them can experience not only different enjoyments, but also different priorities.
This stage of disillusionment can be followed by a prolonged stage of anger and frustration by both partners as their needs are apparently so different. Arguments become common, accusations are often thrown around, and frequent short and extended separations happen regularly.
Neither person understands what is going on, or why the other is being so difficult.
In the absence of a diagnosis and skilled professional help, neuro-diverse relationship almost always flounder because of these complex differences.

How a partner feels in a relationship with an Aspie – Affective deprivation

Neurotypical partners tend to have a rather unique relationship experience, and this often leads to the development of what has been referred to as Cassandra Affective Deprivation Disorder, or more recently Affective Deprivation Disorder.
This disorder is not a personality disorder, but instead develops as a result of being emotionally deprived in their relationship situation. All humans have a need for emotional love, belonging, affection and reciprocity and when we are in a situation where we feel we are giving it, but not receiving it in return, then it affects our self-esteem and has a huge impact on our mental and physical health.
It is important to understand that the Aspie partner does not realise that these needs are there for his partner and that this deprivation is happening, as he is not intentionally withholding anything.
He is often surprised and saddened to discover that his partner is being impacted in such a huge way like this. This is why a no-blame perspective is the best approach.

Maxine Aston, a UK specialist Asperger’s relationships counsellor, explains that this Cassandra Affective disorder is like a seasonal affective disorder which is caused by a lack of sunlight, affecting the person with depression, sleep problems, lethargy, overeating, hopelessness, anxiety, tension, a loss of libido and a weakened immune system.
Things are often made worse for a partner when she is not believed, and commonly is blamed for the problems in the relationship by her ASD partner. Even when other professionals like doctors, teachers, therapists and counsellors become involved, unless they are trained in ASD syndrome and it’s affects, they can choose not to take her seriously, and inadvertently continue the pattern of blame towards her. Realising that she isn’t being heard or understood creates even further depression and despair for her.
She can feel confused, alone and desperate by this stage.

Symptoms of “Cassandra” Affective Deprivation Disorder

Maxine Aston has identified the following symptoms of CADD:
Emotional health
Mental health
Physical Health

What can be done about Affective Disorder?

The first most important factor in reducing Affective Disorder is to acknowledge it and seek to understand it, by both the person suffering and her Aspie partner.
This is almost impossible unless or until there is a diagnosis or acknowledgement that Asperger syndrome exists in the partner.
Then it can be understood as a consequence of the huge differences between their emotional needs.
Then secondly, it is about repairing the deprivation.
For the NT partner these emotional needs are like food that are crucial for her survival, so the best approach is to take a two-pronged approach.
Firstly, Maxine suggests her ASD partner can learn about what he can do to help her feel more emotionally fed.
What can an Aspie partner do to help his partner?
He can start doing things like:
Secondly, she needs to start doing some of the following things she finds enjoyment in herself:
When both partners of the couple are motivated to help her, and make the relationship work, then it can be done. That doesn’t mean it is easy. Its important to focus on the positives and work through the negatives.
Many couples find this is too difficult to do on their own. That’s where a qualified and experience ASD couples’ therapists is your best ally. He or she can understand and support you both in overcoming these differences and give you the specifics steps to take to help you create a more fulfilling relationship for you both.

Can our relationship be saved or improved? Creating Successful relationships

In many cases, it is very possible to save and/or improve your relationship if one of you has ASD. There are 3 factors that Maxine Aston has described which are crucially important in maximising your relationship satisfaction and ultimately your success:
  1. Both partners need to acknowledge and accept the diagnosis of Asperger’s. This helps each partner to have an understanding of what the strengths and weaknesses of each of you are, along with your needs, and also some skills that might need improving.
  2. Both of you are motivated to change, and are willing to put in time, effort and commitment in working on your own side of the relationship equation.
  3. You will need access to specialised ASD Relationship Psychologists or counsellors who can understand the specific difficulties you are going through.

Relationship Counselling – some important points

A couple’s psychologist/counsellor who is trained and experienced in ASD will be able to provide both of you with information about ASD, and work with each partner about understanding the wiring, mindsets and perspectives of each other, and create a space where both of you feel safe and understood.
He/she will also suggest and help you implement specific strategies for your particular relationship, and provide accountability, motivation and support to move you both into a healthier happier relationship.
It is important to note that couples’ counsellors who don’t have knowledge of ASD can often wrongly ascribe your challenges to personality clashes, or family or origin issues, or can blame one partner more than the other, and are therefore rarely able to give you your best and most appropriate help.
For your part when you are considering coming to relationship counselling, we need each of you to be motivated and be willing to work on your side of the equation, rather than entirely blame your partner. This gives us the best chance of success for your relationship.
But this is often a journey, so we can support you together or individually at any stage of your journey of discovery.
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2019.06.29 15:13 FreedomNewsPolitics Eva Mendes posts rare video of partner Ryan Gosling from set of movie they met on

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2019.06.29 15:12 FreedomNewsPolitics Eva Mendes posts rare video of partner Ryan Gosling from set of movie they met on

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2019.05.03 03:55 nomorenoless8 looking for resources on raising kids with an aspie

Hi folks,
Does anyone have good suggestions where I can read about raising kids with an ASD partner? I've read Journal of Best Practices and I'm reading Eva Mendes' book now... anyone have any other good anecdotal books/podcasts/whatever where I can learn more about what it's like?

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2019.04.14 05:32 t-brave I just finished a book some of you may be interested in reading

It's "Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger's Syndrome" by Eva Mendes. I ordered mine on Amazon for under $20, and if you're just getting started on a relationship or marriage with someone with ASD, or if you've been in a relationship/marriage with that someone for years, there are a lot of things to learn.
It's validating as the neurotypical (or non-spectrum) spouse to read about how deeply Asperger's Syndrome can affect a relationship/marriage. The author gives a lot of pointers, food-for-thought, and the typical examples of conflict she has seen in her years as a couples counselor specializing in relationships where Asperger's is a factor. She does not shy away from what can get pretty ugly at times.
One tip I'd give for reading the book is on reading for understanding. Mendes switches every other example (sometimes paragraph to paragraph) the sex of the NS and ASD partner. So, sometimes the neurotypical is female, and then in a few sentences, male again, and then female again. This can be distracting, so I found it helpful to focus on "the NS partner" and "the ASD partner," rather than the sex of either. Same-sex relationships are covered, and she uses examples from different cultures as well. I would categorize the tone of the book as hopeful, for the most part.
I'm just getting started in learning more about Asperger's, as we're still waiting on an official diagnosis in a few weeks. Just thought I'd share. High fives to everyone out there!
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2018.09.01 00:53 generationbexx I am Autistic Canadian (adult), thinking to amend a law in the Cdn family law act. Please consider helping?

There is a law in my province (this could extend into other territories and provinces) which clearly states what the court considers a "spouse" or otherwise valid relationship to be.

Spouses and relationships between spouses

3 (1) A person is a spouse for the purposes of this Act if the person
(a)is married to another person, or
(b)has lived with another person in a marriage-like relationship, and
(i) has done so for a continuous period of at least 2 years, or
(ii) except in Parts 5 [Property Division] and 6 [Pension Division], has a child with the other person.
(2) A spouse includes a former spouse.
(3) A relationship between spouses begins on the earlier of the following:
(a)the date on which they began to live together in a marriage-like relationship;
(b)the date of their marriage.

I am autistic. I am super sick and tired of hearing "you don't look autistic to me (and me, and me, and me, and me)!!" It's not only a punch in my stomach, but a punch in the belly of other adults' who have tried so hard to adapt, and worse yet (what the literal F**) to the stomachs of the children I choose to work with who are dx on the spectrum, too.
But here we are. Old. Survived, or whatever. I have been through a marriage and out the other end - with kids! Now I have been dating a mathematician for a couple years, which is a complete upgrade. I am an artist among all the other things I focus too much on - and part of his first Christmas present was a for panel comic on artboard called "First Word Problems". Get it? Haaaaa... and I conditionally hate puns.
My partner has been offered a post doctorate several provinces away, which is just what we all need - a break from the trauma of a controlling situation here, Fortunately the university is right next to (30minutes) my ex-mother in law and her family, and all of my ex-husband's other family... so it is amazing fortune for the children for the length of the post-doc.
HERE IS THE PROBLEM. A relocation order in Canadian family law (we have joint custody and i have primary guardianship), is tricky. My lawyer tells me that he has just done a trial where he has won the trial, and has KEPT the mom in the trial from relocating.
My partner and I do not live together. I like that - in terms of my autism, I like that. I need the space. My partner and I spend a lot of time together, but sometimes we need to actually BE in our own places. And I am old enough to know that. Enough relationship models have broken and I have analyzed them from all angles to realize that. But I don't think it is necessarily an NT thing. I think it might be fractionatly more ND. More spectrum.I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT IF OTHER ADULTS ON THE SPECTRUM FEEL THE SAME WAY.
i dont want to know if you are in the relationship of your dreams. that's hard impossibility.
I am wondering if - since you might be thinking... a lot... like me... If you've considered the possibility of the health of a long term relationship, and it's existence in the framework of two domiciles and one happy family kind of thing.
The judge is going to look at relationships like this, like mine - and say: "So you're not living together now. And when you get to xCity you won't live together there. What makes you think your relationship is valid? How is it a family situation for the kids?" kind-of-thing. I would hope to show that this outlook is outdated.
I spoke with Eva A Mendes on the phone, author and counsellor. She confirms what I feel is true, and recommends to her clients who can afford to live separate - that they do. http://www.evmendes.com
I am hoping to develop this thread with other people's opinions in whatever length and experience they can share.
please private message if you have a professional interest in helping also.Thank you so much,

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2018.06.03 00:51 WittyFunnyUsername Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania I to WrestleMania 35- Party Sixty-Five (Long)

Royal Rumble 2014
WWE Tag Team Championship:
The New Age Outlaws vs The Brotherhood © (8:58)
(The New Age Outlaws return on Old School Raw. They seemingly ally with CM Punk to face The Shield, but then they abandon him. Triple H rewards his old friends with this match. Road Dogg low blows Goldust while the referee is distracted. The Brotherhood invoke their rematch clause and win the Titles back the next night on Raw.)
Main Show:
United States Championship:
CM Punk vs Dean Ambrose © w/ The Shield (14:24)
(CM Punk decides that if he’s going to be fighting The Shield, he wants to get something out of it. He challenges Dean to this match, stating that he’d like to beat the best The Shield has to offer, trying to sew a split in The Shield. Reigns and Rollins help Dean win. CM Punk walks out after the Royal Rumble just like in real life.)
WWE Divas Championship-Singles Match with Tamina banned from ringside:
Natalya vs AJ Lee © (9:01)
(After Tamina interfered in her match, Natalya goes to Stephanie McMahon and campaigns to get a rematch with Tamina barred from being in AJ Lee’s corner. Stephanie agrees, much to the chagrin of AJ.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Fandango vs Big E. Langston © (7:19)
(Fandango promises to dance his way all the way to the Intercontinental Championship. Big E says his reign won’t end so quickly.)
Mark Henry vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman (6:21)
(Brock returns on Old School Raw, and Heyman says that Brock is here to become the WWE World Champion and anyone who gets in his way will get victimized and conquered. He dares anyone to come out to face Brock, and Big Show answers. Brock beats Big Show down and breaks his arm with the Kimura. Mark Henry comes out and defends his friend, challenging Brock to this match. Instead of the squash match with Big Show, this is a pure powerhouse slug fest.)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
John Cena vs Randy Orton © (20:54)
(John Cena invokes his rematch clause. He says that Randy Orton is a corporate stooge and not the right man to hold both titles at once for the first time ever. Orton says that he is a third-generation superstar and is the only one worthy of being the WWE World Champion.)
30 Man Royal Rumble Match:
Daniel Bryan wins by last eliminating Bray Wyatt (55:07)
(The final four are Batista, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Bray Wyatt. After Daniel Bryan eliminates CM Punk and Bray Wyatt eliminates Batista, Bray tries to get Bryan to eliminate himself, so Bray can win. Bryan is about to allow himself to be hit with Sister Abigail, but he pushes out of it. The exact sequence from when Bryan actually left the Wyatt Family in real life happens, except it ends with Bryan throwing Bray over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble. The final shot of the Rumble is Bryan leading the whole crowd in a Yes chant while Bray Wyatt yells in anger.)
Elimination Chamber 2014
RybAxel vs The Usos (8:12)
(The newly formed team of Curtis Axel and Ryback decide to challenge The Usos.)
Main Show:
Intercontinental Championship:
Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs Big E © (11:50)
(With his partner Cesaro being in the Elimination Chamber, Jack Swagger decides to focus on winning the Intercontinental Championship for the first time.)
WWE Tag Team Championship:
The New Age Outlaws vs The Brotherhood © (8:34)
(The New Age Outlaws invoke their rematch clause.)
Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan (21:30)
(Bray Wyatt feels that Daniel Bryan betrayed him and used him and his Family. He says he will punish Bryan for daring to make a fool of him. Bryan says he genuinely bought into Bray at first, then he realized that Bray just wanted him to get to WrestleMania.)
WWE Divas Championship:
Cameron vs AJ Lee © w/ Tamina (4:30)
(This was supposed to originally go to Naomi, but she gets an eye injury, so Cameron steps up at the last moment to face AJ.)
Dolph Ziggler vs Batista (11:50)
(Batista returns as a heel. He immediately allies with The Authority. He says he has come back to bring WWE to new heights, and Triple H says that with him behind him, Batista will be a bigger star than The Rock. Dolph Ziggler steps in and says that the relationship between them makes him sick, and challenges Batista to this match. Batista accepts, saying that when he was around, a little man like Ziggler wouldn’t have even gotten as far as he has.)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship-Elimination Chamber Match:
John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton © (37:30)
(John Cena defeats Jack Swagger to qualify, Cesaro defeats Kofi Kingston, and The Shield want a free pass into the match, but Triple H makes them qualify by defeating Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, and Sheamus. In the middle of the match, the lights go out and The Wyatt Family appear in the ring. They all hit their finishers on The Shield, allowing Cesaro, John Cena, and Randy Orton to pin them all at once.)
Elimination Chamber Notes:
John Cena enters first and is eliminated fourth by Cesaro
Seth Rollins enters second and is eliminated first by Cesaro
Dean Ambrose enters third and is eliminated second by Randy Orton
Cesaro enters fourth and is eliminated fifth by Randy Orton
Roman Reigns enters fourth and is eliminated third by John Cena
Randy Orton enters sixth and wins
NXT Arrival
Sami Zayn vs Cesaro (22:55)
(After the monumental two out of three falls match, Sami Zayn challenges Cesaro to see who the best man truly is and Cesaro accepts.)
CJ Parker vs Mojo Rawley (3:25)
(A squash match with no real story.)
NXT Tag Team Championship:
Too Cool vs The Ascension © (6:40)
(Too Cool show up on NXT to attack The Ascension and try to claim the titles to add to their legacy.)
NXT Women’s Championship:
Emma vs Paige © (12:54)
(Emma and Paige are credited with being the stars of the NXT Women’s Division so Triple H says it’s only natural that the two leaders of the division fight for the top prize.)
NXT Championship-Ladder Match:
Adrian Neville vs Bo Dallas © (16:02)
(Neville says he is tired of Bo Dallas as champion and so are the fans. Bo Dallas says he’s the greatest NXT Champion in history. Dusty Rhodes makes this match a ladder match.)
WrestleMania XXX
WWE Tag Team Championship-Fatal-4-Way Tag Team Match:
The New Age Outlaws vs The Usos vs The Real Americans vs The Brotherhood © (16:13)
(The New Age Outlaws want another chance to be champions, The Usos want their opportunity to hold the titles for the first time, The Real Americans are bickering but want to claim the titles, and The Brotherhood want to hold on to the titles. After the match, Cesaro swings Jack Swagger.)
Main Show:
Singles Match with the winner facing Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs Daniel Bryan (25:58)
(Triple H says that Daniel Bryan isn’t worthy of the main event of WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan says he’d give up his main event for the chance to make Triple H tap out. Triple H says that gives him a good idea, and he challenges Bryan to a match with the winner moving on to the main event and Bryan accepts.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Alberto Del Rio vs Big E © (11:30)
(Alberto Del Rio defeats Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Damien Sandow, and Dolph Ziggler to become number one contender. Big E says he plans on walking into his first WrestleMania as champion and plans on walking out of his first WrestleMania as champion.)
Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Wyatt Family vs The Shield (22:42)
(After Elimination Chamber, The Shield are pissed. They want The Wyatt Family’s blood. Bray Wyatt says the devil whispered in his ear and told him to demolish The Shield. The two teams tear each other apart, prompting Triple H to make this match. Triple H tells The Shield to handle this problem, so they can move on to the Daniel Bryan problem again. This match is the first time The Shield loses a six man tag team match. Bray Wyatt also gets his badass entrance.)
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Cesaro wins by last eliminating Big Show (13:25)
(No story here. Just a battle royal to memorialize Andre. The entrants are: Cesaro, Big Show, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Tyson Kidd, The Miz, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Santino Marella, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Damien Sandow, Zack Ryder, Rey Mysterio, Brodus Clay, Xavier Woods, Diego, Fernando, and Kane.)
No Holds Barred Match:
Batista vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman (13:07)
(After he beats Dolph Ziggler, Batista says he misses the time of real men in the WWE. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar show up on Raw and are confronted by Batista. He says Brock is one of the last real men in WWE and then sucker punches him. Brock snaps and the two brawl. Heyman tells Batista that his client wants the match to be No Holds Barred so he can rip him apart.)
John Cena vs The Undertaker (23:15)
(After failing to capture the WWE World Championship twice, John Cena comes out on the Raw after Elimination Chamber and says there’s one thing in his career that he hasn’t done, and that’s defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The Undertaker doesn’t respond at first, or by the second week, then Cena says he has to step it up, so he challenges Kane to a No Disqualification Match. He brutalizes Kane in the match and is about to deliver an AA from the top rope through a table when the lights go out and the gong sounds. When the lights come back on, The Undertaker is there. He chokeslams Cena through the table then delivers a Tombstone in the center of the ring and accepts his challenge.)
WWE Divas Championship-Vickie Guerrero Invitational Battle Royal:
Aksana vs Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae vs Rosa Mendes vs Eva Marie vs Layla vs Cameron vs Naomi vs Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella vs Tamina vs Natalya vs AJ Lee © (8:48)
(AJ Lee brags about how she’s defeated every woman on the roster so Vickie Guerrero puts her in a match with every woman on the roster.)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton © (22:19)
(After defeating Triple H, Daniel Bryan moves on to this match. In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Randy Orton says that Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve to lace his boots. He says that Bryan isn’t the face of WWE and isn’t held down by the Authority. He says that Daniel Bryan just isn’t good enough to be Champion. Daniel Bryan says that Randy Orton will always be Triple H’s bitch. He says that he can wrestle circles around Orton and that’s what he’ll do after he beats Triple H. Nine months after Triple H and Randy Orton originally screwed him over at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan beats both of them in the same night and WrestleMania ends with Yes chants filling the arena.)
Extreme Rules 2014
WeeLC Match:
Hornswoggle w/ 3MB vs El Torito w/ Los Matadores (10:55)
(Really just a comedy match. The same build as in real life.)
Main Show:
WWE Tag Team Championship-Two out of Three Falls Match:
The Brotherhood vs The Usos © (2-1) (16:54)
(The Brotherhood invoke their rematch clause on the Raw after WrestleMania. They lose to The Usos after Cody Rhodes accidentally hits Goldust with the Disaster Kick. Two weeks later The Brotherhood defeat RybAxel to become number one contenders. They challenge The Usos to make the match two out of three falls and The Usos accept.)
Intercontinental Championship-Tables Match:
Wade Barrett vs Big E © (9:55)
(Wade Barrett wins an eight-man tournament consisting of Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger, and Cesaro. Big E says that he won’t lose the title any time soon. Barrett hits a Bullhammer Elbow while Big E is on the apron, sending him crashing through a table outside the ring.)
Triple Threat Elimination Match:
Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro (12:34)
(Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are enraged at Cesaro for breaking up their team. Cesaro says he wants to pave his own path and he can’t do that with Jack Swagger holding him back. Rob Van Dam gets involved when a match he is having with Cesaro is interrupted by Swagger.)
Six Man Tag Team No Holds Barred Match:
The Wyatt Family vs The Shield (27:52)
(On the Raw after WrestleMania, Triple H chastises The Shield for not being able to defeat The Wyatt Family. Later that night, The Shield turn face and attack Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton who are beating down Daniel Bryan. The next week, The Shield call out Triple H but are instead met by The Wyatt Family. Bray says he only does as the devil tells him before they unleash a vicious attack on The Shield. Triple H makes this match No Holds Barred, saying he hopes The Wyatt Family beat some obedience back into The Shield.)
R-Truth vs Rusev w/ Lana (2:01)
(Rusev’s debut. A squash match. He goes by Rusev from the outset, he never is called Alexander Rusev.)
Steel Cage Match:
Kane vs John Cena (14:32)
(On the Raw after WrestleMania, Kane returns and attacks John Cena. He brutalizes him, putting him through both announcer’s desks, giving him a Tombstone outside the ring, inside the ring, and a third one on the steel steps. John Cena is off Raw the next week but when he returns he challenges Kane to a match. Kane challenges Cena to make the match a Steel Cage, so there’s no escape.)
WWE Divas Championship-Submission Match:
Tamina vs Paige © (6:18)
(After Paige defeats AJ Lee in her debut on the Raw after WrestleMania, she is targeted by Tamina. Tamina says that she ran as AJ’s bodyguard for a while and now it’s her chance to be champion.)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship-Triple Threat Match:
Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan © (23:20)
(Triple H sends Batista and Randy Orton after Daniel Bryan. Triple H is humiliated after WrestleMania, saying that Orton allowed a hobbit to make him tap out and Batista lost to Brock Lesnar in convincing fashion. Daniel Bryan creates a rift between Batista and Orton by pointing out that only one of them can be champion and asking if they are their own men or if they just do whatever Triple H asks. This is just the exact same match we got at WrestleMania XXX in real life.)
That's part sixty-five! I'll be back tomorrow with party sixty-six to cover Daniel Bryan's injury, the split of The Shield, and the rise of Cesaro! Thanks for reading!
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2016.08.15 08:35 CesarosPubicHairs My Universe- WEEK 1

I created a brand new Universe for you guys! I decided to recreate the draft and vacate all of the championships and basically start it all from scratch. I want to keep this post as short as possible so I wont list the roster of each brand but I will list the tournament outcomes for each title.
(RAW) Universal Championship- Seth Rollins defeated KO in the finals
(RAW) Intercontinental Championship- Sheamus defeated Erick Rowan in the finals
(Raw) Divas Championship- Paige defeated Brie Bella in the finals
(Raw) WWE Tag Team Championships- New Day defeated The Usos in the finals
(SD) WWE Championship- AJ Styles defeated John Cena in the finals*
(SD) United States- Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn in the finals
(SD) WWE World Tag Team- Enzo and Cass defeated PTP
(SD) WWE Women's Championship- Natalya defeated Eva Marie in the finals
Stephanie and Triple H make their way out into the ring, with their bodygaurds Big Show and Kane.. They introduce the Universal Champion Seth Rollins, the Intercontinental champion Sheamus, the Tag Team Champions New Day, and the Divas Champion Paige. They praise the current champions for being the elite superstars on RAW, and grant them all an entry into the Authority if they would like to join. Seth Rollins kisses up to Sheamus, begging him to join. Sheamus clearly couldn't care any less and Stephanie notices. She tells him that if he joins he and Seth Rollins could form one of the most greatest alliances in WWE history because they are main event talent, and how there isn't no one back there that is better than those in the ring. The Raw theme song hits and the entire roster comes on out, Hideo, Finn, KO, and Roman all have mics in there hands. Roman tells the Authority that there is not a current number one contender, and he feels like he deserves a match against Seth at the Raw exclusive PPV, Extreme Rules. Triple H responds, saying, "You and Finn will both main event Raw tonight, the winner of that match will go ahead and challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Extreme Rules!" Kevin Owens is furious and starts berating the Authority, he says he hoped that he was drafted by Smackdown and how he rather be released at this point. Stephanie cuts him off and tells him he will face Big E tonight, with all of the New Day at ringside. Triple H then demands that everyone clear the stage area and head backstage, or they will be fired. Everyone leaves except for Hideo. Triple H tells him he wants to start the show already but Hideo tells HHH that he wants a fight against him. Triple H laughs and brings up the fact that Hideo was in NXT up until recently. Hideo tells Triple H that he would still kick his ass any day of the week. Triple H responds by asking Hideo if he wants a fight. Hideo nods his head..."You got one tonight.... against Corporate Kane! Now get off my damn stage!"
We come back from commercial break, the Authority is chatting with Seth Rollins and Sheamus about coming together but Sheamus declines. Seth Rollins begs as Sheamus walks away. Neville comes in and mocks Rollins, telling the Authority that he can't believe that Seth is champion, he then cuts a joke about Triple H. He asks Steph for a match right now to prove why he should be the top star on Raw, and Steph gives it to him.
Seth Rollins vs Neville
NeVille starts it off with hard hitting kicks to the legs and ribs of Rollins. Rollins gained control after Neville missed a clothesline, and started to wear down his legs. Neville fought back and took the fight to the outside with a suicide dive. Ref counts to 6 and Rollins drives Neville into the barricade. Neville slides back in before the ten count and runs into a superkick from Rollins. Rollins goes for the pin but Neville kicks out. Neville grabs Rollins for a german suplex than hits him with a standing moonsault. He climbs top rope for a Red Arrow but Rollins catches him with a pedigree. Rollins pins Neville but he kicks out at 2 and a half. Neville rolls up Rollins but he kicks out. Neville connects with a kick to the back of Seth's head. He climbs up for Red Arrow and connects, but it isnt enough to keep Rollins down for the 3 count. Rollins catches Neville with a roll-up to steal the victory.
Hideo Itami vs Kane
Hideo makes his way down the ramp but before he can enter the ring he is attacked from behind by Kane. Kane beats down Itami until he is ripped off by referee's.
Backstage in the medical room Itami is attacked by Kane and Big Show. They leave him lying on the ground and tell him to respect the Authority.
Big E vs Kevin Owens
New Day makes there way to the ring, where Kevin Owens awaits his opponent, Big E.
Match starts and Big E gains control of KO. He sends him into the corner and starts clobbering him with fists to the head. Big E runs at KO, and KO moves out of the way. Owens hits Big E with a package neckbreaker thing, and starts gaining momentum. Owens hits Big E with the Corner Cannonball and then picks him up for the Pop Up Powerbomb for the victory.
Backstage, Curtis Axel walks up to Ryback, trying to convince him that teaming up would do wonders for their careers. Ryback tells Axel to go away, but Axel tells him he already got them a match against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Ryback is clearly pissed, but he tells Axel that if they can win tonights match up the Rybaxel reunion might be more than a one night gig.
Rybaxel vs Harper and Rowan
Harper and Rowan make their way to the ring as a unit, while Rybaxel make separate entrances. Match starts and Axel hits Harper with a flying dropkick. He is showing a more aggressive side of himself, dominating Harper in the corner. He goes for a running clothesline into the corner, but Harper moves out of the way and connects with a superkick. He and Rowan make frequent tags, keeping Axel away from his partner Ryback. Rowan lifts Axel onto the top turnbuckle and Axel kicks him right in the face, he hits Rowan with an axehandle, and tags in Ryback. Ryback goes on a rampage until Harper slides in a chair. Axel tries to enter the ring but the ref argues with him, allowing Harper to hit Ryback with the chair, and Rowan to hit him with his patented side slam, for the win.
Backstage Ryback tells Axel that he has earned his respect for the heart he has shown tonight, and that Rybaxel is here to stay. They are attacked by Rowan and Harper, left lying on the ground in pain.
Rusev vs Mark Henry
Lana introduces the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Rusev hits Henry with a huge superkick to the face and locks on the Accolade for the win.
After the match, Byron Saxton interviews Henry, asking him if he still believes he has what it takes to hang with the Raw roster and Mark Henry hits him with the Worlds Strongest Slam. He then attacks the referee and demands that the Authority make their way out there. Stephanie walks down the ramp and asks Mark Henry what he wants, and he tells her he wants an spot in the Authority. Steph tells him he can earn it on Superstars by taking care of a little rat in the locker room known as Hideo Itami.
Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor- No.1 Con.
Finn and Roman lock up in the center of the ring. Roman sends him into the ropes and hits Finn with a Samoan Drop. He goes for the pin but Finn kicks out. Roman locks on an Anaconda Vise on Finn but he is able to get out. After a bunch of back and forth between the two Roman goes for a slam on Finn, but Finn slithers out of his grasp, and hits him with a pele kick. He sends Roman into the corner and hits him with a missile dropkick and goes for the pin. Roman kicks out and hits Finn with a Superman Punch followed by a spear, which was reversed. Finn climbs to the top and hits the coup de grace for the victory. He celebrates his victory, but then Rollins hits him with a Pedigree to end the show standing tall.
Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan introduce the audience to the new Smackdown roster, and their champions AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Enzo and Cass, and Natalya. They talk about how they want to make Smackdown the top brand in the WWE and how Smackdown is the land of opportunity so they will introduce a new championship and division specifically for Cruiserweights. They discuss the open number one contendership for all the titles, but because their PPV is next month they want to take it all slowly, so tonight they will decide the number one contender of the WWE championship in a Elimination Chamber! They announce five participants, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Dean Ambrose. They announce that 6 superstars will compete in a over the top battle royal to determine the last participant in the Chamber, and those 6 in the battle royal are, Heath Slater, Baron Corbin, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, and Sami Zayn. They also announce a Women's tag team match that will take place tonight. Tyson Kidd then interrupts, demanding a spot in the battle royal, because he feels like he deserves it. Shane asks the 6 participants in the battle royal if any of them would like to put their spot on the line and Sami steps up. Shane calls a referee out to the ring because the match will take place next!
Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd- Winner will enter Battle Royal
Tyson and Sami shake hands before the ref rings the bell, they lock up and Sami takes him down onto the ground and grabs his head, he cranks it a couple times until Tyson fights him off and sends him off the ropes. Sami runs into a dropkick and Tyson starts attacking Sami's leg. Sami fights Tyson off and hits him with a springboard DDT and goes for the pin, Tyson kicks out and works Sami into a corner. He grabs Sami and Sami elbows him, and pushes him into the corner. Sami hits him with an exploder suplex, picks him back up and goes for the Helluva Kick. He climbs to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb, and goes for the pin. Tyson kicks out! Sami can't believe that Tyson kicked out after all of that! Sami picks Tyson up, but Tyson hits him with a german suplex, and then locks on the Sharpshooter. Sami reaches the ropes and fights Tyson into the corner. He hits the Helluva kick for the win. Sami Zayn has retained his spot in tonights battle royal to determine the last entrant in the main event Elimination Chamber match.
Backstage Shane and Daniel tell Tyson that they believe that he deserves another chance, so next week he will get an opportunity at winning a title shot for the US Title.
The Vaudevillains walk up to Kalisto who was drafted without his tag team partner Sin Cara. English calls Kalisto a little puny midget. Kalisto recalls all the times that he and Sin Cara defeated them in NXT, and then the Vaudevillains attack him. Stardust and Goldust come to Kalisto's aid, fighting off Gotch and English. Shane and Daniel than tell the Vaudevillains to find a partner because they'll face Kalisto and The Brotherhood up next.
Kalisto and The Brotherhood vs The Vaudevillains and a secret partner
Kalisto and The Brotherhood make their entrances. The Vaudevillains come out. The lights in the arena go out as the Vaudevillains tag team partners theme hits... Its William Regal! The ref rings the bell. Kalisto and Gotch start it off for their respective teams, but Gotch tags in Regal. Regal punches Kalisto right in the guts and sends him into the corner. Frequent tags are made, working down Kalisto. Kalisto manages to get out of the corner and tags in Stardust, who eliminates Gotch. Stardust tags in Goldust who is eliminated by Aiden English by rollup. Its back to even now, but not for long as English hits Stardust with the Directors Cut for the elimination. Kalisto flies into the ring and works down English. English than distracts the ref, allowing Regal to crack Kalisto over the head with a chair. English climbs onto the middle rope and hits Thats A Wrap for the victory.
We return from commercial break and see the Chick Magnets, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, and Rosa Mendes bullying Zeb Colter, who is supposed to be managing the Real Americans, Bo Dallas and Jack Swagger up next, against the Chick Magnets. They push Colter onto the ground causing a back injury, and then Dallas and Swagger intervene, and fight them off. But its too late, as it seems like Colter wont be able to manage them from ringside tonight.
Emma and Eva Marie find the Womens Champion, Natalya and Nikki Bella and tell them to watch their backs because the new generation of the Womens division is here stay.
The Real Americans ask Shane to ban Rosa Mendes from ringside. Shane does just that, and tells them to go on out there because their match is up next.
The Real Americans vs The Chick Magnets
Bo Dallas and Tyler Breeze start it off for their teams, Dallas hits Breeze with a huge clothesline. He hits Breeze with a handful of German Suplexs and then tags in Swagger. They position Breeze on the top rope and hit him with a double back suplex, and Swagger then softens Breeze up with suplexs before tagging in Dallas, who hits a Bo Dazzler for the victory. Swagger and Dallas than finish off Fandango before heading backstage...
Baron Corbin vs Heath Slater vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Zack Ryder vs Sami Zayn- Winner of this Battle Royal gets a spot in the Main Event
We come back from the break with all competitors in the ring. The ref rings the bell, and all hell breaks loose. Zack Ryder and Miz start brawling all over the ring, and then the Miz pushes him into Dolph Ziggler who was working on eliminating Slater. All 3 men go over the top rope and then Miz decides to showoff, allowing Corbin to send him over the ropes into the hands of 3 angry competitors. They all brawl, as Sami tries to evade the blood thirsty Baron Corbin. Corbin runs at Sami, and Sami uses Corbin's momentum against him, sending him flying over the top rope, Sami Zayn wins his 2nd match tonight, but the odds are stacked against him.
Nikki Bella and Natalya vs Emma and Eva Marie
The ref rings the bell and instantly all 4 divas go at it. Natalya then takes Eva to the outside, and they brawl until the ref counts them out.
John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn vs Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt
Wyatt and Jericho are the first ones out of their pods, and they fight back and forth until Orton is out. He gains control of the match, but not for long, as Wyatt hits him with a Sister Abigail outta nowhere. He goes for the pin but it isnt enough. Cena is out next, and he goes straight into the fight. After awhile all 6 men are out of their pods and in the ring and Ambrose rolls up Wyatt for the elimination. He turns around into an RKO and is eliminated himself. Orton is hit by a codebreaker from Jericho, but Cena hits Jericho with a AA for the elimination. Cena is hit with and RKO from Orton and is eliminated, and then Sami rolls Randy up out of nowhere for the victory!
AJ Styles walks down the ramp to congratulate Sami Zayn on his big night but tells him that he isnt going to go easy on him just because everybody likes him.
WWE Superstars(RAW)
The show kicks off with a small ad for the new Light Heavyweight championship which was announced by Stephanie to compete with Smackdown's Cruiserweight division.
Cesaro vs Big Show
Cesaro grounds Big Show with a german suplex and softens him up with a couple of hard blows to the head. Big Show slams Cesaro onto the mat and walks off.
Tamina vs Cameron
The match starts and Tamina instantly gains control of Cameron. She hits her with a couple of Somoan Drops before hitting the superkcik and going top rope for the Superfly Splash.
Hideo Itami vs Mark Henry
Henry takes down Itami with an STO and works him down with chops to the chest. Itami manages to fight back, but Henry's strength is too much, as Henry corners him and crushes him with a running splash. Big show than makes his way down the ramp, before he is attacked by Cesaro, who fights him to the backstage area. The fight is broken up by the locker room, but Big Show sneaked in the WMD, knocking out Cesaro. Back at ringside, Henry keeps the beatdown of Itami going, before rolling him back into the ring, Itami then hits Henry with a combination of strikes, and attempts to hit the GTS but cant lift up Henry. Henry then slams him onto the mat with the WSS for the victory. After the match Kane makes his way to the ring and beats down Itami with a chair, until Neville runs out to make the save. The giants back off leaving Neville to aid his fallen friend.
WWE Main Event(Smackdown)
Jack Swagger vs Fandango
Swagger makes his way to the ring, followed by Bo Dallas, but they are attacked by the Chick Magnets with chairs. Breeze than wraps a chair around Swaggers ankle and demands that Fandango hit his flying leg drop on the chair. Fandango climbs up as Rosa keeps her foot on Bo's head making him watch the pain that Swagger will go through, as Fandango jumps and connects with the move a resounding snap is heard throughout the arena as Swagger screams in pain. The Chick Magnets and their valet leave the Real Americans writhing in pain.
The Miz and Heath Slater vs Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder
Slater and Ziggler start it off for their teams, Slater holds Ziggler down in a head lock, and picks him up for a suplex. Ziggler than fights Slater off and tags in Ryder who instantly hits the Miz with a forearm and then goes after Slater. The Miz goes for a chair, and Ziggler notices and tries to stop him but he receives a chair shot to the head, the referee calls for the bell but the furious Miz beats down each competitor until security takes him away.
Nikki Bella vs Emma
Emma runs at Nikki, she goes for a clothesline, but Nikki dodges it. Emma goes chest first into the corner, and Nikki takes advantage, hitting Emma with a neckbreaker. Nikki works Emma down with blows to the upper body, until Eva Marie makes her way down the ramp. She decides to watch by ringside and that pisses off Nikki Bella, who takes and eye off of Emma. Emma rolls up Nikki, but she kicks out. She grabs Emma and hits her with the Rack Attack for the victory. Eva Marie slides into the ring and hits Nikki with her own finisher, standing tall to end this week of WWE television.
This post is pretty long and sloppy but next time I do a post like this I will make sure to make it easier to read.
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2016.07.23 18:20 gamer11200 2016 SquaredCircle Prediction Series - Battleground

Welcome to the Battleground prediction series. This is the 7th event of the 2016 SquaredCircle Prediction Series. Your first time participating? Don't worry, there is still time to cement YOUR legacy as the greatest predictor of WWE PPV matches and YOU being crowned the 2016 SquaredCircle Prediction Series champion!
Throughout the year, members of the SquaredCircle universe (YOU!) will submit predictions for WWE Pay-Per-View events. 3 Points will be awarded for each correct match prediction that doesn't end in DQ and 1 point for each bonus question. 5 bonus points are given for perfect match predictions. The participants(s) with the most overall points at the end of the year will be crowned the 2016 SquaredCircle Prediction Series Champion(s)!
Predictions will be accepted up to the start of the first match that you can predict a winner for made official as of 12:00 p.m. on Saturday July 23rd, 2016.
Please upvote this post for visibility so that others can see and participate. This is a self-post, I do not get thread karma for this. I don't care about Reddit Karma, I care about getting as many wredditors to play as possible and front page is the key to success.
2295 members of /SquaredCircle have submitted predictions for Battleground!
The Usos vs. Breezango - Preshow match
The Usos: 1357 (59.13%)
Breezango: 933 (40.65%)
Draw: 5 (0.22%)
The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family
The New Day: 685 (29.85%)
The Wyatt Family: 1596 (69.54%)
Draw: 14 (0.61%)
Team Sasha vs. Team Charlotte
Team Sasha: 2090 (91.07%)
Team Charlotte: 199 (8.67%)
Draw: 6 (0.26%)
United States Championship - Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder
Rusev: 1876 (81.74%)
Zack Ryder: 413 (18.00%)
Draw: 6 (0.26%)
Intercontinental Championship - The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young
The Miz: 1147 (49.98%)
Darren Young: 1134 (49.41%)
Draw: 14 (0.61%)
Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
Becky Lynch: 1915 (83.44%)
Natalya: 355 (15.47%)
Draw: 25 (1.09%)
Team Cena vs. The Club
Team Cena: 1624 (70.76%)
The Club: 648 (28.24%)
Draw: 23 (1.00%)
Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn: 1104 (48.10%)
Kevin Owens: 989 (43.09%)
Draw: 202 (8.80%)
WWE Championship - Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose: 1184 (51.59%)
Roman Reigns: 244 (10.63%)
Seth Rollins: 666 (29.02%)
Draw: 201 (8.76%)
What Will Be The First Match on the PPV?
New Day vs. Wyatts: 399 (17.39%)
Team Sasha vs. Team Charlotte: 53 (2.31%)
Rusev vs. Ryder: 685 (29.85%)
Miz vs. Young: 560 (24.40%)
Becky vs. Natalya: 184 (8.02%)
Team Cena vs. The Club: 84 (3.66%)
Zayn vs. Owens: 300 (13.07%)
Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Rollins: 6 (0.26%)
Unannounced match: 24 (1.05%)
What Will Be The Second-To-Last Match on the PPV?
New Day vs. Wyatts: 121 (5.27%)
Team Sasha vs. Team Charlotte: 630 (27.45%)
Rusev vs. Ryder: 160 (6.97%)
Miz vs. Young: 95 (4.14%)
Becky vs. Natalya: 242 (10.54%)
Team Cena vs. The Club: 858 (37.39%)
Zayn vs. Owens: 172 (7.49%)
Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Rollins: 4 (0.17%)
Unannounced match: 13 (0.57%)
Who will be Sasha Banks' partner?
Alexa Bliss: 47 (2.05%)
Alicia Fox: 8 (0.35%)
Aliyah: 2 (0.09%)
Asuka: 45 (1.96%)
Bayley: 987 (43.01%)
Becky Lynch: 5 (0.22%)
Billie Kay: 1 (0.04%)
Brie Bella: 18 (0.78%)
Carmella: 53 (2.31%)
Emma: 21 (0.92%)
Eva Marie: 16 (0.70%)
Lana: 0 (0.00%)
Liv Morgan: 1 (0.04%)
Mandy Rose: 0 (0.00%)
Maryse: 1 (0.04%)
Naomi: 48 (2.09%)
Natalya: 0 (0.00%)
Nia Jax: 189 (8.24%)
Nikki Bella: 257 (11.20%)
Paige: 192 (8.37%)
Peyton Royce: 1 (0.04%)
Rosa Mendes: 3 (0.13%)
Summer Rae: 12 (0.52%)
Tamina: 2 (0.09%)
no partner: 5 (0.22%)
other: 381 (16.60%)
Future 2016 SquaredCircle Prediction Series events
Option 1: 319 (13.90%)
Option 2: 247 (10.76%)
Option 3: 1018 (44.36%)
No Opinion: 711 (30.98%)
No perfect predictions
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2016.06.17 19:47 WrestlingLawyers WWE Brand Split Mock Draft (Picks 21-Finish)

A reminder, this is something my friend and I did for fun and to share. Thank you to those who have commented or messaged us. We really appreciated the feedback from everyone. I hope this has been as entertaining to read as it was for us.
The first 10 picks can be found Here, and the next 10 picks can be found here.
The Raw GM is Brik Young
The Smackdown GM is Big BuBBA, Esq.
Here are the conclusion of the draft and we hope to do a supplemental draft of NXT guys.
A reminder of the Rules:
1) Cannot draft “Special Attractions”. No Rock/HHH/TakeLesner
2) Major Champs float between shows. (Roman, Charlotte, New Day)
3) Each show gets a secondary title. (You draft Rusev, I have to take Miz next)
4) You have the option to draft established Tag Teams as a whole, or draft only one member and break them up. No creating new teams for the draft though.
5) Same with managers (i.e. Lana with Rusev)
6) Draft is for long term (Dynasty) but trades may occur in the future.
7) NXT will be drafted as a supplemental draft.
Current Rosters are:
RAW Roster: Enzo Amore; Colin Cassady; Seth Rollins; Kevin Owens; Sami Zayn; Cesaro; Randy Orton; Baron Corbin; Dolph Ziggler; Neville; Rusev w/Lana
Smackdown Roster: John Cena; AJ Styles; Karl Anderson; Luke Gallows; Dean Ambrose; Bray Wyatt; Alberto Del Rio; Sasha Banks; Sheamus; The Miz w/ Maryse; Luke Harper
Now to the Draft,
With the 21st selection of the draft, Raw selects: Apollo Crews
Comments: The body. The moves. And the talent. Apollo certainly could use just a dash of charisma, but all things being said, he steadily improves each week.
With the 22nd selection, Smackdown selects: Becky Lynch
Comments: The quest to have the best woman’s roster ever assembled starts with Sasha and grows exponentially with Becky Lynch. Lynch is arguable a better technician than Sasha, and has the undefinable “it” factor that makes her a fan favorite. Her mic work and steampunk fashion are not for everyone, but her in-ring skills make her a standout star. Becky and Sasha will be the anchors of Smackdown’s women’s division now and for years to come.
With the 23rd selection of the draft, Raw selects: Kane
Comments: Now, let’s be clear: Corporate Kane isn’t what we want. We are talking hell fire and brimstone, Kane. We want monster Kane that Teddy Long once used to strike fear in some gullible heel back in the day….playa!
With the 24th selection, Smackdown selects: The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara)
Comments: At this point I realized there are a lot of heel tag teams, and they need a babyface team to wrestle. The Lucha Dragons edge out the Usos here for a few reasons. Kalisto is a former Intercontinental Champion and had a good run as a singles star. Together they bring their unique (for the WWE) lucha inspired abilities to the Smackdown ring. Further, their notoriety in Latin American countries and communities creates a more marketable entity for tour and merchandise sales.
With the 25th selection of the draft, Raw selects: The Uso’s (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso)
Comments: Let’s be honest. You can’t tell the Uso’s apart. But when that face paint is one and they are flying across the ring and over the ropes, they make you want to shout: “UUU!!!!.. “SOOOOO!!!!”
With the 26th selection, Smackdown selects: Chris Jericho
Comments: This seems low, but Chris Jericho is in the down side of his career. He is still a locker room leader, and one of (if not the) best promos in the business. His in ring work is still more than acceptable even though he has slowed down and worked a safer style in recent years. Part of his fall is from the knowledge that Jericho is not going to be around for many more years to come, and during that time he will take long absences to work on his other projects. Still, he is a proven, recognizable entity who can be sent out to do PR work for the company, and plugged immediately in a feud the night he returns. Lower than he should be but a definite value pick for the draft.
With the 27th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Paige
Comments: The darling of Raw – with just a lot of edge. For some reason, we can’t stop watching her
With the 28th selection, Smackdown selects: Jack Swagger
Comments: A tremendous amount of talent, and a solid in ring performer, Swagger is a former ECW and World Heavyweight champion. His negatives are well known. He is not a great talker, and his out of the ring character is suspect, even if he just got caught doing what everyone else was. Regardless the raw talent is too much to ignore. At this point Swagger is a veteran on the roster, and has spent more than enough time in the doghouse. Book him in a solid program and let him prove himself and I believe he will quickly become a mainstay in the upper mid card.
With the 29th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan
Comments: Both are big and bearded. Braun is the muscle of the Wyatt Family. However, we’ll need to see how he’ll do without Bray for guidance. Hmmmm….I’m thinking some Kane may be the perfect mentor. As for Rowan, Can we please lose the coveralls? Its summer!
With the 30th selection, Smackdown selects: Zack Ryder
Comments: Let’s be honest. Ryder is average (for the WWE) in the ring, and cuts an average promo, but his charisma is off the charts. He is a rarity in the modern wrestling world as a pure babyface that the crowd always seems behind. His booking is questionable, and there may be a reason for that, but he makes the absolute most of every opportunity that he is given. It’s time to give him a chance to succeed. Everyone may be right and he may fail, but he at least deserves the opportunity to be booked in a long program.
With the 31st selection of the draft, Raw selects: Natalya
Comments: Nattie!!! When are you going to win the strap? It has been too long coming. Believe us, we want you to succeed! Nattie has future Hall of Famer and legend written all over her.
With the 32nd selection, Smackdown selects: Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley
Comments: The most decorated team of all time, and in the conversation for greatest Tag Team of all time. The Dudley’s may be on the back end of their career, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. They are proven entities as both heels and faces, and when given the chance, Bubba may cut the best heel promos in the business. He has nearly caused riots in both TNA and ECW. Both are solid workers, and are better as a unit than as singles stars.
With the 33rd selection of the draft, Raw selects: Tamina
Comments: This entertainer simply hasn’t shown us her best yet. Every time we see Tamina, it appears she is holding something back. Raw wants Tamina in her rawest form (no pun intended).
With the 34th selection, Smackdown selects: Summer Rae
Comments: Some may see her as a leftover of the Swimsuit model Divas of prior years, but in reality Summer Rae is a capable worker in the ring who has not been allowed to show her abilities on the main roster. She was brought up to be eye candy with Fandango and has never been given the opportunity to evolve. I wouldn’t put her on the same level as Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley, or Becky, but that doesn’t mean she can’t keep up with them. If you look back to her work in NXT, she developed a strong character, and managed to work entertaining matches. Give her a chance to work and she may be a star, or at worst she stays as the hottest eye candy on the roster.
With the 35th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Vaudevillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)
Comments: Aiden English – This member of the Vaudevillians looks like a ripped Sherlock Holmes. But seriously, a darker gimmick change could be coming to this black and white pair of thugs from a forgone age. Simon Gotch – The strongman of the Vaudevillians. We have two questions: (1) Where’d you get that singlet, and (2) is that ‘stache’ real???
With the 36th selection, Smackdown selects: Breezango (Fandango and Tyler Breeze)
Comments: Two younger guys that show sparks of greatness. At one point Fandago was the hottest new thing on the Raw roster. He won a Wrestlemania match over Chris Jericho and had the entire audience dancing to his theme the next night. Breeze was the darling of NXT who somehow got left behind when Finn, Joe, Crews and others came in from the Indies. Together, I hope these two young stars can find some glory.
With the 37th selection of the draft, Raw selects: The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)
Comments: Konnor – I guess if the Ascension is a modern remake of the originators of a dominating tag team, Legion of Doom (aka the Road Warriors) Konnor would be the equivalent of Animal? Viktor – Modern day Hawk? I will say, the Ascension is a tag team that CAN WORK! Both are talented workers but may need some small tweaks with the gimmick. Hell, we want LOD back too! But the Ascension have that LOD essence but the dominance is what is missing here.
With the 38th selection, Smackdown selects: The Big Show
Comments: The largest athlete in sports entertainment history, and the best “Giant” of all time. The Big Show gets a lot of hate, for simply going out and doing what is asked of him. He has an absolute willingness to put over anyone when asked. He can be walked out as an immediate threat to any title at any time, and can seamlessly transition from face to heel.
With the 39th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Emma
Comments: Who else is glad she ditched the dance? You know, the one that looked like a she was doing the Nazi version of the Egyptian dance? That certainly was not Bangles approved! None-the-less, Emma is an absolutely underrated female worker. Emma holds her own against the best female competitors today. She doesn’t need the mic…just her skills.
With the 40th selection, Smackdown selects: The Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and Heath Slater)
Comments: Three perfectly capable wrestlers who make the most out of every opportunity that they are given. Slater is a fantastic talker and is very safe in the ring. He has an opportunity to become the next Ryder or Sandow, the guy who gets over despite his booking. Axel and Dallas are both bred for this business and are solid workers in the ring. Axel is technically skilled and can keep up with anyone in the squared circle. Bo, much like his brother, is exceptional at finding unique gimmicks, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something that sticks.
With the 41st selection of the draft, Raw selects: Dana Brooke
Comments: We just want Dana to continue to belittle and pet people. Classic.
With the 42nd selection, Smackdown selects: Nikki Bella
Comments: Some say that Nikki Bella…is the most dominant Diva’s champion ever. There are many red flags here. 1) her neck injury; 2) can she keep up with the new crop of Women wrestlers (not divas); and 3) how many years does she have left. Those aside, she is a natural heel, and may be the best woman on the mic (seriously, other than Steph who is better).
With the 43rd selection of the draft, Raw selects: Eva Marie
Comments: Big Red. Not sure what we are going to do with her yet. Just keep staring while we figure that out.
With the 44th selection, Smackdown selects: Titus O’Neil
Comments: He is a big powerhouse, and by all indications one of the nicest guys on the roster. The publicity that he receives about his work out of the ring is always a major benefit for the company. In the ring, he just doesn’t connect with me. He is a big powerhouse who barks. Other than that I am not sure what to do with him. Put him in the ring and let him throw some fools around, maybe he will get over. If not he is a great brand ambassador.
With the 45th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Darren Young
Comments: Mr. 24/7/365!!! Totally underrated worker. We see Darren as a future US Champ. He is too talented to not get some huge pushes.
With the 46th selection, Smackdown selects: Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth)
Comments: Two veterans and locker rooms leaders. They are definitely in the twilight of their career, but can still entertain. Neither will set the world on fire, but limit them to backstage antics and comedy matches and they will more than pull their weight. Further they will be father figures to the locker room and help advance younger stars.
With the 47th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Primo and Epico
Comments: Epico – Wait? Where is the matador costume? Primo – Hey! What did you do with the little bull?
With the 48th selection, Smackdown selects: Mark Henry
Comments: Honestly, this pick makes me sad. Just a few years ago Mark Henry would have been a top 15 pick. At this point, he is virtually retired from in ring competition, though he may have one last run left. Henry is a long tenured employ and locker room leader. Whatever juice he has left, I am proud that he will be using it on Smackdown. Mark can finish filling the walls of the Hall of Pain, and then he will be sent off with the respect and honors that he deserves into his retirement.
With the 49th selection of the draft, Raw selects: Naomi
Comments: This female worker is arguably one of the most athletic ever. Her light up sneakers are cool too. Lots of room to improve her in-ring skills, but given her natural talent, that should not be an issue.
With the 50th selection, Smackdown selects: Alicia Fox
Comments: Its between her and Rosa, which makes this an easy choice. I don’t mean to insult Foxxy, but I just don’t know what she is. She has been on the roster for what seems like 10 years, and I cannot point to a single thing that she has done to advance herself, outside of playing the silent partner in Team Bella. Still, at the end of the day, she isn’t Rosa.
With the 51st selection of the draft, Raw selects: Rosa Mendes
Comments: See comments about Eva Marie. No seriously, we are trying to figure this one out too.
Final Rosters:
Raw: Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Rusev, Lana, Apollo Crews, Kane, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Paige, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan, Natalya, Tamina, Aiden English, Simon Gotch, Konnor, Viktor, Emma, Dana Brooke, Eva Marie, Darren Young, Epico, Primo, Naomi, Rosa Mendes
Smackdown: John Cena, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio, Sasha Banks, Sheamus, The Miz, Maryse, Luke Harper, Becky Lynch, Kalisto, Sin Cara, Chris Jericho, Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Summer Rae, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Big Show, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Nikki Bella, Titus O'Neil, Goldust, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Alicia Fox.
Thank you to everyone who bothered to read through this. As always questions, comments, and personal attacks are always welcome.
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2016.01.14 05:12 Mag35 Can These WWE Superstars & Divas Be Saved?

TIt's no secret that WWE has a lot of fat trimming to do with the current roster being filled up with lots of "talent" that goes unused and so many young rookies chomping at the bit in NXT. So this post will focus on the top 20 people I believe need to be "booked or cooked" and how they can be best used or if they should be sent packing for the indies or TNA.
  1. Eva Marie: in my opinion, this woman was put in an unfair situation. WWE liked her look and expected her to be a wrestler overnight. Bottom line is, she will never make it as a Diva. However, I think Eva can be saved. Consider the incredible run Sunny had as a manager in WWE in the mid 90's. She never wrestled a match unless it was a mud wrestling segment, and she did just fine. WWE has failed in the art of making talented individuals "managers or valets" and let's face it, Eva Marie is very good looking. That's why WWE hired her to begin with. And it has been stated that she has a very high IQ. So I say BOOK Eva Marie as a valet to an underachieving team like The Ascension. Let her be the leader of that duo and have her take them to a successful run for he next 2 years as tag team division leaders. But no wrestling, she should simply be there to get heat and manage.
  2. The Ascension: speaking of the Lords of the Wasted-Talent-Land, what happened to these guys? They dominated in NXT, but fell flat on the main roster. My solution, as stated above, is to give them a year with Eva Marie as the "brains" behind their operation, GET THEM AWAY FROM CODY RHODES, and give them a fair shot as a much needed heel tag team in that division. See if those 3 together can make something out of nothing much like the New Day has done. Just make them heels who are brilliant at the basics: crap on the town they're in and talk about how they are genetically better than everyone else with Eva Marie being their mouthpiece and eye candy for fans to despise.
  3. Zack Ryder: the Long Island Iced Z, in my opinion, gets one final run as a tag team partner for Mojo Rawley on the main roster. If after a year, both Zack and Mojo are a failure, cut ties with both of them. I'm sure WWE will try to give Mojo a singles run as well because he has some sort of unclear relationship with Rob Gronkowski, but let's face it, Ryder has been mistreated for years by WWE management and deserves to try to make himself a bigger draw in another company (or country).
  4. Cameron: just cut her. She is currently taking time away from WWE to "work on herself". Well she never had a speck of talent, and proved herself to be a complete dumbass on Tough Enough by being the first person eliminated. She has zero value. Brodus Clay is long gone, and there is no longer a need for a random backup dancer. She comes across as a complete fool on Total Divas too. Please, WWE, fire this employee tonight. She's useless. Maybe the most useless WWE employee of all time.
  5. Fernando, Diego, and El Torito: well, as for Torito, there is no longer a reason to keep him around. Seemingly, the tag team is going to be repackaged as something new, so goodbye Little Bull. As for Diego and Fernando or Epico and Primo, unless WWE plans to bring back Carlito for him to have a small stable of family members (and these two to be used as his backup), I see very few situations where this tag team can excel over up and coming tag teams like Enzo and Cass, The Vaudvillians, or Dash & Dawson, or Gable & Jordan. Not saying these two guys don't have talent, and I know WWE loves to have their Latino stars on the roster, but at the end of the day, they really don't draw so I say cook them off the roster and let them try in ROH or wherever failing WWE tag teams go to die.
  6. R-Truth: R-Truth falls into the Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry category, a few guys who are most likely soon to retire. In the case of R-Truth, no, the guy will never be a world champ in WWE, his best days are behind him, but the guy is like 700 years old, and still looks the same as when he debuted. And his in ring work is still equally the same. In my opinion, you don't fire R-Truth unless he starts violating wellness policies, and I have for many years speculated that he has been Vince McMahons coke dealer. Instead, you find a place for R-Truth to survive either as a trainer, road agent, or maybe with a show on the WWE Network. But I feel like his in ring career needs to soon end. He can have moments when he's funny, but no one wants to see R-Truth taking a MITB ladder match spot or being in a KOTR tourney. So, yeah, don't fire him, but keep him away from any place where a young talent is being held back for a veteran to have a spot, aka the ring.
  7. Damien Sandow: this one hurts, but Sandow falls into the Ryder Mis-Management category. Simply stated, you either find a place on Raw for Sandow to succeed (even in the high midcard) or you future endeavor the guy so he can entertain elsewhere. Too much talent and time being wasted with this superstar, and it's not fair. My opinion, being that WWE "Creative" can't seem to find a place to book him, let him go. And shame on you WWE Creative for being so untalented that you can't find a way to get this guy on tv every week. You dropped the ball.
  8. Big Show: when fans chant "please retire" you have gotta be thinking ok I have overstayed my welcome. I know the industry doesn't grow 7' tall, 500 pound giants every year, but this guy's time is up. You let Big Show "retire" being he has accomplished everything he needed to when he won the André Battle Royal in 2015 (essentially getting his WrestleMania Moment). But you send him off in style and find a home for him in corporate or as a special "trainer for big men" in Florida. No more tv time though past the Summer of 2016.
  9. Daniel Bryan: a big contract (I suppose) and a guy who WWE doesn't want to medically clear. His concussions and neck problems have had this major player on the shelf for most of 2015 and in my opinion, his fan interest has left the train station during that time. Time to say goodbye to maybe the biggest "what could have been" story the WWE has ever told. It's sad, it sucks, but it needs to be done. It's business, and it's time to say goodbye to the GOAT.
  10. Jerry Lawler: is it necessary to keep paying this guy? WWE has about 818 play by play and color commentary guys. And it's 2016, not 2006, or 1996, or 1986, or hell, even 1976!!! The Jerry Lawler book needs to close and SmackDown! needs a new color commentary guy in 2016 if they want to rebrand themselves as a new show. No one even watches SD! so for God sakes, Lawler had to see the writing on the wall when JR got axed and when he lost his spot on Raw. It's long enough since his heart attack that it would not be seen as classless to let the King go...meaning no one will say "how could you do that to a guy who almost died working for you?" SD! and Lawler are antiquated assets, both needing to be replaced. Replace Lawler with Saxton and send Corey Graves to Raw.
  11. Fandango: he never really panned out. As "dancing guys" in WWE never seem to do. Let him go. That simple. No need to go much further into it.
  12. Hornswoggle: I'm sure it's hard to be a little person, but smoking pot to cope with your issues is a sign this guy isn't taking his career too seriously at this stage of the game. There's no use for this guy anymore, let him go.
  13. Sin Cara: I know Kalisto just ended his run as (technically) a 1 day US Champ, but it's clear WWE has recently seen more in this superstar from the end of 2015 to the present day than just a tag team wrestler. I don't know if he is going to be the next Mysterio or not, but being locked in tag team while you may be the next big light heavyweight isn't the way to go. In my opinion, Sin Cara (the character) died with the Mystico wrestler who failed so hard. His last job was to get Kalisto over to the main roster. Job well done, but I think WWE would be smart to not bring Sin Cara back to tv after this latest injury, as it may derail the push Kalisto is getting. Final verdict-let Sin Cara/Hunico/whoever go immediately. And when fans chant Lucha Lucha going forward, just refer to Kalisto as "The Lucha Dragon" similar to how Davey Boy Smith kept the "British Bulldog" name without Dynamite Kid.
  14. Tyson Kidd: WWE needs to get some stem cell into this guys body and bring him back to tv. This guy is so overdue for a push its scary. I don't know if his career is over, but if he does make a comeback from his horrific spinal injury, it's my opinion to push him hard. Note: with all these fantastic cruiserweights like Kidd, Neville, Kalisto, Breeze and half of NXT's roster, why has WWE not been talking about bringing back the Cruiserweight division with its own championship? Just a thought.
  15. Alicia Fox: I have always been on the fence with this Diva. She does have talent in the ring, she had a strange gimmick going for a while that she was bag shit crazy, and she has a great look. I know the Divas Division is being mismanaged, and I will fix it in the next #16 spot, but I still think Fox has value and needs to be handled better. Keep her one more year.
  16. Goldust: the Divas Division needs its own identity. I think Goldust has expressed an interest as becoming the person who "governs" this aspect of the show. So I think retire the "bizarre one" from in ring competition, and make him the GM for the Divas. Mick Foley could also work in this role, but someone needs to be a voice for these women and I think he could be the man who takes the role of Jon Lovitz in A League of Their Own and makes this revolution happen.
  17. Rose Mendes: well, she never has worked out as a wrestler. In my opinion, send her into a valet role or when she gets back from maternity leave, find a role for her and slowly move her out the door. It shows low class to fire a new mom, and I don't even know what kind of legal ramifications I would be putting WWE in if I was making this decision, but she's pretty useless other than looking hot and dancing. Adios, Rosa...in time.
  18. Zeb Colter: what the hell just happened with Zeb? What the hell is happening with this League of Nations stable? I know it was a band-aid for the issue of Rollins getting hurt and WWE scrambling like an egg to figure out what to do, but Zeb's entire booking, with Del Rio, then without, now seemingly gone again, is so confusing, I would just suggest it is an opportune time to say goodbye to good ole Uncle Zebakiah and wish him well. Unless you have plans for Swagger... And speaking of Swagger...
  19. Jack Swagger: there is just too much talent in NXT and other guys on the main roster that have not been used correctly. Swagger just seems to be in the way. In the territory days, Swagger would've been great. If they were to bring back Jim Cornette, Swagger would fit into a stable of USWA guys for Cornette to manage. But it's 2016, Swagger is on borrowed time, and his time is up. Swagger gets future endeavored. And anyone who dislikes it, wouldn't you rather see your favorite NXT superstar get a spot on the roster?
  20. The Authority: obviously they won't be getting fired. But they need a good year off tv now that fans seem to be in agreement that their storyline has gotten boring. I doubt they will ever be written off, and recent rumors have stated even worse, Triple H may be crowning himself World Champ at the Rumble (ugh), but I think the entire program would benefit from a change of pace and a new person in charge for a few months. Maybe this could be a good role for a Daniel Bryan type of guy for a while. Someone who naturally gets a pop that fans would be happy to see every week from city to city instead of being put in a negative mood by Triple H and Stephanie every raw. Just a thought.
Well, those are my people who need to be dealt with. If someone isnt on this list that you think should be, go ahead and leave if in the comments. And if I left someone off the list, well, I maybe just think said person is either ok in their current role, or maybe it's a case of they're already being tested in a new position (like the Social Outcasts), or maybe I think their body of work speaks for itself and they are not worth mentioning. But those are my top 20 people who need to be booked of sent packing. Thanks for readin!
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2015.03.27 09:33 lesi20 2 Fast 2 Furious (Re-Watch/Official Discussion)

Hello everyone,
After 6 amazingly fast movies (The original trilogy and the 3 prequels) the long awaited Episode 7 is finally here. The critics and the fans are already praising it (Currently 85% on RT with 20 reviews), and I guessed to starts a re-watch week about the series... maybe some of you want to know why the hell is this series have 7 movies.. Each day till next Wednesday, I will post a discussion thread about each previous movies. This is the Road To Furious 7
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
Forget about it Cuh
Brian O'Conner has left LA due to his illegal actions from the first movie and now soars the streets of Miami making money here and there by street racing. Watched by Customs Agent Monica Fuentes, Brian is caught by the police and is given a deal by Agent Markham and Bilkins to go undercover and try to bring down drug lord Carter Verone in exchange for his criminal record to be erased. Brian agrees but only if he is given permission to choose his partner. Brian heads home to Barstow, California where he recruits an old friend Roman Pearce to help him. Pearce agrees but only for the same deal Brian was offered. With the help of Monica, Brian and Rome work together to take down Verone.
Director: John Singleton
Screenplay: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 36%
Metacritic Score: 4
Previous Discussions:
The Fast And The Furious
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2014.05.19 03:57 Robbie_Bert Movie suggestion for the PKA cast to watch & discuss

The movie is
"The Place Beyond The Pines"
It stars Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Dane Dehaan.
Gosling is a skilled motorcyclist who starts robbing banks with a partner in order to provide for his baby son. He gets in to some trouble with Cooper and, well I won't ruin the rest. It's a fantastic fucking movie.
I'd love the PKA cast to discuss this movie. Others I want them to discuss that they haven't before is Blue Valentine which is by the same director and Silence Of The Lambs (no idea why this hasn't been discussed, it's a lot better than no country for old men and hastwo of the best murderer villains of all time.)
Anyone seen these movies?
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2014.04.23 18:00 RauschGames [WWE 2K14] Universe Mode NXT Fallout, Superstars Fallout, Smackdown Preview, IWC Preview, King of Trios Preview - May 2K14, Week Four (4/23/14)

Big post for you today, guys. Let's start off by talking a bit about NXT from earlier this week.
With NXT recapped, let's move on to a recollection of Superstars this week.
And now with our recaps out of the way, let's preview some weekend action. First, Smackdown.
Two members of the NWO take each on in a friendly bout most likely only concerned with power ranking. Must've been a boring week in the booking office.
Despite Natalya's confirmed match against Divas' Champion AJ Lee at Over the Limit on Sunday, this has been booked as a number one contender's match. To us this means that the winner will either be the number one contender as of June 1st OR will be inserted into a triple threat match at Over the Limit. Either way, this adds a new wrinkle to the well-documented, Edge-centric blood feud between Kaitlyn and Lita.
Christian continues his Smackdown mid-card resurgence, this week locking up with Shawn Michaels in the latter's singles competition debut in our 2K14 universe.
In one more showdown before their match for the title on Sunday night, these two foes are sure to do some damage. Natalya's spent most of this month distracted by her rage over being skipped over for a title shot LAST month, so much so that she seems to be in danger of not being ready for her title shot in two days. Can she control her mind this weekend, or has AJ already won?
They've spent all month trying to put each other in increasingly dangerous scenarios in and around the ring, and now that Steamboat seems to be turning things around, can it be said that Razor pushed him too far? Extreme Rules should sort this right out.
Again, not the best card we've ever seen for Smackdown (seriously, where are our champions?), but we're almost through May. And of course, the night after Smackdown, we bring you IWC. Here's that card for you.
Two divas not known for their in-ring ability? Give 'em a match!
Holy hell, how would you not vote for this? Their teams hate each other, so the head of the IWC locks them in a cage. Brilliant!
Max Smashmaster's partner in the Devastation Corporation takes on one half of the Young Bucks in another tag rivalry boiled down to its individual parts.
The rivalry continues to escalate, and if they keep running through match gimmicks like this, we'll be seeing C4 before very long.
And this is what the month of May has been building to. Sweeney Antoine has skyrocketed up the rankings, but Ohno has already successfully defended his belt. Who do the tables favor here?
As usual, it's up to all of you to vote for one of these five matches to be shown live. Votes will be cut off by Thursday night (4/24), so get them in fast!
And this week's episode will be a little different. After the votes are tabulated, two of the first three matches on the card will be changed to make room for our first taste of the 2K14 King of Trios tournament. We will play two qualifying matches to determine the 29th and 30th seeds in the tournament bracket. Fighting for #29 will be the Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw, The Shard, and Darren Williams) against Bullet Club (Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and Eddie Kingston), while #30 will be contested by Team Briscoe (Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, and Sami Zayn) and Team IWC (Carpenter Ant, The Great Matsuda, and Kurt Angle).
We will be showing both of these matches as well as our voted-upon match, so you can anticipate an action-packed episode of IWC this week. and once the qualifiers are complete, we'll have our full bracket for the King of Trios ready just in time for June.
Speaking of the bracket, we'll end today's post with some more info about it.
Here's the bracket as it stands: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BlxH3lfCQAAQvSo.jpg
And here's the full list of teams with all members: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BlxNxePCMAAlta7.jpg
I'm going to go take a few breaths now. You guys can look out for Smackdown on YouTube later today.
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2013.04.18 16:27 ben_smith_123 IJW: The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

Sombre drama about the shadows fathers cast over their sons, told with 3 consecutive tales in small town New York state. Luke (Ryan Gosling), a chain smoking, tattooed motorcycle stuntman with a travelling fair, discovers he has a son with his ex-lover Romina (Eva Mendes). Guilty about missing his formative years he quits his job to stay in town and make amends – but falling in with small-time crook Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) and rivalry from Romina’s new partner threaten to be his undoing. The story switches to the clean-cut hero cop Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper) who has the idyllic family life Luke doesn’t, but is plagued with an inability to bond with his infant son. He faces growing dissatisfaction with his job on the force as he is bullied into corruption and evidence tampering. Pushed to the limit, he takes it upon himself to stand up for what’s right. 15 years later we are introduced to two stoner school-friends AJ (Emory Cohen) and Jason (Dane DeHaan) who live a carefree aimless existence until Jason discovers a dark secret about AJ’s District Attorney father that tears both their lives apart.
At 140 minutes ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ in no way feels overlong, and is captivating and entertaining for every one of those minutes – although never hitting the necessary emotional highs and lows. Lacking the muscular weight beneath the surface promised by the opening, it has to be considered a noble failure. The ambition and scope are admirable, but also unfortunately its downfall.
Charged with an ever-present melancholy it offers little in the way of hope or redemption, each story loaded with foreboding, despair and rage. The vast plot is absorbing but, in an attempt to cram so much in, it becomes unsure of what it wants to be along the way. The crime thriller elements are well handled and thoroughly enjoyable – including exhilarating motorbike sequences and conniving dirty cops – but these add little to the core conceit of a father's legacy to his son and prove distracting and disposable. With every additional element added to the story, the film’s emotive power is diminished, toying with feelings of guilt and regret which could be rendered on a smaller scale with greater poignancy.
Several well realised characters initially seem to have genuine complexity and depth, but the ambition of the grand narrative means they end up feeling skimmed over, slight and hollow. Every character is flawed or racked with turmoil in one way or another but, frustratingly, we never get to spend enough time with them to bond in any meaningful way. Gosling, Cooper, Mendez, Mendelsohn and Liotta are all fine actors and turn in great performances, but have little to work with here in the screen-time their characters are allotted. Individual moments of brilliance are lost and forgotten in the meandering expansive story.
Visually this film is near perfect, every frame beautiful and striking – creating imagery more memorable than its overall impact. Designed with a grungy small town authenticity and shot with spellbinding cinematography it deserves to be seen for this alone. It will be remembered for Gosling's scratcher tats and Metallica cut-off rather than the morality tale it aspires to be.
Striving to tie the vast plot neatly together it tries too hard, ultimately feeling shallow and lacking the fierce emotional punch clearly intended. Good, not great – a film that unfortunately totals less than the sum of its parts.
Originally posted here
[ 2012 — Dir: Derek Cianfrance — 140 mins — 15 cert — IMDb ]
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2013.04.16 16:52 YellowPoison Movie Tuesday: The Place Beyond the Pines at the Varsity Cinema at 7pm, dinner and drinks nearby afterwards

Hey guys,
It's Tuesday which means I'm late posting this but also movie time! If you need to know more about The Place Beyond the Pines than Ryan Gosling, it's as follows:
Luke (Ryan Gosling) is in constant motion, a high-wire motorcycle stunt performer who travels from town to town with the carnival. Passing through Schenectady in upstate New York, he tries to reconnect with a former lover, Romina (Eva Mendes), only to learn that she has in his absence given birth to their son Jason. Luke resolves to forsake life on the road and to provide for his newfound family, taking a job as car mechanic with Robin (Ben Mendelsohn). Robin soon discovers Luke's special talents, and proposes to partner with him in a string of spectacular bank robberies. But it is only a matter of time before Luke will run up against the law -- which comes in the form of Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper).
I'll be by the far ticket machines at 6.30pm, ready to head in fairly soon afterwards. We'll go grab dinner somewhere nearby afterwards. If you're new and would like contact info, shoot me a PM
IMDB Cinema Dog
See you then!
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2012.07.24 22:12 themightypierre Which famous person would you just have to applaud your partner having sex with ?

Inspired by this conversation on the David Beckham in photobooth thread. Who, if you caught your partner fucking them, would you have to say 'I aint even mad'
For me Beckham is obvious and Tom Hardy would be a free pass but then maybe somebody of the calibre of Buzz Aldrin (I don't want to know what that says about me).
Conversely I hope I'd be forgiven Susan Sarandon, Eva Mendes or others too numerous to mention.
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2010.06.21 07:46 kindofbluemegan We have been discussing slut slamming - but is anyone else a victom of 'prude slamming'?

I happen to really like sex and I have an active sex life with my boyfriend. I consider myself a very confident, open minded, and sexual person. And I am pretty sure that I have a lot more sex and sexual experience than most of my friends.
Some ppl around me seem to think that I am a little too innocent or something. The news that my friends think of me this way first came to me recently when I wore a dress like this - the one eva mendles is wearing. The dress was for a may wedding in the afternoon, outside and though I don't have a pic of me, the dress i wore was very similar but without the polkadots and more grayish blue. ANYWAY my friends told me it was too prudish. I think its sexy in a subtle way beacause the lines are cut in a very classic way. My friends suggested that the next wedding we are invited to (in july) I should wear something like this - well I do have a dress like that only in emerald green but I think its more of a 'fun and flirty dress' that I wear out to dance at clubs and bars etc. but its too revealing for a wedding because its rude to draw attention to yourself at a wedding (instead of the bride). Also I already have a dress picked out for the july wedding - this but my friends say its too 'pretty'.
Anyway I just like clothes that have classic, mid-century styling and I never look liek some sort of uptight wasp - I am never really more covered up than others around me. I wear stuff like this if I have to dress up. I look much like this or this when I wear casual wear. And yes I wear a bikini at the beach.
Whats going on here?!
Edit: also I have recently had tastefull nude artistic pictures taken of myself and my friends are shocked that i would even do such a thing because of my perceived 'prudeness'. And I don't like mainstream porn - I think its cheezy and unrealistic. I like good sex. I like learning from my partner and learning from instructional books and what not. My friends think this is outdated and that its more fashionable to be into porn. I'm not insecure or looking for acceptance with my friends, I'm just looking for reasons - I'm tired of being the prude.
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