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kuva coffee co. Established in St. Louis, MO in 2003.. Our mission since our outset has been to provide our customers with the finest single-origin coffees available on the world market, roasted in micro-batches.. We started selling our coffees at local farmer’s markets where we were able to directly interact with consumers and explain our small-batch roasting philosophy, focused on ... Kuva has raised USD$12MM for Kuva City Air, an aerial transport system for Harare, integrated with Kuvacash. The metro will carry 20-30 million passengers per year once complete. Los Angeles Film Studio Frame 48 follows the Kuva team to take an in depth look at the impact digital currency can have on emerging markets in their documentary ... Kuva Lich Profile Screen. After the completion of The War Within quest, the player may encounter a Kuva Larvling in a regular level 20+ Grineer mission - this does not include Sorties, Void Fissures, Invasion, Quests or Dark Sectors, but does include missions containing other factions like Lua Crossfire.The potential for the spawning of a Kuva Larvling in a mission is announced to the player ... An award winning digital art and experience design studio. We choreograph lasting moments and experiences for brands. We do this by fusing our obsession with technology with our passion for art and culture. Kuva is a special resource that can be collected with the help of Operator Void abilities from Kuva Siphons, which appear on planets near the ever-moving Kuva Fortress.. In addition to its use as a crafting material, Kuva is used to cycle Riven Mods.. Due to the circumstances through which the Kuva Fortress itself is discovered, accessing Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions is only possible ... The Kuva platform is a camera-based methane monitoring solution centered on color-coded video clips of invisible gas that are automatically generated when emission events are detected. Kuva is an important resource in Warframe that becomes obtainable after completing “The War Within” quest. Kuva is used for numerous blueprints, but more importantly it is a necessary cost for re-rolling Riven mods.This guide explores the best methods for farming Kuva and how you can do so both efficiently and easily. Maria Helena Mattsdotter Kuva was born on month day 1845, at birth place, to Matti (Matts, Matheus, Matthew) Henricsson Kuva and Kaisa (Caisa/Catharina) Mattsdotter Kuva (born Keckoin (=Kekkonen)). Matti was born on December 27 1813, in Harjujärvi 2, Mikkeli msk/St. Mickel lfs, Finland/Suomi. Kuva Uptown Salon Gifts Give. beauty. purpose. We give BEAUTY throughout our lush atmosphere and through our beautiful hair design. BEAUTY is our business. Kuva’s PURPOSE is to promote environmental awareness through supporting charities that do good things. Salon GIFTS CONTACT salon gifts contact us today Sign Up For Our Newsletter Get great deals sent… Kuva Microwave Nukor by THeMooN85, last updated on Aug 17, 2020. 5 Forma 359 Platinum 135580 Endo - Hello there, As per Wiki : Kuva Nukor : Improvements to its already great critical multiplier and status chance; beam chains between multiple enemies . These weapons have a max rank of 40 . To obtain the maximum rank, the player must polarize the weapon five times , with each Forma ...


2020.05.18 09:16 cryptoinvestor2021 DroneKuva


2019.11.16 19:07 PixelProne Kuva Lich Names

Here, you can post names for Kuva Liches you have encountered or come up with. :)

2013.07.15 19:54 changbh Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is an ancient breed of a livestock dog of Hungarian origin. Mention of the breed can be found in old Hungarian texts. It has historically been used as a royal guard dog, or to guard livestock, but has been increasingly found in homes as a pet over the last seventy years. Source: Wikipedia

2020.09.23 05:33 mokousama DE stop putting too much effort on Nightwave.

Nightwave was a replacement system for Alerts, you don't have to create a new story/boss fight every nightwave season when you are just going to scrap it 2 months later, just make the reward pool change, maybe give us some more mods, but most importantly give more Kuva/Endo/Reactors/Catalysts for new players! Also give us more events, plague star every few months, maybe even bring back old events, you don't have to 1 up yourselves every update, just make the playerbase have something to play.
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2020.09.23 03:03 Etherealityyy Returning Player here, just a few questions

MR18, stopped playing around the time Kuva liches were released, as far as I remember. I just want to know a few important things to maybe get back into the swing of things faster, and all that jazz.
If there's any other super important thing I should know about, let me know please lol, maybe Nyx doesn't need to be reworked, idk. I tend to be "uncultured" when it comes to meta and often misunderstand how weak or strong something really is.
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2020.09.23 01:13 OnyxTurtel More interactive activities instead of just kill kill kill

So this is discussion is not for new players let’s get that out the way.
I’m going to get straight to the point, I’m tired of just killing everything now, it’s stale and boring but has to be done for most things and it’s tiring.
With the new introduction of isolation vaults and the interactions they bring with puzzles and a mini boss is an amazing and refreshing activity. However you can only do it a certain amount of times due to it getting stale and repetitive.
I won’t lie killing is fun and nuking a room is amazing but it’s all too easy now with great combos that make everything highly efficient.
I hate doing long survivals to get 30k kuva to just burn through it again or farming riven silver or steel essence for an hour to just burn thorough it and then grind again.
Without long survivals I wouldn’t be where I am but it’s not interactive anymore it’s just repetitive and mind numbing. I hope someone can relate to this.
If you’ve done a long survival and you know what your doing you can just switch off and just move around without thinking. With team comps it’s even easier to just switch off.
Interactive missions need to be added, add more puzzle rooms, challenges, mini bosses.
Warframe doesn’t have to be about killing everything because eventually you can just have a load out for any situation. With puzzles you have to actually think and that is something I miss, having to actually put my head to something
Obviously everyone has different views and I don’t want you to think I’m saying this games is dying because that won’t happen for a while due to this games strong player base.
You may not be tired of killing everything but efficiently doing something and not using brain can be boring to some people eventually you can get into a rhythm of pressing the same buttons and knowing every placement of things.
All I would like at the end of the day is to start killing less and start using my head more to figure stuff out because i haven’t done that for a while in this game, due to guides and stupid op builds.
Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to read your thoughts.
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2020.09.23 00:39 bucblizzard [INT][PC][CLAN] Knights of the Kuva Table (KotKT) is an adult (18+) storm clan looking to add new members.

Are you a knight? Who likes kuva and tables? Then we're the clan for you! Jokes aside, if you want to join a clan and tend to be a more sociable person (discord voice chat not required, but preferred) you are probably a good fit for our clan. So, feel free to check out our discord or send a message if you have any questions. https://discord.gg/2zXZcFW
As said before, Clan membership is not required to join our Discord if you are not yet ready to leave your current clan or just want to be a part of our community. We are an active social clan accepting both new and veteran players so don't be afraid to ask.
What we offer:
*All research done (excluding Ignis Wraith, BUT including the Hema)
*Dry dock available as well as some Railjacks ready to head out!
*New player friendly. Everyone is welcome!
*Active Discord with people who know a lot about this game!
*We are just a casual clan, not hardcore or specialized in one specific activity in Warframe.
*Lax inactivity rules, if you want to take a break from the game you will not be kicked from discord and are free to rejoin the clan whenever you return.
*No requirement of contributing resources to the Clan Dojo
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2020.09.22 19:47 tynterstoic [ps4] [wts] vengeful flame ephemera

Help everyone I’m on PS4 and have a single lich that has vengeful flame ephemera as well as a 37% heat kuva tonkor please comment offers
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2020.09.22 19:11 Rawing7 There's an absurd number of Nightwave challenges that are unfun chores.

Ever since Nightwave became a thing I've been getting burned out more regularly. Nightwave makes me play the game in a way I don't enjoy. There are too many Nightwave challenges that are not fun because they simply don't align with my playstyle, so they feel like chores.
Nightwave's saving grace is that it's usually not a problem to skip a bunch of tasks. But if you haven't played the game in a while and need to catch up on Nightwave, you can't be as picky and it becomes annoying as fuck.
Of course there are always bound to be challenges that not everybody enjoys doing, but it's reached the point where Nightwave makes the game less fun for me. Every time I consider returning to Warframe from my hiatus, Nightwave comes to mind and makes me not want to play.
Here's a list of Nightwave challenges I dislike:
Inconvenience tier
Legitimately annoying tier
Cancer tier
Discuss. Or don't. I just had to get this off my chest.
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2020.09.22 18:56 StarkiiL [PC][WTS][LICH][KUVA SHILDEG] 49% Toxin, Price is 150p

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2020.09.22 18:51 Nvtsuu Kuva Lich?¿

So im just getting the hand of this, and forgive me if this a dumb question. I know that dependinf on the frame you can technically pick the element. Is there a way you can get higher percentages?
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2020.09.22 16:50 tynterstoic Vengeful flame ephemera

I’m selling a vengeful flame ephemera lich with the Kuva Tonkor at 36% comment price
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2020.09.22 15:15 MinimalPerfectionist The new bow skin behaves oddly on Kuva Bramma for me

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2020.09.22 08:08 gadgaurd Dear Digital Extremes: You are making it hard for me to really enjoy this game.

I love the concept of Warframe. I love the movement. I even, no joke, love Railjack. I would like to keep playing this game, but the constant nerfs are REALLY killing it for me. To explain a little bit here:

I originally decided to play WF because I happened to see a vid on YT, of someone using Mesa Prime in the void and going to town with her 4th ability. It was the best kind of stupid, a level of mass murder that would make even Tecmo Koei take notice.

I KEPT playing the game because there were a lot of cool and/or powerful pieces of gear all over the place. Particularly weapons.

I started losing interest when the multiple layers of RNG and time wasting mechanics started to grind on me. That was only annoying enough for me to no longer play WF exclusively, but that was the first knock.
That, plus the nerfs is when I really started to lose it. When I went all in to farm out my own Kuva Bramma and Forma it 5 times, only for explosive weapons across the board to get nerfed I was naturally not pleased. When Operation Scarlet Spear was going on and you nerfed at least two frames specifically because they were REALLY good at it(which is literally the point of having a varied arsenal of frames), that was the last straw. I dropped the game.

However, because I'm a forgetful sort, I never unsubscribed from the content creators I liked that did WF content. Recently I saw Quite Shy videos about the Trumna and the Mausolon, and that drew me back into the game. Got the goods I wanted and was even going to get the newest warframes, but then?

I realized that in the time I was away the Bramma got nerfed again(at least this time it wasn't an entire class of weapon), the new Helmenth system got nerfs pre-launch, and y'all are already looking to nerf MORE Heminth system options. So at this point I'm thinking: If anything I get might get nerfed simply for being really good(the sole reason I'd invest time into new gear at this point) and being picked up by a lot of players, then I have no real reason to go hunting new gear. If I have no reason to go hunting new gear, I have effectively no reason to play the game.

Really, just the thought that I could invest several hours into ONE weapon that could be used on vastly more entertaining things than affinity farming, only to have said weapon nerfed is a turn off. Not gonna speak for anyone else, but it makes me want to not play the game(and yes, I've dropped it again in like 2 weeks), and I damn sure can't get any of my friends to play it when they see this happen to me.

tl;dr Stop nerfing things all the time if you want to retain players. You already have enough trouble drawing new ones is, don't drive off the people who've been playing for a while because you can't decide how you want to balance your game.

EDIT: Just to be clear: some people seem to think the Helminth changes are my biggest issue. Not sure how they got that when I mainly mentioned and specifically named weapons, but that is not the case. I am personally more bothered by weapon nerfs than anything else, and the knowledge that "if this is really good and popular, DE will likely nerf it" keeps me from wanting to invest any time into any new gear.
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2020.09.22 07:22 MetalxTempest Kuva kohm, should I use a Heat or Toxin progenitor?

Just curious cause I’ll prob be running (Heat & Corrosive/Viral) or just (Corrosive/Viral).
Also in that scenario is Corrosive or Viral better on the Kohm?
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2020.09.22 01:23 ChaoticJoshh Game is a bit overwhelming, maybe someone can help?

Hi! I have an MR 10 Account which i played on a while ago, i came back to the game and im completely lost on what to progress on.
Theres some kuva things, theres an amp, Orb vallis, plains of eidolon and also just the general improvement of my warframes/weapons/MR. I'm sure this issue lies with me, but its hard for me to find structure in this as my progress is kind of all over the place and im not sure where to start out.

Any headers are much appreciated, thanks!
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2020.09.21 22:36 madhav101 [PC] [WTS] [Price check] [Kuva Bramma] 58% toxin with ephemera

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2020.09.21 21:58 SquirrelAngell Syndicates Expanded

So, been thinking about how base syndicates haven't really gotten love for a good while, and how the sigil system is a bit outdated in terms of requiring a cosmetic to earn standing. The thoughts I'm putting to text aren't necessarily a 'rework' for sydicates, but rather a wish toward some more expansion on their lore and impact on the game as a whole. First off, the sigil system; we can do better. Honestly, I like the idea of the sigils as these pseudo tattoos on the frames and rock one on the front that's usually none faction based. Some of the ones I like, however, are for factions I no longer have in positive standing, and would not want to gain standing with, much less lose standing with those I have ranked up now. Instead, a simple pledge system would work much better, where you simply pledge to that syndicate until you pledge to another. You gain standing as you would with the sigil, except its not locked to a cosmetic slot.
Now for the actual sydicate expansions. First off, I bring up arbiters of hexis to point out a syndicate with a secondary usage in the form of arbitrations and the vitus vendor. This has people from outside the faction visiting to claim goods after doing content. This is something of the goal for these expansions and serves as the addition to hexis. Nothing more to say on that syndicate.
The second syndicate would be steel meridian. This would be a Lich interactive expansion. My thought process would be a system that allows you to lightly interact with your converted liches, assign which one you would like to have as backup, and possibly a vendor for deployable that could call them in. They very much piggyback off the specter system, which we already have and can deploy basically at will. There really isn't any reason I could see where deploying a grineer specter would be any more unbalanced than deploying a frame specter. To also further expand on the lich system, a more active hunt beacon being available to force lich invasions would also be fairly nice. Perhaps requiring kuva to buy them, but yielding a larger amount when the lich is defeated for good. The thrall system isn't terrible, but I do like to more aggressively hunt liches, and have seen people with the same preference. Being able to incite a lich wouldn't necessarily really break the game play loop either, as you still need requiem mods to take down a lich, slowing down the pace when you get a little murder happy.
Next, for New Loka, a preservation initiative would fit rather well. Having a trade in system for flora for various resources would do nicely, explicitly offering a new vendor for universal medallions. How many and how often would remain to be seen, but since they are exclusive to one node of one mission with an abysmal drop rate, having a secondary source would allow them to ever have any impact on anything ever. This would also either get players to claim flora when they found it, or run oxylus with plant scanner more often. This could also encourage newer players who are usually in need of materials more and more likely to see something with a name and investigate it able to have another venue for resources outside of unlocking more star chart before they have access.
For Perrin Sequence, I think the ability to play pseudo stocks would be an interesting twist. Credits are already laughably easy to acquire in mass amounts to veterans of the game anyways, so the ability to slap a timer and have a very small gamble on a 'resource' you have vast amounts of anyways wouldnt overly harm the economy of the game.
Red Viel is admittedly a bit tricky. Assassination missions come to mind, but gaining something from a mission you can already breeze through seems unnecessary. That is, however, until Helminth and Steel Path came out. As it sits, ther is absolutely no reason to run SP assassination missions outside of the singular time to complete the node for progression. However, frame parts are now a much more in demand commodity for players with access to higher content to sacrifice. Enter Red Viel assassination tokens. Upon completing a steel path assassination, instead of a randomized frame part as usual, you are granted a token to bring to red viel and redeem for the piece of that frame of your choice. This creates incentive to challenge the higher tier content with little other incentive, and gives the player something they want without actually having to introduce some new cosmetic or showy badge. The increased challenge rewards an absolute. To expand further on that concept, trial of fire tokens could be up for grabs to use in sgeel path missions, creating a small challenge within a mission that would reward a small number of steel essence. This would make farming groups for less than 6 weeks a bit more viable, and generally get people to interact with shorter steel path content.
Enter Cephalon Suda. I was a bit torn on this one, as the only thing that makes suda unique as a Cephalon, pitside of personality, is her interest in music. This led me to think of suda as something of a....Octavia mandachord vendor. Players could toss a copy of their song at Octavia, and if a player likes it, they can opt to buy a version for a small price, say 25-30 platinum. This not only gives the uninventive a general repository to leaf through, but also allows those with an interest in that kind of creation to get their creation out and viewable to an actual audience.
I realize that these would take a bit of work on some, but I truly think that these would be interesting systems that would serve varying purposes for different parts of the community to interact with the syndicates on more than a "i want that card" basis.
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2020.09.21 19:02 SanicScoot Thoughts/Feedback on the Recent Xaku Buffs

(Long post again, TLDR at the bottom)
They're decent but they have lots of little random annoyances with their kit. It's not a "verified 6 forma installation", but I think it's sufficient enough to evaluate the frame. This is my second time typing this up as I accidentally refreshed my browser the first time lol
Here's my build for reference: (Aura) Sprint Boost, (Exilus) Power Drift, Vitality, Health Conversion, Transient Fortitude, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Augur Reach, Intensify, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Augur Reach, Intensify, Primed Flow
128% Duration, 100% Efficiency, 175% Range, 200% Strength
Not quite a "verified 6 forma installation" but I think three Forma is sufficient. Jokes aside, here are my thoughts on all the abilities:
Xata's Whisper: It's a rather meh ability. I mean, no reason to not turn it on unless you're looking to proc slash based off of a weapon's innate status chance. It's pales in comparison to other "damage abilities" that the Helminth offers. Xata's Whisper is put into the same group for being considered a damage ability as Vex Armor, Roar, Eclipse, and Amp while being nowhere near as powerful.
While we've already been over this conversation before, I do think the Void damage type and status need a buff. The Void status is situationally helpful, but at the same time can be a hindrance to getting headshots. I think Void Damage should be buffed to do +25% against all health and armor types. This would make it slightly better against armor with how armor reduces damage (for reference, when a damage type has an X% effectiveness against armor it ignores X% of the target's armor, then boosts the damage by X% afterwards). Void status should draw bullets towards an enemy's head/weakpoint and the size of the bubble should scale with each additional stack.
The base value of Xata's whisper should also be buffed to be the same as or better than Rhino's Roar. Xata's Whisper is a multiplicative after effect similar to Roar. Currently the base value of Xata's Whisper is 26%. Rhino's Roar is 50%. Xata's Whisper does not buff your team which is fine, but it should be stronger to make up for that. Things like Venom Dose, Shock Trooper, Smite Infusion only cost 25 base energy so the energy for amount of power isn't really much of a problem. While you are mobile while casting Xata's Whisper unlike Roar, it is a two handed animation that interrupts reloads which is rather annoying.
Also, Xata's Whisper has a UI bug where the duration doesn't pause on the buff bar while The Vast Untime is active.
Grasp of Lohk: Xaku's best or second best ability. Pretty solid for damage against stuff without much armor, but there's some major annoyances with the ability.
It should steal weapons at the beginning of the animation so that if you decide to invest 50 energy it doesn't just go to waste because squadmates decide to nuke everything in front of you right before the tendrils come out. Making it recastable was a good step for usability, but it still feels like you're fighting your team to get a good amount of weapons. I think that it should add on to the current amount of weapons you have when recast, rather than just resetting and grabbing new ones where you can end up worse off half of the time. It's hard to find large groups of enemies when most of the time when somebody already nuked everything with one of the many AOE nukes we have (which I really don't people for using).
The range at which the weapons fire at is too small. Most of the time, when you're in range to have the weapons fire you're also in range to just run up and melee. The base range should be increased to be the same as the grab range.
Why does the max amount of weapons stolen per cast scale with range? I understand the need for an upper cap otherwise we end up with optimization issues when you have 100+ weapons. Let's set the cap to 16, which would be the amount of weapons you can steal with max range currently (280% unless I'm forgetting about some mods). If there are lots of weapons in your range to steal, you should be able to steal them no matter how little or extra range you have.
It would also be nice to display the amount of weapons Xaku has currently (idk where, just add it to the buff bar or something)
The Lost: It's a decent set of abilities, but it's rather clunky to use.
I don't think the power of the abilities in The Lost warrant the 75 base energy cost. I think the base energy cost should be lowered to 50 to be more in line with things like Psychic Bolts.
My main problem with this set of abilities is how they are selected. Casting animations are really long for all of these abilities, especially considering how you have to cycle. The base speed of the casting animations should be increased by 25%. The time it takes to use hold-to-cast/tap to select ability carousels is too long at the moment when it comes to selecting the ability you want if it's not the one currently selected.
Honestly it's hard to think of a viable solution that makes sense so I'll toss some ideas out (might be smooth brained, I'm not on the cutting edge of UI design lol). Adding separate bindings for sub-abilities that cycle (Nourish, Quiver, Venari, Tribute, Minelayer, and The Lost) in the options menu would help. Another possibility is to change how abilities are cycled. My suggestion would be to hold the ability button, cycle abilities clockwise/counterclockwise with left and right click respectively, then the ability is cast on release (not sure if this would work well on controllers though). For example, if you had Deny selected and wanted to cast Gaze, you would hold 2, right click, release 2.
The Lost (Accuse): Decent ability, but it's really hampered by the fact that Grasp of Lohk's weapons cannot target it. Why is there a cap to the amount of enemies affected (thought we just talked about this, hm...)? I think it would be a much more compelling ability if Accused enemies took additional damage from all sources (or from Void damage) which would then be affected by power strength.
The Lost (Gaze): Solid ability, but it really should require less stats to be good.
For Xaku builds, you run 199%/200% or more power strength otherwise you're doing it wrong. Increase the base defense strip to 70% so it's in line with things like Psychic Bolts and Seeking Shiruken. It would be nice to have the option to put less strength on our builds. This is off topic, but could we also give this treatment to Frost's Avalanche? I don't even play Frost but it's kinda ridiculous that he has to have 250% power strength to get the full armor strip. It's his ultimate that costs 100 energy ffs.
I believe the range also needs a buff. When Xaku doesn't have a way to control where enemies are, this ability becomes hard to use in larger open areas or areas that aren't flat (such the Cambion Drift/Grineer Forest Tileset). It's a pretty good ability in enclosed tilesets like the Kuva Fortress but it's utility drops off in open areas. I would buff the base range to 16m.
The Lost (Deny): When I see this ability, I think of an Opticor blast that costs energy. The problem is that it really doesn't function like that. I want to snipe a Tusk Ballista on the Plains of Eidolon with this ability, but it has a limit to its range. The range should be made infinite. The range stat should instead scale the width of the beam.
Deny will barely do any damage against armored targets. If I'm spending energy to hit a single target, it should be dead or mostly dead. Especially at its current energy cost. To help with this, I think it should have an additional multiplier based on enemy level on top of the multiplier that Grasp of Lohk already gives it.
Maybe this part is a bad idea but I think it would be fun to give it infinite object punch through as well (similar to the Zenith). Imagine sniping enemies through walls when they're highlighted with the Zenith. This would also be nice so that it isn't stopped by terrain when the width of the beam is large.
Have the beam start to grow at the beginning of the cast animation (similar to the Opticor) to sell the power. The Opticor's beam has a .5m diameter (I'm trusting the Wiki on this, it's not listed in-game). Deny has a 4m diameter. Which one feels and looks more impactful? I'll give my answer, it's the Opticor.
The Vast Untime: Haha funny skeleton. It's good for pausing your abilities and you'll be in it most of the time. Pretty solid, but that's really the only thing it has going for it. The other parts don't really help that much.
The damage it provides to Void damage isn't that noticeable against armored targets. I'm pretty certain that the vulnerability to Void Damage is not a proper vulnerability, rather it just boosts Void Damage taken by 50% similar to things like Magus Destruct/Accelerant. The main difference is that this is much worse against armored targets. If it were a proper vulnerability, then the Void Damage would ignore 50% of a target's armor, then do 50% additional damage on top of that.
Evasion is an interesting mechanic but it only sometimes works, given the nature of %chance. I think that it should just be changed to work in a similar manner to Elude, but always active. If it must be Evasion, then Xaku needs a second layer of protection when they get unlucky.
The slow is a strange part of this ability and I don't exactly understand what design DE was going for here. The slow % can reach 100% unlike pretty much any other slow ability in the game. The thing is, you're not going to get it unless you have 400% power strength or more. So, are we supposed to achieve 100% slow or not? Realistically, you're not going to be using 400% power strength unless you have an arbitration buff. It would take all the power strength mods (Growing Power, Energy Conversion, Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Power Drift, and Augur Secrets) to get this much strength and it's rather impractical. If we are meant to achieve a 100% slow, then it should be made an actual option to build for by increasing the base slow to 50%. I don't want to create another situation where 200% power strength is mandatory like it is for Gaze, but at the same time I'm guessing not everybody wants to freeze enemies in place when they cast The Vast Untime.
Please let us pause the timers on Helminth Abilities. If it's just a coding thing, I get it. However, at the moment it seems like an intentional design decision.
The only combination that would be "broken" not because its overpowered but rather it's griefing, Blood Altar. Vast Untime with Blood Altar could be used to stall a defense/interception wave for a really long time. Just make the enemy on the Blood Altar an ally for the time of the ability, problem solved.
Final Thoughts: The changes are good, but Xaku still feels rather clunky to use and they still have some underwhelming abilities. Mainly number tweaks would do wonders for this frame, lowering the power strength and range demands would make builds much easier and flexible. I also don't want to fight my team to get weapons for Grasp of Lohk (seriously, I'm getting some of the same kind of stress as when I play Harrow).

Xaku's solid, but feels clunky to use with a few bad abilities.
Xata's Whisper: Base buff % should either match or exceed Roar. Void damage is made +25% effective against all health/armoshield types, Void status targets heads/weakpoints instead of torsos
Grasp of Lohk: Weapons capped at 16, this number does not increase/decease with range. Increase the range at which weapons fire to the same as the disarm range. Recasting adds on to your current amount of weapons rather than resetting
The Lost: make the ability carousel faster to cycle, reduce the base energy cost to 50, increase casting speed by 25%
The Lost (Accuse): make enemies affected targetable by Grasp of Lohk, increase damage taken by enemies and remove the cap on enemies affected
The Lost (Gaze): increase the base armor strip to 70%, increase the base range to 16m
The Lost (Deny): give the beam infinite range & punch through (for objects), beam width scales with range, additional multiplier based on enemy level
The Vast Untime: change the evasion to be like Baruuk's Elude but always active, make the 50% Void damage vulnerability a proper vulnerability, increase the base slow to 50%
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2020.09.21 18:29 Manyzeur Warframe Outfit Bugged

Warframe Outfit Bugged
I Have a little problem, i buy Kuva liche pack and I don't know why my outfit is bugged
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2020.09.21 15:42 Less_Construction Ability for Wukong

Is there an ability that would work well with wukong, I was thinking putting nidus' ability as a 4th.
Also are the steel path infected bounties suppose to take that long to kill, I have a kuva bramma and it does nothing to them.
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2020.09.21 15:10 Kareemroto Do i keep my Ephrema if i trade the kuva lich with the ephemera?

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2020.09.21 14:02 Vox___Rationis You can buy resources for Helminth secretions for plat from Market - I have calculated the cost

Few knew and many forgot that you can buy most of resources directly from the in-game market in your orbiter for plat, they are in Equipment > Components section.
That section is an artifact left from the ancient times when Warframe was still figuring out its business model and economy, similar in purpose to the infamous Frugal Credits Bundle.
It seems that DE themselves have forgotten about is as well since no new resources have been added to that section. Nitain and Kuva are not for sale while resources from PoE and later are sold from respective NPCs in very limited quantities.
Obviously that market is not meant to be a viable source of Helminth fodder acquisition but for fun I have calculated the cost anyway. In case it needeth explaining - example: you can buy a bundle of 1500 Alloy Plates for 30p, meaning the cost of one Plate is 0.02, one feed-worth consumes 15000 plates, that times that means it costs 300p to buy enough Plates for a single full feed. Bolded are cheapest resources in each section.
Alloy 30p 1500 0.02 15000 300p
Ferrite 30p 3000 0.01 20000 200p
Gallium 10p 1 10 25 250p
Oxium 30p 300 0.1 750 75p
Salvage 30p 3000 0.01 20000 200p
Tellurium 10p 1 10 10 100p
Rubedo 30p 450 0.06666666667 6000 400p
Not for sale
Circuits 30p 1500 0.02 7000 140p
Control M 10p 1 10 75 750p
Neural S 10p 1 10 25 250p
Orokin C 10p 1 10 15 150p
Polymer 30p 300 0.1 12500 1250p
Nano S 30p 3000 0.01 20000 200p
Neurodes 10p 1 10 15 150p
Plastids 30p 300 0.1 4000 400p
Morphs 10p 1 10 40 400p
Bonus: Browsing that market I was reminded that there are reusuable crafting blueprints for Orokin Cells, Neurodes and Neural Sensors. They used to be a drop from rare containers in Raids, but since those are no more - now they are only available from market 100p each. The resource cost for all 3 is the same - to craft 1 Cell/Neurode/Neural it takes 50k Alloys, 50k Nanospores and 25k Salvage. I ran math on them as well and 1 such Cell is either 1750p worth of mats or 4.58 feeds worth of Oxide fodder and 2.5 feeds worth of Pheromone fodder.
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2020.09.21 12:00 kriscross122 Kuva Glitch

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2020.09.21 10:05 porkbonekid Kuva Lich Huge Mistake

From a new, casual player perspective, choosing to engage in the new content was a massive mistake. The Kuva Lich scenario continuously leeches resources and credits, something newbies have a very limited supply of. Warframe is one of the least new player-friendly games on the market and there is very little explanation for anything, not really. You literally have to invest a massive amount of time into this game to learn even the most basic things. Any game that requires wikis put together by unofficial sources is poorly designed in my opinion. The game is massively fun in some ways but the learning curve is almost like having a second or third job. It is unfortunate that things are not only locked behind Mastery Ranks and etcetera but also that the game itself is an order of magnitude more confusing and vague than it needs to be. I'm not advocating for "handholding" but the amount of information missing from this game is enormous and leaving it to people who practically live in the game to create and maintain a "wiki" for it is disturbing, to say the least. I care very little for the opinions of people who invest every second of their life hours outside of their employment to the game because I do not have such luxuries.
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Dräger Safety invests in Kuva Systems for automated camera ...

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