Fuyu no semi

A lemon, a lime, and a persimmon roll into a bar.

2020.02.03 21:57 mixed_massages A lemon, a lime, and a persimmon roll into a bar.

The lemon orders an old fashioned with lemon. The bartender pours the drink and garnishes it with a slice of lemon.
The lime orders a corona with lime. The lemon would have been appalled by his spouse's behavior if he wasn't such a sick fuck himself. The bartender passes her the beer with a lime wedge sitting on top.
The persimmon orders a Moscow mule, but the bartender refused to pour the beverage.
"I'm afraid I cannot serve you an alcoholic drink," said the bartender.
"Why not?" said the persimmon. The two citruses rotated about their semi major axes to view the spectacle.
"Because the year is 2376, and Hatchya persimmons have been extinct for decades," explained the bartender. "I cannot serve alcohol to a customer who does not exist."
"Fuyu," said the persimmon. "I'm not fat, I'm the surrogate mother of the love child of the lemon and the lime."
"In that case," continued the bartender, "I cannot in good conscious serve alcohol to a pregnant fruit, extant or not."
At that moment, the persimmon gave birth to a watermelon.
"It's a boy!" exclaimed the lemon.
"He has my father's rind!" noted the lime.
"No one under the age of 21 is permitted in this establishment," thought the skeleton bartender. But he was so overcome with joy, that instead he said nothing, and served everyone a free drink.
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2019.06.15 14:46 EpicNinja2182 A list of every song most Yakuza VAs have sung outside of Yakuza version 2

Welcome to version 2 of this list of songs! I decided to revisit it and fix it up, add more songs and more actors. Hope you find a song you like! If songs in are in an album and not separated, I will post the album to make it easier for me. Also, this isn't a list of EVERY song they've done, that'd honestly kill me. There'll be quite a few of them, if people want to hear more, this can also act as a guide. To be fair, I got most of these by searching "(voice actor)'s songs" or something similar to that. Now, to the juicy bits!

Have you ever thought while playing karaoke, "Man, he/she's got a great singing voice. He/she should sing some songs in real life!"? Well, some of the characters have done songs outside of the Yakuza series! Even some of the actors didn't get to karaoke has songs out there for the world to listen to. This is a list of all the songs the characters VAs have done songs in the past. If I missed any actors or songs, please add them in the comments. Even if you don't care for the novelty of these being characters we played as or seen, there's still some great songs in here!

Protagonists/Playable Characters:

Takaya Kuroda (Kazuma Kiryu)
Of course, we're starting with one of the most prominent VAs in the Yakuza series, Takaya Kuroda. Really, no introduction needed. He created his own band, called Takaya Kuroda & Goodfellas. As expected, Kuroda sings pretty much like he does in-game! Give them a listen if you want more that sweet, sweet Kiryu goodness!
Their songs: Kanarazukeshikihakawaru, Pretty Girl, DAKARA JIN JIN JIN, Ryakudatsuai, BirthdayCall, Moichido Moshiumarekawattara, Sea of Promise (約束の海)
Information and Websites (all in Japanese): Facebook, Twitter, Website, Online Shop

Hidenari Ugaki (Goro Majima)
Of course, Majima-chan would be here. The saddest thing about this is that from all I can find, he's only sung one song outside of the Yakuza series...and it's a Yakuza 0 tie-in. Oh well...at least we got something!
Koichi Yamadera (Shun Akiyama)
We haven't seen much of Akiyama singing, but when he does, it's a damn good time. Surprisingly, he does a lot of Disney songs. If you wanted more of him singing, I've got you covered.
(Please note, some of his songs are unavailable in other countries except Japan so most they wont be listed here, sorry!)
Songs: Asia no Kaizoku, Circle of Life, Everybody Wants to be a Cat, Great Spirits, Prince Ali, Friend Like Me, What a wonderful world (with a Louis Armstrong impression)

Toshiyuki Morikawa (Tatsuo Shinada)
Unfortunately, Shinada only sung Machine Gun Kiss during the time we were able to play as him. However, he does sing some songs outside of the Yakuza series as well!
Songs: Once upon a dream, Eternal Ring, Fuyu no Semi, Dog End, Love me Tender, Rakujitsu, Between the Sheets, Kiyoshi Yoru, Ii Jigen Hikou, Moment, Owarani Yume no Hitotoki,
Album: 土方歳三(CV:森川智之)

Rikiya Koyama (Taiga Saejima):
The gentle giant, Taiga Saejima, only had Baka Mitai to sing in Yakuza 5, alongside Rogue of Love interjections. Now he gets his time in the spotlight! Fun fact: I didn't know he did anything outside of the Yakuza series until of late.
Songs: The Champion (from Hajima no Ippo), Pride (with Takashi Kondo), Sanbagarasu Otoko Uta, Moebius no Wa no You ni, Kazenifukarete Mo, Sore Ga Kono Ore Medogai, Sora no Hitomi, Jiyuu ga Subete

Rie Kugimiya (Haruka Sawamura)
Haruka, lovely idol and task giver. She has plentiful songs throughout the series, especially in 5 with the idol stuff. Yep, you guessed it! She has more stuff outside the of the Yakuza series as well!
Songs: Pre-Parade (Toradora OP 1), Renai Circulation (Bakemonogatari OP 4), Suki! Kirai! Suki!!!, Snowstorm, Sweet Gift, Dame!, Fly High (with Rie Tanaka), Kiss shite agenai

Deuteragonists/Secondary Characters:

Riki Takeuchi (Hiroki Awano):
One of the three lieutenants in Yakuza 0 who loved to party and have fun. Of course, his singing is matches his personality during his version of Love Machine.
Songs: Love Machine (Riki Version), otokonojidai, Sakura no yo ni, Desire City, Super Wave

Takeshi Kitano (Toru Hirose)
Takeshi Kitano, also known as the badass grandpa Toru Hirose. Man, what hasn't this guy done? Apparently, he has sang before! He has an album on spotify that's worth a listen!
Album: 豪華絢爛 (Goka Kenran)

Miyuki Sawashiro (Makoto Makimura)
One that caught me surprise was Makoto's VA. You don't really think these guys would have these large collections, but they do!
Songs: Ambivalent World, Relief Bullet, Maigo no Kokoro, Kurapika, Seine no Kaze ni, Hoshi ni Kinka Yama, Spicy Girl, My Song, Chiisana Mahou Ending Theme

Aya Hirano (Hana)
Hana-chan, Akiyama's secretary. Known for her duet with Akiyama in Pure Love in Kamurocho, she has a bountiful amount of songs as well!
Songs: Speed Star (funnily enough, this shares the title with Akiyama's battle theme in 4), Lost My Music, God Knows, Love Gun, Hare Hare Yukai, Set Me Free, Super Driver, Hysteric Barbie

Aya Hisakawa (Kaoru Sayama)
The good ol' Yakuza Huntress herself, Kaoru Sayama. She may or may not had feelings for Kiryu, but that only lasted a game or so. Aya is known for playing Bulma from Dragon Ball Super onwards and Sailor Mercury.
Songs: Touch my Heart, Hi-Ka-Ri, Tsuki To Taiyo No Meguri, Koibito no wa Narenai Kedo, Tameiki ga Nemuranai,
Albums: Yakusuko, Toki wo Tsumuide, Hi-Ka-Ri

And unfortunately, that is all I have for now. As I said before, there are probably tons of VAs that I missed that slipped past me, but after a couple of hours of research this is what I could add and revamp. A channel I can suggest is Jordon Matthews, he uploaded some of the ones where views go below 50. You can also search for "(voice actor)'s songs" or just the VA's name to save you some hassle. Hopes this helps anyone looking for some great songs!
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2019.02.03 18:39 Pikajew666 My Favorite Japanese Songs(Semi-comprehensive list)

Some of my favorite Japanese Artists/Songs (semi-comprehensive list)(Please Enjoy!)

For anybody that is learning Japanese or has an interest in some Japanese music I wanted to make my own post for some of my favorite artists/songs. Learning Japanese can get boring at times and frustrating as well so hopefully some of you guys can enjoy this music as much as I do and maybe learn some new vocab. And I also hope you guys find some new artists/groups or songs from this list!(I copy and pasted this post from the japanese subreddit because I posted it there when I should've posted it here, and this subreddit doesn't allow cross posting so here you go)
(If there is a star(*) next to the song it is available on Spotify)
Artist- SIRUP
\SWIM* (大好き)- https://youtu.be/TmjGdJD8i5E
\LOOP*- https://youtu.be/mHrjM6oVez0
\Do Well*- https://youtu.be/kU8yTuvbmq8
His flow is so mellow and it kinda has soothing vibes. He also likes to throw in a lot of english words and even though many artists do that I think it really makes his music shine.
Artist- Aimer(エメ)
\Kataomoi* (大好き)- https://youtu.be/zSOJk7ggJts
Bananafish Beach and A Black Rainbow (大好き)- https://youtu.be/jj6cPF9mMm0 <--(not her song but she sings a long portion)
\花びらたちのマーチ(Hanabiratachi no March)* (大好き)- https://youtu.be/suGw-tkYMJM
\My Sweetest One* - https://youtu.be/k-B_rqre7yw
\September San*- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUSrmIkR-EE
Aimer’s voice has a lot of character and I like how a lot of her songs tell a story. I recently went through her new song hanabiratachi no march and even tho the story is kind of a stereotypical love story the way the music flows with her storytelling is just really nice :). Kataomoi is also one of my favorite songs of all time and although it has 7.5 M views on youtube I think it needs some more.
Artist- Aimyon (あいみょん)
*愛を伝えたいだとか(大好き)- https://youtu.be/9qRCARM_LfE
*マリーゴールド(Marigold)- https://youtu.be/0xSiBpUdW4E
I would compare Aimyon to Aimer in that they have a similar style of music except i feel like Aimyons voice differs in character greatly. I don’t know what it is but I just really like the way it sounds.
Artist- mol-74
\エイプリル*(大好き)- https://youtu.be/HTjiTJm7jjg
\%*- https://youtu.be/IRWGgOATTUQ
The video aesthetic and story being told with April was really what kept me listening the music was obviously great too but it feels as though you're transported into the cameraman's hands within the music video.
Artist- Official髭男dism
\Stand by You*(大好き)- https://youtu.be/22mOCjkwQjM
\Tell Me Baby*- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IDvi4buNdk
\Bad For Me*- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mN5jaB9wq0
*たかがアイラブユー (大好き)- https://youtu.be/K2mbJXjxMVQ (song starts at about 1:18)
\No Doubt(ノーダウト)-* https://youtu.be/EHw005ZqCXk
\FIRE GROUND*- https://youtu.be/sem3UU-EQJs
I love this group. That's really all I have to say and they really deserve some more attention in my opinion :).
Artist - Eve
\Anoko Secret*(大好き)- https://youtu.be/sgdPlDG1-8k
(New release so not on Spotify as of rn)僕らまだアンダーグラウンド- https://youtu.be/nBteO-bU78Y
*お気に召すまま- https://youtu.be/nROvY9uiYYk
ラストダンス(Last Dance)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLdeykXCZX4
\Dramaturgy*- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJzw1h5CR-I
Eve is nuts. His animations and the use of instrumentals within his songs are splendid. And his amazing voice and ability to keep up with pace doesn’t disappoint either
Artist- iri (many of her songs aren't on YouTube but they are definitely worth a check out *ill link spotify url for these* )
*Corner- https://youtu.be/-uCmGdASvsQ (full song on spotify here:https://open.spotify.com/track/71jeB0JBo3zfMmJoLNwFg5?si=H9B7YFSLS9SnvkMZvLlPGA)
*Night Groove- https://youtu.be/-LkjrlEFo3k (https://open.spotify.com/track/5nnEGWycHraBQ0EhfOFToK?si=a7ehWlXERhugVbNP0Fr99Q)
*Come Away(大好き)- Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/1wXWsqDM0Df6XNI2qyWwSB?si=8ciRpb6USTmGzvUkKfLIDQ
*Slowly Drive(大好き)- Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/7w1gyl1WHqkikt0lkTeny0?si=Wr1zwRfGStml1GuMjOXXBQ
Iri is an amazing artist and i’m actually confused as to why a lot of her music is not on youtube (maybe copyright) and why she doesn’t have full music videos for basically any of her songs. Corner is a really good song but the music video is a short version which means your only getting about ⅓ of the sweet sweet beat in. I would listen to her music if you like mellow tempo and soft female vocals(and they are quite characteristic too)
Artist- SPiCYSOL
*Mellow Yellow(大好き)- https://youtu.be/av54GrMn2dY
*Blue Moon- https://youtu.be/i2crY7cawpA
Sit back relax and listen to Mellow Yellow trust me. It’s like you're transported onto an island with the warm breeze flowing through your curtain as the morning sun rises over the ocean ^3^.
Artist- SHE IS SUMMERCALL ME IN YOUR SUMMER(大好き)- https://youtu.be/H7fjqfSU0bY

出会ってから付き合うまでのあの感じ- https://youtu.be/volkGN9_Jts

WATER SLIDER- https://youtu.be/foK5efL3M_Q
I am getting kinda lazy at writing and choosing songs so sorry if the quality of everything starts to go down but this quite conversational anyways so eh. But anyways, SHE IS SUMMER has bubble pop vocals with a bubbly beat to accompany and it sounds so mellow and stylistic choice within her videos are also excellent. I really like CALL ME IN YOUR SUMMER for this reason, it is just an intoxicating feeling.
Artist- Lamp
*A都市の秋(大好き)- https://youtu.be/5W9S9la-C6s
*雨降る夜の向こう- https://youtu.be/AEzNWhWfeIg
*街は雨降り(大好き)- https://youtu.be/G8SFSZaFArM
There is one female vocalist and one male vocalist and one guitarist and boy do they flow well together. When I hear their music all I can do is think about a coffee cup for some reason...
Artist- Suchmos
*STAY TUNE(大好き)-https://youtu.be/PLgYflfgq0M
*MINT- https://youtu.be/WXk69QJ-Wr4
This artist is already quite popular and I found his music directly from youtube's recommendations and these two songs are really great imo. かっこいい感じだね
Artist- Masaki Suda
Sayonara Elegy(大好き)- https://youtu.be/Spe4f7vPvCo
These guitar riffs accompanied by his voice are just spledid.
Artist- Ghost like girlfriend
*Fallin’(大好き) -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQJn9aEzq0A
*煙と唾(kemuri to tsuba)- https://youtu.be/sg9AoqTuR1g
*room- https://youtu.be/lFVx1Xh5Nxk
*you’re my mirror(大好き)- currently only on spotify cuz its a new release (https://open.spotify.com/track/0N8Fam8tEm4WT6rg1SoNJQ?si=0vM--HT0Q1SNTo4htfAGnw)
*****レイディ・ブルース(Lady Blues)(大好き)- https://youtu.be/BiBTpQPCMtg
*Touch!- https://youtu.be/12o6Sr1MfYE
*Gun- https://youtu.be/AQ99S83_vmU
*22(大好き)- https://youtu.be/yjT9PpjtqKs
Artist- YeYe
*****ゆらゆら(yurayura)(大好き)- https://youtu.be/StkLx0e4f6c
*うんざりですよ(unzari desuyo)- https://youtu.be/Hjq2gsW5wWg
Yurayura has the same actress from the mol-74’s april that I previously recommended, and this video is just as good it is addicting. And the MV has a weird mood cuz she is breaking up? I think? But the overall mood is kinda nice it's kind of like enjoying the time you’re alone which is a feeling that I find relatable.
Artist- cinnamons (BOPS and nice animation)
*summertime(大好き)- https://youtu.be/KMTo2LmixqQ
*冬のトキメキ(fuyu no tokimeki)- https://youtu.be/LxaAkYwxOZU
Summertime is one of my all time favorite japanese songs there is something so catchy about it that I can’t really convey, and the visuals are just so fluid and cute. Whoever drew and animated those characters in the video needs a raise cuz the video perfectly captures the songs tone.
Okay now for my 2 favorite Japanese 80s artists(全部が大好き-seriously these are godlike)
Artist- 杉山清貴&オメガトライブ
*ふたりの夏物語 NEVER ENDING SUMMER- https://youtu.be/nzuJ90JJJNc
*Dear Breeze- https://youtu.be/mOhaWdKI42E
*Misty Night Cruising- https://youtu.be/ifmbp7W4Xnw
*Trade Wind- https://youtu.be/83POJ8GB4cs
These songs are gems and they seem to be the lesser known city pop songs on youtube but they deserve just as much attention as my boy Tatsuro below. Futari no natsu monogatari was stuck in my head for so long and the use of english words perfectly fits the tone of the song. Also the lyrics to that song are quite simple in my opinion which makes the song really easy to sing along to once you’ve heard it a few times.

Artist- Tatsuro Yamashita (山下 達郎)

Sparkle- https://youtu.be/gQ9pmFMc5oM
Daydream- https://youtu.be/g2Y2QFgbcs0
*Magic Ways- https://youtu.be/fekWiU3K_e0 (okay so this on spotify but it is published under a different artist to avoid copyright i assume but here you go : https://open.spotify.com/track/3X1zjWMo6qtwcDNcxZzkxe?si=Mm0M3ed4SO29OQtWd4Bo8Q)
Mirai no Theme- https://youtu.be/ZTfxHh6NM48
*Ride on Time- https://youtu.be/sdBEwe1KKmg (there is a cover song on spotify that I like just as much as the original: https://open.spotify.com/track/0iXUIkWdG4y9XpWjXXKgrW?si=wKroy0OQSUmoiZPS2kPnwg)
Okay and now time for my special mentions and for the artists/songs whom/with which most you are probably already familiar with :) I really love all of these as well so i'm not going to label them as (大好き)here either
Artist- れをる(reol/REOL)
*YoiYoi Kokon(宵々古今)- https://youtu.be/8IK6eLTNV1k
サイサキ- https://youtu.be/EFTV3IIjeNw
No Title- https://youtu.be/LfephiFN76E
*New Type Tokyo (ニュータイプトーキョー)- https://youtu.be/lyQO13ameAs (idk how but this song went under the radar as compared to he her group’s other songs)
I believe it's written REOL when she is accompanied with her band and reol when she is by herself but either way this group brings high-paced and sometimes a little slower paced music and both are executed quite nicely in my opinion.
Artist- Radwimps
Okay because everyone knows all of their 君の名は。songs i'll just leave these other ones here:
\Hyperventilation* - https://youtu.be/OEPmMz2Y0c8
いいんですか?- https://youtu.be/_LwwObssPno (this one was on spotify this fall and then it got taken down :/ )
\Hikari*(光) - https://youtu.be/WuU6C8oXzIA
This band aside from the Kimi no na wa soundtrack is personally incredible except I didn’t really like their new album that much. however, their older songs are bangers ^.^
Artist- frederic (フレデリック)
[I love this groups style so much especially the main singers unique voice and their catchy beats]
\oddloop*- https://youtu.be/PCp2iXA1uLE
\Kanashii ureshii*- https://youtu.be/vn7vfza-6fQ
\Only Wonder*- https://youtu.be/oCrwzN6eb4Q
\Rererepeat*- https://youtu.be/VjAxLbmy83E (maybe a bit repetitive but catchy as hell)
Artist- 米津玄師
*Lemon- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX_ViT4Ra7k
Flamingo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh6dkL1M9DM
*Peace Sign-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aJVr5tTTWk
*春雷(Shunrai)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aJVr5tTTWk
*灰色と青(haiiro to ao - grey and blue)- https://youtu.be/gJX2iy6nhHc
*打上花火(uchiage hanabi)- https://youtu.be/-tKVN2mAKRI (not his song technically? But it's on his album on spotify so fair game for this)
Kenshi yonezu is one of the most talented artists and if for some reason you haven’t listened to his music you really should. Even in his live performances he keeps up with some of his insane tempos and it still sounds amazing. If I had to pick one of his songs to listen to forever then I would probably choose 春雷 the beat is intoxicating and so is the general rhythm. And since all of his discography is on spotify(besides flamingo) why not stream his whole album Bootleg it doesn’t disappoint.
Artist- イトヲカシ
*****Stardust- https://youtu.be/2SYg24rTc-k
*さいごまで(saigo made) - https://youtu.be/T7ndvA1gErM
*アイスクリーム(Ice Cream)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ereIGsVYQG8
Ok so I am not extremely familiar with itowokashi because I really only found them from watching “Kantaro the Sweet tooth Salaryman” but I really love Ice Cream. At this point I don’t know how to describe music with originality but basically it sounds somewhere between a country song and a pop/rockish song but it is so nice so please give it a listen :).
Ok so this took me several hours to make and I just wanna take a break so I am gonna leave this here. Hopefully you guys found some songs you liked, and I know I didn’t include a ton of bands even ones that I love. I just wanted to make this so people could expand there japanese musical horizons and discover some new fresh stuff ! If you actually made it down here thanks for coming. このredditのpost読んでくれたありがとうございました!
(P.S. if there are any mistakes or links that are incorrect/not working please tell me so I can go ahead and fix them I hope you guys have a good night wherever you are ^.^)
If for some reason you guys want this in your google drive then here is the share link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f6bN6jybSd2gNqNbL7j8xu5H4_D7j31ETE9HZ6YJbCM/edit?usp=sharing
Also sorry for my terrible Japanese
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2018.09.09 06:07 IvanTail Something I wish Hiro did with this character's name (SPOILERS for upcoming final season)

I know there's no use wishing to change what's already been done (as if this series hasn't had enough of that), but there are some things you just gotta get off your chest.
For anyone who's made it at least as far as the Alvarez arc knows, you already know that Zeref is Natsu's brother. I'd totally buy it, especially since Hiro had been hinting at a familial connection between them ever since Zeref first appeared. However, the only thing I feel let down about this, if only slightly, is the fact that his full name is simply "Zeref Dragneel". There's just something about having one character whose name is Japanese for summer, and making him related to another whose name doesn't really have any significant meaning, especially when you realize Zeref wasn't actually supposed to be Zeref.
A look through Volume 24's afterword will show you that Hiro thought up this character as someone totally different from Zeref. As a matter of fact, a planning chart in the same volume shows that Hiro didn't even have a name for him at the time. Among the four potential names he listed--Touma, Mafuyu, Fuyuki, and Inberu--the first three actually contain readings for the Japanese word for winter, "fuyu" (or "tou"). Another thing to note is that he actually recycled a couple of these names; "Touma" wound up going to the king of Fiore, while "Inberu" became Invel, the "Winter General" of the Spriggan 12.
I think it would've been neat if Hiro decided to strengthen Zeref's connection to Natsu (summer) by making it so one of those "winter" names turned out to be his "real" name, like "Fuyuki Dragneel" or "Mafuyu Dragneel", and that more than just his last name was lost to history. Zeref already goes by the entirely different name "Spriggan" on another continent, so it wouldn't have been difficult to imagine that "Zeref" was just another one of many names he came to be known by over the ages. It also would've been a way to utilize a winter-themed name after he used the name Aki (autumn) for his lesser known "Monster Soul" series, and Shiki (four seasons) for both "Monster Hunter Orage" and his post-FT series, "Edens Zero". Then again, he already used the name "Mafuyu" for his semi-obscure one-shot "Fighting Group Mixture" (one of the funniest things Hiro has ever written in his career, by the way). But that name also means "midwinter", so I can't help but feel just a little bit like an opportunity was missed here.
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2018.06.12 17:36 PuzzledZucchini [WTS]Pilot Falcon (SF)[C], Vintage "Exceptional" Semi-Flex Pen [C], FC Loom(M)[B], Sailor Lecoule(MF)[B], Pelikan Twist(M)[B], WS618(F)[C]

Come on in, I've got a pen for you, whether you are a beginner or an old hand...
Verification and Photos
1.Pilot Resin Falcon (SF)- $100 PENDING
This is a wonderful pen, conservatively rated a C because of a few minor cosmetic issues. I'm only selling it because I now have a SM I use a lot more. I have the original box and will include a brand new CON-40.
  1. Pick Pen Co. “Exceptional”- $55
Very cool BCHR pen dating from 1920-1933 with a nice semi-flex 14K gold nib. There isn’t any discoloration of the rubber and the chasing isn’t very worn. The imprint is also pretty clear, except for a small chip. I bought the pen newly restored a few months ago, but I now have other flex-nibbed pens I’ve been using more. Will ship in a box. Here’s some more information about the history of the company.
  1. Faber Castell Loom (M)- $35 SOLD
Super-smooth and wet medium nib with a silver cap, a color that isn’t available anymore. Awesome pen, but I have some italic nibbed pens I use more. Currently filled with Robert Oster Green Lime, I can empty the ink into a sample bottle or throw it out, up to you! Converter included, will ship in a box, but not the original.
  1. Sailor Lecoule (MF)- $25 SOLD
I wanted to try a Sailor nib, and now I can check that off. It’s a nice pen and I like the silver sparkles, I just don’t have a place for it in my collection anymore. No converter, unfortunately.
  1. Pelikan Twist (M)- $5 or free with purchase of another pen SOLD
Very smooth medium nib, convinced me to upgrade to an M200. Nice pen if you’re starting out, or like large, triangular sections. I will include two blue short standard international cartridges.
  1. Wing Sung 618- $5 or free with purchase of another pen SOLD
Cool pen, it’s a neat looking demonstrater and a piston filler will a large ink capacity. Currently filled with Noodler’s Squeateague, I can put the ink in a sample bottle if you’d like, or just chuck it. Half the price and at least week and a half shorter wait than ordering from China. Reduce reuse recycle!
Shipping in the U.S. is included in the price of all pens except the 618 and Twist- add $2 if you’re purchasing one or both of those pens alone. I’m willing to ship internationally, but depending on the destination, I’ll probably have to ask you to pay some of the shipping cost-- PM me for an estimate! Payment by PayPal Goods and Services only. Feel free to make offers!
With the purchase of any pen, I will throw in two 2mL samples (or one 4mL sample) of any of the following inks:
We can also discuss including additional samples for an additional cost. Thanks for stopping by!
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2017.08.20 20:49 The_Bunny_Advocate MAL anime research

Have you ever wondered about the taste differences between male and female anime fans? What kind of content most appeals to each? Which anime most divides them? Using the public profile and rating data on MyAnimeList, me and purplepinapples sought to find out. We downloaded the rating data of 3,000 male identifying and 3,000 female identifying anime fans on MAt and analysed the results to get a glimpse at the differences.
This was done just for fun, the results shouldn't be treated too seriously. We're fairly confident in the general trends we found given that we got the same result when we processed an additional 2,000 profiles, but it isn't definitive. Hopefully it'll result in some fun discussions~

Average anime rating

We all have our own ways of rating anime, what an 8/10 means to me is different to what it means to you. But is there a consistent difference between the genders? We plotted the average rating distribution for males and females.
Both genders overwhelmingly use only the upper half of the rating scale (91% of ratings are between 6 and 10), but women tend to be more generous with their 10s. I initially suspected this might be because the average female user had watched less anime than their male counterpart (the average female user rated 78 anime vs 144 for men), but even if we restricted the results to only those who had watched 100+ anime, the distribution maintained its shape. I also checked to see if there were more female users who rated all their anime a 10/10, and while it was higher at 1.52% of users vs 1.19% for males, it was still rare enough that it didn't make a noticeable difference on the graph.
One surprising result was how smooth the score distribution was. If you check the ratings for computer games on metacritic or films on imdb, you'll drown under the wave of partisan 10/10 or 1/10 ratings, but that isn't the case on MAL. Users seem to take their ratings more seriously and are less inclined to troll vote.

Genre preferences

By tracking the ratings of all anime with a particular genre tag, and splitting those ratings by the gender of the users, we can get a rough indication on the kind of content each gender prefers to watch. However because we limited our data to make sure we had an even number of male and female profiles, the exact gender ratio might be skewed, but the ranking should be correct.
First we looked at which genres skewed most towards one gender with the number of ratings they got.
Pos Genre Male fanbase Avg male rating (total ratings) Avg female rating (total ratings)
1 Cars 86.4% 8.14 (1230) 8.00 (192)
2 Ecchi 80.3% 7.32 (62434) 7.27 (15232)
3 Harem 78.0% 7.34 (49504) 7.22 (13956)
4 Space 76.9% 7.79 (7955) 7.83 (2382)
5 Mecha 74.5% 7.74 (25641) 7.88 (8772)
6 Martial Arts 74.0% 7.54 (13221) 7.88 (4630)
7 Game 72.0% 7.67 (14967) 7.87 (5806)
8 Military 71.7% 7.96 (21636) 8.14 (8507)
9 Sci-Fi 71.4% 7.70 (81838) 7.84 (32622)
10 Seinen 70.2% 7.71 (41545) 7.84 (17576)
11 Super Power 69.2% 7.76 (43691) 7.99 (19446)
12 Hentai 68.9% 6.77 (2145) 6.09 (966)
13 Action 68.8% 7.71 (187171) 7.94 (84512)
14 School 67.5% 7.67 (120415) 7.79 (57855)
15 Shounen 66.4% 7.81 (103158) 8.07 (51986)
16 Adventure 65.9% 7.77 (86193) 8.06 (44424)
17 Comedy 65.7% 7.65 (210383) 7.85 (109460)
18 Fantasy 65.3% 7.66 (115732) 7.94 (61367)
19 Kids 65.3% 7.11 (6707) 7.65 (3550)
20 Magic 63.9% 7.71 (38771) 7.88 (21868)
21 Samurai 63.9% 8.12 (5193) 8.26 (2927)
22 Parody 63.8% 7.78 (12990) 7.85 (7349)
23 Supernatural 63.6% 7.81 (112613) 7.99 (64298)
24 Yuri 63.5% 6.65 (295) 6.35 (169)
25 Thriller 63.2% 8.20 (19128) 8.30 (11118)
26 Dementia 63.2% 7.86 (3125) 7.72 (1818)
27 Romance 63.1% 7.62 (130163) 7.78 (76011)
28 Psychological 62.4% 7.93 (31912) 8.07 (19229)
29 Horror 62.1% 7.50 (23750) 7.66 (14476)
30 Slice of Life 61.5% 7.76 (59942) 7.90 (37383)
31 Police 61.2% 8.02 (8225) 8.22 (5202)
32 Mystery 60.1% 7.89 (46776) 7.99 (30969)
33 Vampire 59.3% 7.67 (11730) 7.46 (8036)
34 Drama 59.1% 7.90 (100843) 8.05 (69514)
35 Demons 58.5% 7.63 (17519) 7.99 (12421)
36 Sports 58.1% 7.93 (12603) 8.20 (9058)
37 Shoujo Ai 58.1% 7.21 (3052) 7.28 (2198)
38 Historical 54.0% 8.01 (15641) 8.13 (13299)
39 Music 53.8% 7.75 (9852) 7.84 (8439)
40 Josei 32.8% 7.87 (2433) 7.82 (4969)
41 Shoujo 27.8% 7.62 (12188) 7.85 (31541)
42 Yaoi 14.9% 4.89 (310) 6.57 (1765)
43 Shounen Ai 8.30% 7.18 (468) 7.71 (5106)
Given that the male profiles tended to watch more anime than the female ones, most of the genres have a majority male fanbase.
Generally the boy/girl stereotype plays out, with male fans watching more violent, sci-fi, and superhero content, while female fans tend towards more demons and vampires. Romance content that plays to each gender's tastes seems to be the most polarising, with ecchi and harem anime for males, and gay romance for females. Although women seemed more willing to try male pandering content than the other way around. The one exception was yuri content, which appealed to both genders, although the small sample size for yuri makes such a claim unreliable.
While ranking by the audience gender ratio tells us what they watch, it doesn't tell us what they like. If we compare the average rating each gender gives anime of each genre, we can get an impression of what they enjoy.
Pos Genre Rating difference Avg male rating (total ratings) Avg female rating (total ratings) Male fanbase
1 Hentai 0.67 6.77 (2145) 6.09 (966) 68.9%
2 Yuri 0.30 6.65 (295) 6.35 (169) 63.5%
3 Vampire 0.21 7.67 (11730) 7.46 (8036) 59.3%
4 Dementia 0.14 7.86 (3125) 7.72 (1818) 63.2%
5 Cars 0.14 8.14 (1230) 8.00 (192) 86.4%
6 Harem 0.12 7.34 (49504) 7.22 (13956) 78.0%
7 Ecchi 0.05 7.32 (62434) 7.27 (15232) 80.3%
8 Josei 0.05 7.87 (2433) 7.82 (4969) 32.8%
9 Space -0.03 7.79 (7955) 7.83 (2382) 76.9%
10 Parody -0.06 7.78 (12990) 7.85 (7349) 63.8%
11 Shoujo Ai -0.06 7.21 (3052) 7.28 (2198) 58.1%
12 Thriller -0.09 8.20 (19128) 8.30 (11118) 63.2%
13 Mystery -0.09 7.89 (46776) 7.99 (30969) 60.1%
14 Music -0.09 7.75 (9852) 7.84 (8439) 53.8%
15 Historical -0.11 8.01 (15641) 8.13 (13299) 54.0%
16 School -0.12 7.67 (120415) 7.79 (57855) 67.5%
17 Seinen -0.12 7.71 (41545) 7.84 (17576) 70.2%
18 Sci-Fi -0.13 7.7 (81838) 7.84 (32622) 71.4%
19 Mecha -0.13 7.74 (25641) 7.88 (8772) 74.5%
20 Samurai -0.13 8.12 (5193) 8.26 (2927) 63.9%
21 Slice of Life -0.14 7.76 (59942) 7.90 (37383) 61.5%
22 Psychological -0.14 7.93 (31912) 8.07 (19229) 62.4%
23 Drama -0.15 7.90 (100843) 8.05 (69514) 59.1%
24 Horror -0.15 7.5 (23750) 7.66 (14476) 62.1%
25 Romance -0.16 7.62 (130163) 7.78 (76011) 63.1%
26 Magic -0.16 7.71 (38771) 7.88 (21868) 63.9%
27 Supernatural -0.17 7.81 (112613) 7.99 (64298) 63.6%
28 Military -0.17 7.96 (21636) 8.14 (8507) 71.7%
29 Game -0.19 7.67 (14967) 7.87 (5806) 72.0%
30 Comedy -0.20 7.65 (210383) 7.85 (109460) 65.7%
31 Police -0.20 8.02 (8225) 8.22 (5202) 61.2%
32 Action -0.22 7.71 (187171) 7.94 (84512) 68.8%
33 Super Power -0.23 7.76 (43691) 7.99 (19446) 69.2%
34 Shoujo -0.23 7.62 (12188) 7.85 (31541) 27.8%
35 Shounen -0.25 7.81 (103158) 8.07 (51986) 66.4%
36 Sports -0.27 7.93 (12603) 8.20 (9058) 58.1%
37 Fantasy -0.27 7.66 (115732) 7.94 (61367) 65.3%
38 Adventure -0.29 7.77 (86193) 8.06 (44424) 65.9%
39 Martial Arts -0.33 7.54 (13221) 7.88 (4630) 74.0%
40 Demons -0.35 7.63 (17519) 7.99 (12421) 58.5%
41 Shounen Ai -0.53 7.18 (468) 7.71 (5106) 8.3%
42 Kids -0.53 7.11 (6707) 7.65 (3550) 65.3%
43 Yaoi -1.68 4.89 (310) 6.57 (1765) 14.9%
It's curious that we see many genres flip their position, with anime targeted at women (josei and shouji ai) being higher rated by men, and those targeted at men (shounen ai) tending to be more highly rated by women. Perhaps it's only the more dedicated genre fans that are willing to ignore the target demographic.
Women don't seem much less interested in lewd content than men are, but it seems that hentai content in anime just isn't catering to their tastes. Yaoi is in a league of it's own for its dislike by the male fanbase, perhaps because much of it doesn't depict gay relationships accurately (as it's targeted more to women) and so doesn't appeal to gay men, just as some yuri content doesn't appeal to many lesbians for the same reason.
There aren't just differences in which genres the genders prefer, there's also differences in the anime within each genre. So here are the anime in each gender that have the highest male or female audience ratio.
Genre Largest male audience ratio Largest female audience ratio
Action Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Adventure Nanatsu no Taizai Movie Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Movie: Requiem - Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka
Cars Initial D Final Stage Tailenders
Comedy Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Detective Conan
Dementia FLCL 3 Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku
Demons Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyou Shou
Drama Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.
Ecchi Hajimete no Gal Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.
Fantasy Fate/Extra Last Encore Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Prologue Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma
Game Nana Maru San Batsu Haikyuu!! Quest Picture Drama
Harem Trinity Seven Movie: Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl StarrySky
Hentai Menkui! Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.
Historical Fate/Apocrypha Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyou Shou
Horror Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi Yami no Matsuei
Josei Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Karneval
Kids Pokemon XY: Koukoku no Princess Diancie Yume-iro Ptissire: Mune Kyun Tropical Island!
Magic Fate/Extra Last Encore Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Prologue Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma
Martial Arts Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2
Mecha FLCL 3 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Military Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Music Hibike! Euphonium Movie: Todoketai Melody Kaikan Phrase
Mystery Kakegurui Detective Conan
Parody FLCL 3 Hyakujitsu no Bara: Jinginaki Nikukyuu-hen
Police Inferno Cop 2nd Season Detective Conan
Psychological Kakegurui DRAMAtical Murder OVA: Data_xx_Transitory
Romance ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.
Samurai Drifters 2nd Season Fuyu no Semi
School Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season StarrySky
Sci-Fi Ginga Tetsudou 999 Karneval
Seinen Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Otome Youkai Zakuro
Shoujo Ai Re: Cutey Honey Citrus
Shoujo Sabage-bu! Specials Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Prologue Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma
Shounen Ai Robotica*Robotics Super Lovers OVA
Shounen Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Movie: Requiem - Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka
Slice of Life Konbini Kareshi Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou
Space Ginga Tetsudou 999 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Sports Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
Super Power Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
Supernatural Fate/Apocrypha Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyou Shou
Thriller Golgo 13 (TV) Imawa no Kuni no Alice (OVA)
Vampire Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Diabolik Lovers OVA
Yaoi Boku no Pico Zetsuai 1989
Yuri Bikini Warriors Special Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan

Favourite anime

Next we tried using the rating data to determine which anime have the biggest gender differences. To prevent the list being filled with obscure titles, it only lists those with at least 50 ratings from both genders, and is categorised as an anime series (so no OVAs or movies).
First is the list of anime that males rate higher than females.
Pos Anime Rating diff Avg male score (total ratings) Avg female score (total ratings)
1 Seto no Hanayome 0.64 8.02 (251) 7.37 (79)
2 Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai 0.58 7.50 (299) 6.91 (59)
3 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 0.57 8.21 (1204) 7.64 (189)
4 Love Hina 0.53 7.33 (234) 6.79 (129)
5 Ookami to Koushinryou 0.53 8.51 (626) 7.97 (276)
6 Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou 0.53 7.41 (446) 6.87 (65)
7 Ben-To 0.53 7.51 (360) 6.98 (72)
8 Serial Experiments Lain 0.49 8.21 (285) 7.72 (176)
9 Aa! Megami-sama! (TV) 0.47 7.64 (131) 7.16 (66)
10 School Rumble 0.46 8.20 (210) 7.74 (143)
11 Shuffle! 0.42 7.26 (272) 6.83 (92)
12 Ookami to Koushinryou II 0.42 8.52 (488) 8.09 (162)
13 High School DxD 0.42 7.66 (1093) 7.24 (210)
14 School Rumble Ni Gakki 0.40 8.22 (153) 7.81 (65)
15 Overlord 0.38 8.1 (783) 7.71 (103)
16 Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 0.37 7.97 (706) 7.60 (105)
17 Minami-ke 0.37 7.73 (101) 7.36 (58)
18 High School DxD New 0.35 7.82 (816) 7.47 (100)
19 Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season 0.35 8.00 (563) 7.65 (66)
20 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 0.35 7.98 (732) 7.63 (397)
21 3-gatsu no Lion 0.34 8.67 (190) 8.32 (71)
22 Bakemonogatari 0.34 8.52 (992) 8.17 (323)
23 Prison School 0.34 7.97 (746) 7.62 (172)
24 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. 0.33 8.11 (988) 7.78 (229)
25 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 0.33 7.36 (100) 7.02 (71)
Given the male genre preferences for ecchi and violent content, it's not surprising to see such anime as Konosuba, Gate, or Prison School listed; but the inclusion of more serious stories like Spice & Wolf and Serial Experiments Lain was unexpected.
Next is the list of anime rated higher by females.
Pos Anime Rating diff Avg male score (total ratings) Avg female score (total ratings)
1 Diabolik Lovers 1.03 4.94 (50) 5.97 (447)
2 No.6 1.00 7.20 (128) 8.2 (538)
3 Nabari no Ou 0.91 6.95 (72) 7.87 (139)
4 Michiko to Hatchin 0.87 7.59 (74) 8.46 (71)
5 Fukumenkei Noise 0.86 6.93 (59) 7.79 (64)
6 07-Ghost 0.83 6.91 (93) 7.75 (201)
7 Glasslip 0.81 5.40 (147) 6.22 (86)
8 Chrno Crusade 0.77 7.50 (126) 8.28 (167)
9 Prince of Stride: Alternative 0.75 6.69 (99) 7.45 (116)
10 Vampire Knight 0.75 6.74 (223) 7.49 (833)
11 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R 0.71 7.35 (68) 8.06 (221)
12 Tsuritama 0.71 7.6 (53) 8.31 (159)
13 Orange 0.70 7.45 (322) 8.15 (289)
14 Kamisama Hajimemashita 0.70 7.64 (177) 8.34 (612)
15 Yuri!!! on ICE 0.69 7.77 (200) 8.46 (424)
16 Karneval (TV) 0.68 6.93 (62) 7.62 (300)
17 Seirei no Moribito 0.66 8.04 (107) 8.71 (73)
18 Vampire Knight Guilty 0.65 6.93 (173) 7.58 (631)
19 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 0.65 7.50 (117) 8.15 (358)
20 Tiger & Bunny 0.65 7.84 (107) 8.49 (138)
21 Ghost Hunt 0.65 7.58 (132) 8.23 (205)
22 Free! 0.65 7.28 (252) 7.93 (862)
23 Tenjou Tenge 0.64 6.91 (151) 7.56 (50)
24 Kuragehime 0.63 7.75 (69) 8.39 (295)
25 Tenkuu no Escaflowne 0.63 7.48 (89) 8.11 (84)
What most surprised me was how many of these anime I hadn't heard of before. Perhaps it's a reflection of /anime's demographics (at around 90% male), that those anime preferred primarily by women aren't discussed as often.
Next is a list of those anime whose fanbase is most made of men.
Pos Anime Male audience Avg male score (total ratings) Avg female score (total ratings)
1 Shinmai Maou no Testament 91.4% 7.2 (555) 7.01 (52)
2 High School DxD BorN 90.8% 7.72 (643) 7.55 (65)
3 Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru 90.1% 7.23 (468) 7.07 (51)
4 Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season 89.5% 8.0 (563) 7.65 (66)
5 Motto To LOVE-Ru 89.4% 7.53 (433) 7.68 (51)
6 Trinity Seven 89.3% 7.52 (674) 7.30 (80)
7 Grisaia no Kajitsu 89.1% 7.86 (545) 7.57 (66)
8 High School DxD New 89.0% 7.82 (816) 7.47 (100)
9 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 88.7% 8.38 (938) 8.19 (119)
10 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season 88.5% 7.4 (387) 7.52 (50)
11 IS: Infinite Stratos 88.4% 7.05 (688) 7.21 (90)
12 Overlord 88.3% 8.1 (783) 7.71 (103)
13 Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records 88.2% 7.47 (519) 7.46 (69)
14 Freezing 88.2% 7.20 (398) 7.28 (53)
15 Tsukimonogatari 88.1% 8.26 (411) 8.23 (55)
16 Sora no Otoshimono: Forte 88.1% 7.77 (440) 7.69 (59)
17 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku 88.1% 8.27 (766) 7.95 (103)
18 Date A Live II 88.0% 7.49 (635) 7.39 (86)
19 Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? 88.0% 7.19 (502) 7.11 (68)
20 Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 87.9% 7.82 (685) 7.65 (94)
21 Hanamonogatari 87.8% 8.10 (419) 8.17 (58)
22 Sekirei 87.4% 7.26 (439) 7.69 (63)
23 Eromanga-sensei 87.4% 7.10 (564) 7.49 (81)
24 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next 87.3% 7.63 (710) 7.54 (103)
25 Campione!: Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou 87.2% 7.41 (446) 6.87 (65)
And lastly, here is the list of those anime whose fanbase are mostly female.
Pos Anime Female audience Avg male score (total ratings) Avg female score (total ratings)
1 Diabolik Lovers 89.9% 4.94 (50) 5.97 (447)
2 Skip Beat! 86.6% 7.77 (61) 8.32 (397)
3 Love Stage!! 85.1% 7.38 (57) 7.85 (328)
4 Amnesia 83.3% 6.03 (90) 6.63 (452)
5 Karneval (TV) 82.8% 6.93 (62) 7.62 (300)
6 Fruits Basket 82.6% 7.44 (136) 7.91 (648)
7 Bokura ga Ita 82.5% 7.22 (58) 7.53 (275)
8 Kuragehime 81.0% 7.75 (69) 8.39 (295)
9 No.6 80.7% 7.20 (128) 8.20 (538)
10 Nana 80.1% 8.51 (95) 8.69 (383)
11 Ouran Koukou Host Club 79.4% 7.92 (308) 8.54 (1190)
12 Vampire Knight 78.8% 6.74 (223) 7.49 (833)
13 Vampire Knight Guilty 78.4% 6.93 (173) 7.58 (631)
14 Free!: Eternal Summer 77.9% 7.6 (140) 8.15 (496)
15 Kamisama Hajimemashita 77.5% 7.64 (177) 8.34 (612)
16 Free! 77.3% 7.28 (252) 7.93 (862)
17 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R 76.4% 7.35 (68) 8.06 (221)
18 Kamisama Hajimemashita 76.3% 7.96 (100) 8.39 (322)
19 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S 76.2% 7.78 (60) 8.17 (193)
20 Itazura na Kiss 75.8% 7.89 (108) 7.73 (339)
21 Kuroshitsuji II 75.6% 7.35 (239) 7.61 (741)
22 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 75.3% 7.5 (117) 8.15 (358)
23 Special A 75.2% 7.35 (146) 7.85 (443)
24 Tsuritama 75.0% 7.60 (53) 8.31 (159)
25 Romeo x Juliet 74.0% 7.93 (62) 7.85 (177)
I hope you guys liked this small analysis, I had a lot of fun making it. A big thank you goes out to purplepinapples for collecting the MAL voting data. I hope to do some follow up posts in the weeks ahead, delving a little deeper into the ratings to see whether there's a difference between younger and older anime fans, trying different ranking algorithms, and finding out which anime are the most contentious. If you like this kind of thing, I post updates on my twitter and tumblr accounts.
If you have any suggestions for other ways to analyse the data, or would like a copy of our data, please let me know in the comments (:
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2017.08.07 11:05 ErgasophobicMD [WTS] Pelikan 100N OBB, Pelikan 400 F, Waterman Phileas M, Pilot Custom 823 M, Visconti Homo Sapiens 23k Pd F nib unit...and lots of inks!! [B-C]

Hi all,
As a previous roamer of this sub as DocSpachemmen, I have returned to continue to whittle the non-used from my collection.
As I would generally prefer to have someone get enjoyment from these things, I have tried to be fair, and even generous, with some prices...but please submit any reasonable offers if I'm off the mark.
Pictures and timestamp here
The Pens
1. Vintage Pelikan 100N - US$170 [B-ish? to C+] This puppy has an amazing OBB 14k gold nib, which is devine. I was told, but can not verify, that the last owner restored the pen. It certainly behaves like it. The piston is smooth and works fantastically. The ink window is clear, though has some marks of age as shown in the pictures - this is not noticeable with ink in the pen. The body is otherwise in beautiful condition.
Why am I selling it? Turns out oblique nibs are not for me, it just doesn't suit. I hope it brings happiness.
2. Vintage Pelikan 400 - $see text [B] Sold to me restored by the legendary Rick Propas, this has a lovely semi-flexible Fine nib. It's in great condition for age and works flawlessly.
Of all of these items, this is the one I would most like to keep. I may list a price later, but for now it's only half on the table. I'm sorry, I really haven't decided about this yet. Apologies, this one I think is going to stay with me.
3. Waterman's Phileas - US$50 [B-C] This was my first fountain pen, but you wouldn't know it looking at it. It's in great condition, with surface scratches that you can only see if you hunt for them. I think the converter is busted because it doesn't hold water, but the rest of the pen seems to be in great working condition. A couple of years ago the entire nib unit was replaced for free by Waterman's and the pen has not been used since.
The Medium steel nib is renowned for smoothness, and is a dream as your first 'better' pen.
4. Pilot Custom 823 - US$150 SOLD [B-] This glorious Japanese Medium 14k gold nib writes as perfectly as Pilot is known for. The text in the pictures is all written with this pen. No problems, ever.
Two issues - one is a single scratch (beyond what I consider the typical microscratches) on the lower third (ie. toward the blind cap) that encompasses around 25% of the circumference of the barrel. I didn't see it until I started prepping for sale, and it's so small I can't get a good photo of it. But if you see it, you'll notice it, and so I've tried to incorporate this into the price.
The second 'issue' is that I've removed the little rubber o-ring that seals the main chamber from the smaller one - so you no longer need to turn the blind cap to start ink flowing (since that's my personal preference) - and having moved 2 houses since I can't currently find this o-ring. If I can't turn it up, it is possible to source replacements if absolutely needed I believe.
5. Visconti Homo Sapiens NIB UNIT ONLY - US$150 SOLD [C - see below] A now-unused Fine 23k Palladium nib unit that suits the large Homo Sapiens, since I replaced mine with a BB unit. I've marked the condition as 'C', because although the nib is in perfect shape (and writes accordingly), on removing the nib unit from the pen there seems to be some scoring on the inside of the plastic on the side that sits inside the pen. When I got my Homo Sapiens the National distributor replaced nibs for me as part of the nib exchange program (EF to F), so I can only assume this surface damage was done by them. It's never caused any sort of problems, and the nib is perfectly functional, but I feel I have to mention it.
Iroshizuku bottles:
Waterman's bottles:
POSTAGE As I am in Australia, post may take some time to get to you. For pens, I estimate US$10-15 to get anywhere in the world, and inks will likely be US$5-10 depending on weight and number of bottles (and the amount of packaging you want me to use).
I'll be happy to arrange Registered and Insured post, particularly for the more valuable shipments, but that may cost a small amount more (ie. I imagine US$5-10 more).
From past experience, detailed tracking from AusPost is very, very expensive, and probably not easily do-able. Obviously, if any Aussies want to buy anything, we can chat in local currency and try to streamline delivery - I'm located in Melbourne, Victoria.
Please let me know if there are any issues with any of the above. I hope you guys enjoy these and get more use from them than I have.
Edit... PAYMENT PayPal is probably the best for both parties.
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2016.09.26 05:01 mecasloth Over the horizon

Men and women of the great city of Zhenzhugang have for a while been expanding and exploring. The Shouxi has long sat back and let the people do their thing over seas and not really try to find what the hell was going on. With the death of the old Shouxi and the start of a new Shouxi he has decided to figure out where the Zhusanjiao people have explored/settled down.
Color Meaning
Light Blue Area controlled by the Zhusanjiao people
Beige Areas frequently traveled by the people
Light Grey Areas traveled semi-frequently by the people
Grey Areas rarely traveled by the people
Dark Grey Areas never traveled by the people
The journey outlined in gold is the first of the series of contacting the people abroad, the red will be the second. The trip has five legs of the journey, with every journey the men that come back with draw a crude map on the side of a clay floor kept in a special room that men aren't allowed to frequent.


Leg One

The young men left on four of the newest canoes, thwarts, oarlocks, and sails help them in this journey. The 32 men made their way up the coast, Ha had slept and not caught the explores. The first villages were welcoming and glad to see the Zhusanjiao explores making contact with them. Their langue stayed mostly the same for the time spent apart. These men had told of beasts and horrors seen deep within the impenetrable forests that surround the villages. The 32 men in hubris decided that their was nothing to fear.
They traveled deep within the forest, and they came face to face with a new dragon and his servants. Zhang laid on the ground, his red body winding through the trees formless, his face tentacles sensed the men and their trespassing in the forest. He moved his head over his bowing supporters and saw the men, his green eyes fixed on the 32 men and their spears. With yelling from the 32 men the followers broke out of trance and started to chase after them. 3 died as they ran back to safety, when the men got to the edge of the forest and left they turned around and saw the green eyes peering out from behind the shadows fixing on the survivors. A new dragon has been found in this weird land.
When they came back to the Shouxi of Zhenzhugang he had paid for 7 ships to go on all trips, 4 (32 people) canoes for the explorers and 3 (24 people) canoes holding experienced hunters.

Leg Five

Legs 2-3 were uneventful and most people were welcoming and the ones that weren't were pacified by the large show of arms. Leg 4 they found no one, not a single person they met as they moved onto the island. A large mountain towered over them, it was the first part seen by the men, smoke poured out and the men assumed that these were the natives. But after days of exploring and when it became evident that no man lived in that smoke, only one creature came to mind: Hui. No one knows if he was ever killed by Fuyu or not, and there they saw the smoke pooling out of a great mountain. A great fortress to the great dragon.
As they moved cautiously assuming that Hui would fall upon them at any moment the 24 hunters stayed close to the explorers, always on guard for Hui's antics. It wasn't until they got to the other side of the island that they noticed something, oars. A group of oars were found, they looked ancient, half dug into the ground. Then later they found a group of canoes, and a single house. All half dug into the sandy shores, but when they dug the house they realized something: the only other explores that must've come here, drawn in by Hui's smoke was Fuyu and his helpers. They stumbled onto the failed expedition. They made for their canoes at once, not wishing to find their bodies, or what Hui had done to them. They made for sea at once, and according to legend one of the men stood, looking back to the shore and gave it a name: Fen (墳), grave. When they returned they said nothing of Fuyu.


Legs 1-5

The south had been a boon for finding new tribes, people who we didn't know of. Hundreds of villages to the south have shown us their villages, we for going through their villages and documenting their location had traded twarts giving them the power to trade over longer distances.
In the very edge of our exploration we found a great island, one larger than the one in the north but just empty. Further exploration will be needed for knowing what is going on down there.
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2016.07.23 14:36 SaiyamanMS The Complete Soundtrack of Haruhi Suzumiya - Translated Tracklist

Disc 1
  1. SOS Brigade, Start Up! (SOS-dan Shidou!)
  2. Something is Odd (Nanika ga Okashii)
  3. Oi oi
  4. Melancholic Melancholy (Yuuutsu no Yuuutsu)
  5. The Mysterious
  6. Going Smoothly (Kouchou Kouchou)
  7. The Overbearing (The Gouin)
  8. The Furiously Magnificent Days (Gekiretsu de Karei naru Hibi)
  9. Winter's Footsteps (Fuyu no Ashiato)
  10. Let's Take it Easy (Yuruku Ikimashou)
  11. The Usual Scenery (Itsumo no Fuukei)
  12. A Certain Rainy Day (Aru Ame no Hi)
  13. Boredom (Unzari da)
  14. Tragic Heroine (Higeki no Heroine)
  15. Overflowing with Sadness (Kanashimi Afureru)
  16. A Small, yet Wonderful Happiness (Chiisakutemo Suteki na Shiawase)
  17. Haruhi's Feelings (Haruhi no Omoi)
  18. Mikuru's Heart (Mikuru no Kokoro)
  19. Nagato's Confession (Nagato no Kokuhaku)
  20. Mystery Time
  21. Celestials (Shinjin)
  22. Celestials -Guitar Ver- (Shinjin -Guitar Ver-)
  23. Closed Space (Heisa Kuukan)
  24. Comical Hustle
  25. Good Grief, oi oi (Yare Yare Oi Oi)
  26. Beep Boop Game Music (Piko Piko Game Music)
  27. Time for a Crash Course (Tokkun Arunomi)
  28. Baseball is a Part of Youth (Yakyuu wa Seishun no Sesshoku)
  29. Beach Vacation (Beach Vacances)
  30. Fear Sets In (Kyoufu no Hajimari)
  31. Camel Cricket (Kamadouma)
  32. The Great Detective's Conclusion (Meitantei ga Kaiketsu)
  33. Student Guitar Duo (Gakusei Guitar Duo)
  34. Shout Rock Band
  35. Wind Ensemble (Suisougaku Bu)
  36. It's an Adventure, Right? Preview Arrangement (Bouken Desho Desho? Yokoku Arrange)
Disc 2
  1. Invitation to the Unusual (Hinichijou he no Sasoi)
  2. The Truth About Ryoko Asakura (Asakura Ryouko no Shinjitu)
  3. Nagato vs. Asakura
  4. Growing Displeasure (Fuman Tsunotte)
  5. Honest Feelings (Sunao na Kimochi)
  6. Haruhi's Confession (Haruhi no Kokuhaku)
  7. Low Spirits (Shizunda Kokoro)
  8. The Void (Kyomuteki Kuukan)
  9. And So, The Usual Scenery (Soshite Itsumo no Fuukei)
  10. A Tranquil Shopping District (Nodoka na Shoutengai)
  11. YUKI Appears! (Yuki Toujou!)
  12. MIKURU Transforms! And Then Battle! (Mikuru Henshin! Soshite Sentou!)
  13. In a Pinch! (Pinchippoi!)
  14. Eyecatch
  15. MIKURU and ITSUKI's Heartwarming Cohabitation (Mikuru to Itsuki no Hodohodo no Dousei)
  16. YUKI and MIKURU's Psychological Warfare (Yuki to Mikuru no Shinrisen)
  17. The End (Daidanen)
  18. End Roll
Disc 3
  1. Beyond the Tanzaku (Tanzaku no Mukou ni)
  2. Unreaching Flower (Todokanai Hana)
  3. White Line March (Hakusen March)
  4. Meeting Nagato (Nagato no no Deai)
  5. Thinking About Today (Mono Omou Kyou konogoro)
  6. Nagato's 3 Years (Nagato no Sannenkan)
  7. In the Same Old Clubroom (Itsumo no Bushitsu de)
  8. Something is Odd Ver. 3 years (Nanika ga Okashii Ver. 3 years)
  9. Bamboo Leaf (Sasa no Ha)
  10. Begin Activities (Katsudou Kaishi)
  11. Public Pool (Shomin Pool)
  12. Meeting Time
  13. Summer Preparations (Natsu no Junbi)
  14. Bon Dance (Bon Odori)
  15. Enyoying the Festival (Matsuri no Tanoshimi)
  16. Making Memories (Omoide Tsukuri)
  17. Cicada Catching Contest (Semi Tori Kassen)
  18. Frog Suit Squad (Kigurumi Kaeru Tai)
  19. Astronomical Observation (Tentai Kansoku)
  20. Aim for a Home Run (Nerae, Home Run)
  21. Summer Days Go By (Sugiyuku Natsu no Hibi)
  22. Tea Time
  23. Summer Lethargy (Natsu no Kedarusa)
  24. Home Run
  25. Falling Puzzle Game (Ochiru Puzzle Game)
  26. Spiritual Discomfort (Kokoro no Iwakan)
  27. In Nagato's Heart (Nagato no Kokoro he)
  28. Supermarket Theme
  29. Uneasy Atmosphere (Fuan naru Kuuki Kan)
  30. Mysterious Music Box (Mysterious Orgel)
  31. Truth of the Loop (Loop no Shinjitsu)
  32. Because I'm an Observer (Yakume wa Kansoku dakara)
  33. Endless Moonlight (Endless naru Gekkou)
  34. Unescapable Swamp (Dasshutsu Fuka no Numachi)
  35. A Nightmarish Omen (Akumu no Yochou wo Kanjiru)
  36. Within Deja Vu (Deja Vu no Naka de)
  37. Uncertainty, Doubt and Bewilderment (Fuan to Giwaku to Tomadoi)
  38. Momentary Deja Vu (Deja Vu no Shunkan)
  39. Through the Eyes of an Observer (Kansokusha no Me ni Utsurumono)
  40. Ominous Feeling (Youchou no Sacchi)
  41. Abnormality Detected (Ihen no Hakken)
Disc 4
  1. Truth of the Abnormality (Ihen no Shoutai)
  2. A Heart That Should've Been Unchangable (Fuhen no Kokoro no Hazu datta)
  3. This is a High Schooler's Summer Vacation (Kore ga Koukousei no Natsuyasumi)
  4. Disturbed Minds (Kakimawasareru Nounai)
  5. Atmosphere of a Collapsing Mind (Kuzureru Nou no Funiki)
  6. A Cycle of Forgotten Memories (Tokeochiru Kioku Kairo)
  7. Meltdowner Mind
  8. One Thought Thousands of Times (Suusenkai Ijou no Shikou)
  9. The Desire to Scream and Brain Cells (Nakisakebu Kanjou to Nousaibou)
  10. The Relationship Between Cumulonimbus Clouds and Paper Planes (Nyuudougumo to Kami Hikouki no Kankei)
  11. Making Memories ~ Ver. Bossa~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Bossa~)
  12. Making Memories ~ Ver. Heartrending~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Setsunai~)
  13. Making Memories ~ Ver. Sorrow~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Kanashisa~)
  14. Making Memories ~ Ver. Music Box~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Orgel~)
  15. Making Memories ~ Ver. Desperation~ (Omoide Tsukuri ~Ver. Yakekuso~)
  16. A Woman Who Walks Her Own Path (Waga Michi wo Iku Josei)
  17. Keep Pressing Onwards (Tsukisusumu node aru)
  18. A Time Filled With EXP (Keikenchi no Aru Jikantai)
  19. From a Corner of the Soul (Seishin no Sumi kara yattekuru)
  20. The Lingering Scent of Lost Memories (Toraerarenai Kioku no Nokoriga)
  21. A Parallel Universe Within Reality (Genjitsu no Naka no Isekai)
  22. A Fluidly Rewinding World (Ryuurei naru Makimodoshi Sekai)
  23. The Answer Hits Me (Maioriru Kaitou)
  24. A Happiness Found Within the Ordinary (Nichijou de aru koto no Shiawase wo)
  25. Playful March (Ofuzake March)
  26. It Ends But We Continue (Nuku Tsutsumo Susume)
  27. An Overbearing Girl With a Smile (Egao de Gouin ni Susumu Onna)
  28. It's Interesting Because it Requires Serious Thought (Shinken ni Nayamu Sugata koso Omoshiroi)
  29. A Calm Heart (Odayaka na Kokoro de Iyou)
  30. Fun is Only a Step Away (Tanoshii koto wa Sugu Tonari ni)
  31. Smiling with a Skipping Feeling (Skip Kibun no Egao)
  32. Playful March ~Side Story~ (Ofuzake March ~Bangaihen~)
  33. It's Interesting Because it Requires Serious Thought ~Side Story~ (Shinken ni Nayamu Sugata koso Omoshiroi ~Bangaihen~)
  34. Dissent Arises (Fukyouwaon no Hassei)
  35. This Looks Bad (Kore, Yabai zo)
  36. There's a Limit to Outrageousness (Boujakubujin ni mo hodo ga aru)
  37. The Sound of Nerves Snapping (Shinkeisaibou ga Chigireu Oto)
  38. A Wave of Anger (Ikari no Hadou)
  39. I Can't Endure This (Gaman Naranai)
  40. A Regretful Heart (Koukai no Kokoro)
  41. I See the Light (Mieta Koumei)
  42. The Changing Routine (Henka shisugi no Nichijou)
Disc 5
  1. It's an Adventure, Right? (Bouken Desho Desho?)
  2. Sunny Sunny Joy (Hare Hare Yukai)
  3. God knows
  4. Lost my music
  5. First Good-Bye
  6. The Legend of MIKURU's Love (Koi no Mikuru Densetsu)
  7. Wind Reading Ribbon (Kaze Yomi Ribbon)
  8. Welcome UNKNOWN
  9. The Ultimate Para Parade (Saikyou Pare Parade)
  10. Happiness of a Predestined Incident (Unmeiteki Jiken no Koufun)
  11. Super Driver
  12. Stop! (Tomare!)
submitted by SaiyamanMS to Haruhi [link] [comments]

2016.06.30 01:46 goatsareeverywhere Min-maxing in preparation for the release of update 4.0

With update 4.0 coming up in a few days, I decided to create a (not so) little guide about possible steps to prepare for it if you really want to min-max things. For the uninitiated, there have been two posts which have described what’s coming up in update 4.0, and you can read the translated versions on the wiki. There are many changes, and I’ll only list the ones related to min-maxing here:
My min-maxing will mainly focus on upgrading your teams to the best possible, with little regard for the sentimental value that certain cards may hold. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made. Without further ado, here are the main talking points:
Do not use your loveca/scouting tickets on the upcoming Umi/Nico box
This is going to be a tough one to swallow, especially for people who’ve been waiting almost 6 months for their favorite idol’s UR. And believe me, I know how that feels like. If you scout now, you get the current rate of 9% SR 1% UR + guaranteed SR, but when 4.0 hits, SSRs will enter the pool and be higher in value than SRs. I don’t expect the UR appearance rate to drop (there will be riots), so this implies that on average, draws done post-4.0 will be higher in value than draws done pre-4.0. What to do with all those hoarded loveca and scouting tickets? Well, keep waiting lol. The secondary scouting boxes during events may come in handy (if they can give SSRs), though sadly the chances of getting the new UR will be greatly reduced.
Stockpile seals, do not convert your seals into blue tickets
Seals are now really valuable as you can use them to idolize your URs, when it previously took lots of luck or pain (saccing 3 URs) to idolize them. You lose out on the School Idol Skill upgrade if you use seals to idolize your cards, but unless you’ve already got 3 teams full of idolized URs, idolizing a card should be way better than the loss of the skill (unless these skills are absurdly good). But why not buy blue tickets for 30 2 SR seals each? Well, at current blue ticket probability rates of 80% SR 20% UR, it’s better to use seals for idolizing cards according to this screenshot. If you’re not yet convinced, here’s a table showing you what you’ll get from 500 R or 25 SR seals:
Type of seal Number SRs obtained URs obtained
Rare 500 2.67 0.67
SR 25 2 0.5
1 UR > 2.67 SRs and 0.67 URs. And yes, using SR seals for blue tickets is actually worse than using Rs. Just like honor scouting, these rates are expected to change once SSRs are released, but the moral of the story is not to jump the gun and blow through all of your seal stockpiles.
Practice/sell your idolized SRs that you don’t intend to use/collect ASAP
With the change to idolizing cards using seals, selling idolized cards post-4.0 only yields 1 seal compared to the 2 right now. If you ever intend to practice or sell off your idolized cards in the future, might as well do it now while you still get double value out of them. Sell them to the 9 shiny promo URs if you haven’t finished max leveling them (they’re really strong so do use them), or to whatever level 1 SRs/URs you have lying around.
I’ve been only talking about idolizing URs using seals, but remember that your existing SRs can still be idolized in a similar manner. Now’s the time to idolize your Score Up SRs that still remain unidolized. Interestingly, the strongest Score Up SRs belong to the semi-old sets like SLG/CybeMagician/Marine and not the most recent sets, as they’ve dialed back on their strengths to limit power creep.
Hard songs are still the best to grind when events aren’t online
Now with EX songs getting transferred to the regular rotation, you’re no longer on a limited timer to S/S/S them. That loveca from completing 120 plays is tempting, but remember that hard songs cost 40% less LP and only require 100 plays, meaning that the 3000 LP used to S/S/S a single EX song can be used to S/S/S two hard songs for 1 extra loveca. Now that 1 loveca might sound insignificant, but if you’re grinding songs for levels and whatnot, might as well make full use of it. During token events, grinding EX and possibly Master songs are still better because you gain more tokens per LP spent, which is slightly more important than maxing out completion efficiency.
Note: Daily hard/EX songs give completion rewards for less LP, together with the first 4 songs in the regular rotation. Max these out first.
That’s all I can think of for now. After 4.0 hits, I might come with a second version of this with updated probabilities. Also thinking of writing a guide on what to do if you’re leveling up a new starter account...
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Fuyu no Semi Lyrics - YouTube Fuyu No Semi OVA 1 [1/4] - YouTube Fuyu no semi ova 2 3/3 esp sub Fuyu No Semi OVA 2 Sub español - YouTube Morikawa Toshiyuki - Fuyu no Semi - YouTube Fuyu no Semi - I knew I loved you - YouTube Fuyu no Semi - YouTube Fuyu No Semi OVA 1 (Sub español) - YouTube [Vietsub] {SD4u Team} Fuyu no Semi Part 3 - Sweetdeath4u ... Winter Cicada 01 - YouTube

  1. Fuyu no Semi Lyrics - YouTube
  2. Fuyu No Semi OVA 1 [1/4] - YouTube
  3. Fuyu no semi ova 2 3/3 esp sub
  4. Fuyu No Semi OVA 2 Sub español - YouTube
  5. Morikawa Toshiyuki - Fuyu no Semi - YouTube
  6. Fuyu no Semi - I knew I loved you - YouTube
  7. Fuyu no Semi - YouTube
  8. Fuyu No Semi OVA 1 (Sub español) - YouTube
  9. [Vietsub] {SD4u Team} Fuyu no Semi Part 3 - Sweetdeath4u ...
  10. Winter Cicada 01 - YouTube

Pañuelos en mano, nada mas.... egyszerűen imádom xd yaoi Fuyu no Semi by Morikawa Toshiyuki...one of my favorite seiyu's I couldn't find the lyrics on the internet so when I was bored I wrote them down while listen... Seiyuu: Morikawa Toshiyuki Mangaka: Youka Nitta Series: Haru Wo Daiteita Enjoy! :3 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Giới thiệu: Tình yêu, không phải lúc nào cũng kết thúc viên mãn. Kusaka và Akizuki, hai con người ở hai phe đối lập đã chẳng hay chẳng biết mà rơi vào bi ... (HD)Fuyu no Semi Ova 1 part 3-3 ger sub ~Das Liebeslied von Edo - Duration: 10:51. BunnyXIII 23,622 views. 10:51. Akatsuki No Yona — Ending 2 Sub Español - Duration: 4:54. Here's again a little songvid about Fuyu no Semi, hope you'll enjoy it! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.