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Sri Lanka brides are the improved version of Indian girls. Women from Sri Lanka have gentle facial features, with full sensual lips, straight noses, and beautiful deep dark eyes. Their skin is flawless, smooth, and tanned. You can also find girls with European features due to the tourism contributing to the diverse genetic pool of the local people. Start Chat and Meet New friends from Sri Lanka. Chat with men and women nearby. Make new friends in Sri Lanka and start dating them. Register in seconds to find new friends, share photos, live chat and be part of a great community! The median age of first marriage in Sri Lanka is 23.7. Unfortunately, such thing as child marriage still exists in this country. It doesn't mean that all of them were married before 18 — there are tens of thousands of Sri Lankan girls in their 20s who have never been married. Single Girls Interested In Sri Lankan Dating. Are you Looking for Girls? Check out the the profiles below to find your ideal date. Contact them and setup a go out this week. We have 1000's of other members that just can't wait to talk to someone exactly like you! ... Sri Lanka Personals is part of the dating network, which includes many other ... 3. The Sex Ratio in Sri Lanka is in Your Favor. The sex ration in India is definitely not in your favor. Neither is the sex ration in China…even though it’s still easy to meet Chinese girls. The sex ration in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, is in your favor. Meet Single Girls from Sri Lanka Online. If you are single today and had difficult ways to find a woman from Sri Lanka. Online dating at Loveawake is the best for you. You can find love everywhere around the web and make sure it is really for free without asking your credit card or any transactions relating about money. Do not get too hot, yes ... The aim of this article is not only to tell you where to find Sri Lankan girls mobile numbers but Sri Lanka girls contact information in general. This includes e-mails, chats and forums for finding a pen pal. I will give you specific websites to communicate with women from Sri Lanka for true love or marriage. In Sri Lanka, the Movement has been empowering girls and young women for over 95 years. Our membership, which numbers over 30,000 in Sri Lanka, spans all 9 provinces. The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association (SLGGA) is a non-governmental, non-religious organisation which is open to girls and women from all walks of life irrespective of caste ... Yet the girls in Sri Lanka get married quite early – under the age of 20. What are Sri Lankan Brides Like? In addition to the exotic appearance and natural beauty, Sri Lankan ladies have a wide range of benefits, which make them perfect wives and mothers. Reliable. Marriage is a very responsible stage in the life of every Sri Lankan bride. Sri lanka girls do not smoke or drink alcohol – this is a principled position. Girls aren't used to swimwear. In hometown they rest on the sea in clothes, because it is not accepted to bare body. Best Mail order bride sites AsiaLadyDate. Rating: 4.7 ...

Calling Girls aunty prank in Srilanka – ආන්ටි ප්‍රෑන්ක් Part 4 – Ready Pranks

2020.09.16 22:49 shinney Calling Girls aunty prank in Srilanka – ආන්ටි ප්‍රෑන්ක් Part 4 – Ready Pranks

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2020.09.09 07:26 nads_09 15 F - Purple obsessed and Dog lover

Hey! I'm 15 years old I live in Srilanka and I go to school I'm currently in 11th grade studying science as an Edexcel Igcse student. I have a boyfriend and I love dogs I have 4 puppies and 2 dogs. Obsessed with the color purple and any kind of junk food, although I'm very much a picky eater. I lack self-confidence and usually have migraines 24/7 which makes it hard for me to focus on my studies and lose anger. Would love to get to know some of y'all pretty girls out there
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2020.05.24 16:48 TurbulentStock Srilanka Girl

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2020.05.10 08:29 FederalFennel1 Free International chat English chat tamil India Usa chat Feeling lonely? Enter the best world chat room to mingle with real girls and guys from India, America, England, Corea, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Paris. Join Ziachat Chat today!
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2019.11.10 03:06 tharigihani Srilanka girl

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2019.11.02 18:22 Karanp94 Advice for dating in USA

I am 25(m).I am originally from Srilanka(Asia).I came recently to USA.This dating culture is completly from what I experienced in Srilanka.I want advice on how to meet new people.I am not interested in online dating.Will it be weird if a brown guy approach a girl in a bar?
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2019.08.19 06:36 j259awesome R-T 5k-10k

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2019.07.18 16:01 Taubenus Totally framed my Classmate, bullied him out of school

I'm German so sorry for my english. When I was in grade seven (going to a school in germany) me and my friend were by far the worst group in school, bullying without cause and treating people like shit. I got in trouble with my teacher a lot, and even though I always played tough, I was very afraid of getting in trouble with teachers and parents.
There was this one kid from Srilanka who just got in class at the start of the year. We alawys bullied him and he often tried to report us to the teacher, sometimes lying and exaggerating but I cant blame him, because we really were hard on him.
One time me and my friends were hangig out at a window and spit on the heads of pupils passing through, always hiding our heads when they were looking up. One girl saw us though, and reported us to the teacher. To avoid the blame, me and my friends all agreed to blame the kid from Srilanka, who wasnt even there at the time. We even got some classmates to join our story and call him a liar. He couldnt defend himself against all our stories and got mayor trouble including sessions with his father (who was always yelling at him when we saw him) and a public letter of apology which he had to write and pin on the announcement board from the whole school. All that without him doing anything.
He left the school at the end of the year and I never saw him again.
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2019.05.02 18:40 Nirmal_dn 28/M/SL medical student

Hi, I'm a medical student living in srilanka. I used to exchange letters with penpals when I was a teenager. I would like to write somebody again which would be awesome. I'm an amateur, self taught portrait artist. I have a small private collection of my arts! And I love all sort of music even though I still can't play any instrument or sing! ( I badly want to take some guitar classes.)
I'm a bookaholic myself. Read lot of books in my native language both originals and translations. I was grown up in college hostel so we were encouraged to read books whenever we can. Because of this I'm a very curious person. I like to learn new stuff and discuss them with someone like minded. I absolutely love go on trips. Mostly with my friends. I have this gang of friends. Four boys including me (most of the time this may expand in to 6 or 7 even 8 sometimes) and 3-4 girls. 2 boys and girls out of them are married to each other. Since we are living in a island we go to beach more often. Our country has high mountains towards the middle. Those places are cool and very green so we have a broader range of temperatures. We enjoyed some quality time in that place recently. All of my friends are very open minded people we enjoy each other's company a lot. So I don't want to write down everything in here. And I hope this is enough to get an idea about me. The feeling that I may have a penpal again is very exciting and nostalgic. So if anybody likes to connect, please don't hesitate to DM. PS:- my English may have some grammartical errors, excuse me for that. Cheers!!!
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2019.03.31 08:06 Lxnxkxn Indians of Reddit , what's your horror roommate story?

First year of college I was assigned to this random girl. Looked pretty innocent. WRONG. It was all fine until she started stealing the food I brought from home. I constantly let it off thinking that maybe I forgot that I ate it. That's until she called me one day when I had gone out asking if she could use my bowls. When I came back I figured out that she had used all my stuff to cook MY pack of noodles from Srilanka and didn't wash it. When I confronted her she obviously denied it all. When I asked her why she hadn't washed it she said 'I washed the middle just not the sidesof the bowl'. Girl what? And then she went on to comb lice off her hair and put it on my bed. When I asked her to do it outside the room she said that this was her room too and she could do whatever she wanted. One day this lice combing stopped suddenly. Aaaannd then while I was changing my sheets... Turned out... She combed out lice.. killed them all.. and wiped them under my sheets while I wasn't there... And then she went on to take pictures of me while changing my clothes and sent it to random boys in our college. I still live with that dipshit. Got one month to go till I change my damn room.
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2019.03.25 18:22 ZackPhrut Are there people who have become dharmik/religious again after going through a phase of atheism? I think I'm experiencing this thing and I would like to know your perspective.

In my teen years, I was an atheist and also in my early teenage, I remember an incident when I was watching a cricket match between India & Srilanka and the Lankan batsman took off his t-shirt mid inning on the pitch while batting. He was wearing a cross. I liked it. After he wore back his t-shirt before starting to play again, he crossed his heart. I started wearing cross too and doing the same heart cross thing and did so for few months or maybe an year. Basically my Atheist phase was just stupidity. This I am very sure of. Later, most of it was driven by the fact that I wanted to look cool in front of girls. Then I'm slowly getting away from that, I don't like to call myself an atheist anymore and also I find that Indian atheists are indeed incredibly stupid just like I was at some point of time. Sad thing is they are stupid even in their twenties. Are there people who have been through this phase? How was your experience? And what brought you back on the path of believing again? What kind of books did you read? I'm not a believer yet, but I am pretty sure I am on that path and sooner or later I might start subscribing to the philosophy full time.
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2018.09.19 07:12 MsConfidential [Research] For Girls: What do you look for in a potential Boyfriend/Husband?

Doing some research for my weekly column on what girls (living in SL or overseas) look for in their potential partner :) I had great feedback for the one I did a week back on what guys are looking for so I thought I’d ask the girls here!
If you like to volunteer your thoughts, let me know 2-3 things your potential partner must have! You can comment here or PM me. You can also email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Thank you in advance :)
EDIT (27/September)
The published article can be accessed here! Thank you to everyone who PM-ed, E-mailed, and commented <3
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2018.09.17 09:16 MsConfidential [Research] For Girls: What do you look for in a potential Boyfriend/Husband?

Doing some research for my weekly column on what girls (living in SL or overseas) look for in their potential partner :) I had great feedback for the one I did a week back on what guys are looking for so I thought I’d ask the girls here!
If you like to volunteer your thoughts, let me know 2-3 things your potential partner must have! You can comment here or PM me. You can also email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Thank you in advance :)
EDIT - 27/September:
The published article can be accessed here! Thank you to everyone who PM-ed, E-mailed, and commented <3
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2018.08.30 07:18 MsConfidential [Research] For Guys: What do you look for in a potential Girlfriend/Wife?

Doing some research for my weekly column on what Lankan guys look for in their potential partner :) It's mainly to contrast with social stereotypes and how Lankans' tastes for the opposite sex have evolved.
If you like to volunteer your thoughts, let me know 2-3 things your potential partner must have! You can comment here or PM me.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences :) Big love! The article can be found here -->
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2018.08.09 16:56 melvin_rajeev India vs Srilanka Girls U-15 Football

India vs Srilanka Girls U-15 Football submitted by melvin_rajeev to india [link] [comments]

2018.07.20 17:44 PrinceTerrien What are You reading right now?

I was just thinking, less than a decade ago you would see half of the kids on the commute reading something. The girls were always reading (when they weren't too busy throwing glances at the boys) and even the guys on the footboard had a book or two in their bags. Not boring schoolbooks either. Real, beautiful literature.
It wasn't so odd back then. Nowadays if you took a book out of the bag they'd be waiting for you to pull out the time machine next. Are books really that obsolete now? Have they lost their magic that once took you on journeys to forgotten lands with enchanting princesses?
Anyway, what are you reading right now /srilanka and what are your favorites of all time?
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2018.02.04 12:35 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. While American journalists castigate OBOR, leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos sing a different tune, are bullish and embrace OBOR. Jingoistic American journalism is not giving a clear picture.
  2. 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer: Percent Trust in Government, and change from 2017 to 2018
  3. Ethnic Chinese and want to live in China? Find out if you qualify for new five-year visa
  4. China and Russia May Take Over the Top of the World With New 'Polar Silk Road' Through the #Arctic
  5. #OverseasChinese contributed to China’s development before – and can do so again: Though Xi was comfortable asking for their support and said that party authorities ought to protect these groups, he has not voiced any clear policy regarding overseas Chinese
  6. Vatican, Eager for China Ties, Asks ‘Underground’ Bishops to Step Aside
  7. Can China use the Balkans to expand into Europe?
  8. China could help build high-speed rail between #Sweden and #Norway: "We have discussed how China can, potentially, assist with financing and with expansion capacity and competencies," Alf S Johansen of the Varmland-Ostfold Border Committee, which is coordinating the project
  9. China to establish 3 international courts to deal with #BRI disputes: The Chinese Supreme People's Court will set up international courts in Beijing, Xi'an and Shenzhen. Xi'an will handle cases related to the SilkRoad and Shenzhen those related to Maritime Silk Road. Beijing will be the headquarters
  10. US falls behind China in global leadership approval: survey
  11. China-UK spat brewing over May’s Belt and Road caution
  12. Chinese culture show features KevJumba, student performances: Predominantly, [NUCSA] is a club that focuses around providing a space for Chinese-American students, so we try to do shows that are relevant to our culture” said Jess Yin, the club’s event coordinator
  13. #SriLanka signs two MOUs with China for building complex in Port City and underground Marine Drive in Colombo. 60 percent of the reclamation work at the Port City and the breakwater construction has already been completed
  14. Trump Calls Out Iran, North Korea; Labels China, Russia 'Rivals'
  15. China's Role in Syrian Talks Increasing, While US' Influence Fading – Analysts
  16. Turnbull, Payne deny China a threat to #Australia: The Turnbull government has backpedalled on suggestions China is a threat to Australia's national security
  17. #Malaysia must take advantage of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiatives for its own economic development, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said
  18. #CIA chief Mike Pompeo says China 'as big a threat to US' as Russia: that the Chinese "have a much bigger footprint" to do this than the Russians do. As examples he cited efforts to steal US commercial information and infiltration of schools and hospitals - and this extended to Europe and the UK
  19. Recent Reports on Sino-Vatican Negotiations Raise Many Complicated Questions
  20. 12 US congressmen nominate the Occupy leaders for 2018 Nobel Peace Prize
  21. American exchange student finds (steals) $15,000 worth of treasure in his Chinese apartment and will use it to fund a trip to bali. Is there a way to find the rightful owners?
  22. Emerging star Li Haotong wrote his name in the history books and underlined his prodigious talent as he became the first Chinese men’s golfer to claim a spot in the world top 50
  23. Commentary: May's China visit a dose of golden sunshine through protectionist haze
  24. Commentary: Blaming Beijing not to help Washington's image in LatAm
  25. Pakistan, China Jointly Showcase Arabian Sea #Gwadar Port: Officials expect Gwadar’s cargo handling capacity to increase to 1.2 million tonnes by the end of this year and it will be able to process about 13 million tons by 2022, making it the largest port in South Asia
  26. China-Latin America cooperation based on common interests: FM spokesperson
  27. #Taiwan bristles as flag vanishes from US government websites
  28. Foreign reporters say China work conditions deteriorate: Twenty-three percent said they were physically obstructed from accessing a location and eight percent said they were manhandled or beaten
  29. Possible deal between Vatican and China alarms many Catholics
  30. Eric Fish: How Chinese overseas students are learning harsh life lessons (SCMP)
In Domestic news
  1. Noodles for the Messiah: China’s Creative Christian Hymns. Since December, Chinese netizens have been debating whether the country’s recent #Christmas celebrations took on more distinctly “Chinese” characteristics. Henan has a long tradition of adapting the Christian doctrine to local customs
  2. China Xinhua News on Twitter: "World's longest sea bridge is expected to open to traffic later this year. Port projects of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge have been completed
  3. China's Tech Revolution: Baidu Has A Larger Market Share Than Google
  4. Reactor pressure vessel of Hualong One nuclear project installed in China's Fujian
  5. Chinese People Trust Their Media Much More Than You’d Think: Faith in #media has risen to 71 percent in China — the highest score of the 28 places around the world surveyed in market research firm Edelman’s annual study, and a six-point increase from a year ago
  6. China directs users to approved VPNs as firewall tightens: In January last year the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced it would be banning the use of unlicensed VPNs
In SciTech news
  1. China honors taikonauts as 'role models of our times': Over the past two decades, 21 #taikonauts were selected from the ranks of air force pilots. They have completed six missions, conducted over 100 experiments in space and orbited the earth for a total 68 days and nights
  2. 200 days in China’s ‘moon lab’ pushes students to the lunar limit: Four students crammed into a 160 square metre (1,720 sq ft) cabin called “Yuegong-1”, or Lunar Palace, on the campus of Beihang University, testing the limits of humans’ ability to live in a self-contained space
  3. China to launch 60 Jilin-1 video satellites by 2020
  4. Cloning breakthrough heralds China's scientific rise: UK newspaper
  5. China’s facial-recognition startups can probably pick you out of a crowd
  6. Biotech boom sees Chinese pharmaceutical sector soar: A growing wave of young Chinese talent returning from overseas has also propelled the biotech boom, with many launching their own pharmaceutical startups or continuing their research in China
  7. Trump’s rush to build a national 5G network may backfire, give China the technological edge
  8. Amazon Wants to Disrupt Health Care in America. In China, Tech Giants Already Have.
  9. Chinese firms helping to reshape SE Asia’s #AI sphere
  10. Using a combination of #3Dprinting and cultured cells, scientists in China have grown new ears for five children born with a defect in one ear called microtia, which impacts the shape and function of the ear
  11. China's first X-ray satellite formally put into service: Through the 2.5-tonne telescope, scientists will also study how to use pulsars for spacecraft navigation, as well as search for gamma-ray bursts corresponding to gravitational waves
  12. Zhejiang has launched the country's first "micro court" mini-app on Tencent platform to allow people to verify ID and file court papers
  13. Beijing court prepares ground for hearings in cyberspace (hearings on WeChat), after Zhejiang launched 1st "Internet Court" on WeChat
  14. China Is Building the World's Largest Steerable Radio Telescope: The new telescope being constructed in China, the Xinjiang Qitai 110-meter Radio Telescope (QTT), will be slightly larger than the Green Bank Telescope, the current largest steerable radio telescope
In Economic news
  1. Tencent Leads $5.4 Billion Investment in Wanda Commercial
  2. How local companies are winning over China's consumers. In the past decade, Chinese companies have been steadily taking market share from foreign companies in the country’s consumer markets.
  3. 2017 China Electric Car Sales Blow World Out Of The Water — BAIC EC-Series Is A Superstar
  4. China's Strategic Gains and the Investment Implications
  5. American companies see a booming China that may not want them
  6. China Could Target U.S. Firms if Trump Levies Tariffs, Group Warns
  7. UK PM May says she wants free trade deal with China
  8. China's $11 Trillion Bond Market Is Winning Foreign Investors
  9. A private indicator of China's economy just came in better than expected
  10. The Swift Rise of a Chinese Battery Giant
  11. Foreign Companies Feeling Less Welcome in China, AmCham Says: Three quarters of companies surveyed by the American Chamber of Commerce in China say they feel increasingly unwelcome
  12. Productivity of Chinese industrial firms to be measured by the acre. Zhejiang province rolls out new assessment scheme in line with president’s push for a cleaner, more efficient growth model.
  13. Korean brands still under pressure in China despite warmer ties: Warming diplomatic ties between Beijing and Seoul have brought little relief to South Korean brands, which continue to struggle in the Chinese market, according to the latest consumer brands survey by FT Confidential Research
  14. Across China: Miners abandon shovels for new careers in coal-rich province
In Military news
  1. China's Deadly Type 99 Tank vs. America's M1A2 Abrams and Russia's T-90:...
  2. China's Army Recruits Top Scientists to Develop #QuantumTechnology and AI: selected 120 top specialists to work in a leading research institute to push the development of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies for military applications
  3. Chinese Quantum Physicists Develop Ultra-Powerful, Anti-Stealth Military Radar
  4. Surveillance under the sea: how China is listening in near #Guam. China has planted powerful listening devices in two strategic seabeds deep in the waters near Guam, America’s biggest military base in the Western Pacific
  5. Is This Chinese Navy Ship Equipped With An Experimental Electromagnetic Railgun?
  6. ‘At least 12 crew members killed’ in Chinese military plane crash
  7. Looks like China just installed a railgun on a warship, beating the U.S. Navy to the punch
  8. China Building a 3rd Type 901 Large Replenishment Oiler for PLAN: 48,000 tons replenishment oiler design to support future carrier strike groups
  9. Chinese military paper urges increase in nuclear deterrence capabilities
  10. China's new drone company is building a UAV with a 20-ton payload: The TB-001 Scorpion, Tengoen's flagship vehicle, is a twin-engine, double-tail #drone. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 2.8 tons, a range of more than 3,700 miles, and provisions to carry two 220-pound bombs or missiles
Other Notables
  1. Should China give funding to Fox News and religious radicals in the US to polarize and destabilize the US, and to humiliate it on the international scene?
  2. Hao Jingfang: China's award-winning science fiction writer
  3. Medley of theme songs from Chinese TV/films over time by Singaporean music group The Teng Ensemble
  4. The town of Gaillac in France is hosting a Chinese lantern festival to celebrate Chinese culture, an event which festival-goers called "sublime" and "magnificent"
  5. Tomb owner confirmed as son of "Marquis of Haihun": metal seal reading "Liu Chongguo" was unearthed at the Marquis of Haihun site, China's most complete Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.- 25 A.D.) cemetery
  6. Chinese thumb drives
  7. Highway driving by the ocean. Xiamen, Fujian, China
  8. Proposal for Government Wireless Network Shows Fear of China
  9. China is woke on US Troops Abusing locals
  10. ZTAO - Beggar
  11. Trump’s union address stirs more anxieties
  12. Sinophobic German Company Has The Audacity To Sell Its Products In China
  13. 100-Word Poem written by Ming Dynasty Emperor about Islamic Prophet Muhammad
  14. Zhang Jing­chuan, a Chinese mountaineer who survived a taliban execution at a 13,000-foot base camp. He knocked an attacker, hid barefoot in his underwear for an hour in a ravine, snuck back in a tent to get a jacket and a satellite phone, hiked to safety and called the local emergency line
  15. Chinese experimental railgun aboard landing ship
  16. Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores Making Comeback in China
  17. Can a Chinese-American be Chinese and American? (Part 1) Thoughts?
  18. 2,200-yr-old gov't office ruins unearthed in Shaanxi Province: to be a musical department of the Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.)
  19. 7 Feet tall Chinese boxer Taishan Dong tries out for WWE
  20. PHOTOS of Chinese ‘secret railgun’ mounted on ship emerge online
  21. 一千零一夜 第十五夜:情人(二)萝莉大叔突破道德的爱情故事《情人》 the narrator is basically explains the lover 1992 movie, French girl with rich Chinese merchant in 1920s Vietnam
  22. Without America: Australia in the New Asia (excerpt)
  23. LRB · Nick Richardson · Even what doesn’t happen is epic: Chinese SF (The Three-Body Trilogy review)
  24. What Happens When China Eclipses the U.S. in Asia
  25. "And what will become of your superiority when the yellow man can make as good guns as the white and fire them as straight? You have appealed to the machine gun and by the machine gun shall you be judged." - Gu Hongming
  26. Super Blue Blood Moon seen across China
  27. China’s ‘knock-off’ capital now a hive of original art, as middle class tastes change
  28. Stunning aerial view of high-speed train maintenance center in Wuhan
  29. Chinese woman tells an Australian Chinese mother to 'Go back to China' during an incident in a Sydney shopping mall
  30. Vlog of taking my girlfriend back to China to meet the parents! (they loved her)
submitted by AutoModerator to Sino [link] [comments]

2017.11.07 17:14 lankaclassytours Geoffrey Bawa An Architectural Tour of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa is now regarded as having been one of the most important and influential Asian architects of the twentieth century. His international standing was confirmed in 2001 when he received the special chairman’s award in the eighth cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, becoming only the third architect and the first non-Moslem to be so honoured since the award’s inception. In 1951, he became apprenticed to the architectural practice of Edwards Reid and Begg in Colombo under its surviving partner, Reid. After Reid's death in 1952, Bawa left for England where he enrolled as a student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. There he gained a Diploma in Architecture by 1956 and in the following year he became an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects whereupon he returned to Ceylon, becoming a partner of Messrs. Edwards, Reid and Begg, Colombo in 1958. In 1959, Danish architect Ulrik Plesner joined the firm, and the two designed many buildings together in their distinct style, sometimes called "tropical modernism." Geoffrey and his brother Bevis were part of a milieu of sophisticated homosexuals who were drawn to the idea of Ceylon as a place of beauty, sensuality and escape. Like the Count de Mauny (Maurice Talvande) at Taprobane Island, the impetus for much of their work was the desire to create private arcadias within it. Bawa's architecture is at one with the land: inside and outside blend seamlessly, and it is designed for the maximum pleasure of its inhabitants. He was influenced by colonial and traditional Ceylonese architecture, and the role of water in it, but rejected both the idea of regionalism and the imposition of preconceived forms onto a site. Plesner left the island in 1967. Bawa became an Associate of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in 1960. An ensuing close association with a coterie of like-minded artists and designers, including Ena de Silva, Barbara Sansoni and Laki Senanayake, produced a new awareness of indigenous materials and crafts, leading to a post-colonial renaissance of culture. Book your holiday with

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2017.10.24 20:23 lankaclassytours Holidays in Sri Lanka

Where do you want to go? What is your ideal vacation?
Got the travel bug? Pack your bags and grab your camera! Our vacation tours will show you all the sights in the places you've always wanted to visit - all at the right pace.
Holiday with

Lankaclassytours #wanderlust #travel #holiday #vacation #tour #srilanka #loveasia #travelawesome #loneleyplanet #love #tea #happiness #girl #dametraveler #instagram #instagood #instapic #photooftheday #instago #followforlike #followus #regrann #like4like #explore #adventure #travelgram #beautiful #blogger #travelcouple #srilankaclassytours #wanderlust #beautiful #love #nature #culture #holiday #vacation #traveling #travel #picoftheday #bbctravel #natgeotravel

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2017.08.27 18:40 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup Random Chat Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. China Uses Chequebook Diplomacy To Sideline India In #Nepal: In recent years, Kathmandu has tilted towards Beijing as part of a nationalist drive to decrease the country's reliance on Delhi
  2. China has assured the #Philippines it will not occupy new features or territory in the South China Sea, under a new "status quo" brokered by Manila as both sides try to strengthen their relations, the Philippine defense minister said
  3. China newspaper claims US Navy is 'hazard' in Asian waters (Either that or China has a new tech to jam US ships)
  4. #Nepal and China have reached three different bilateral agreements to further bolster economic cooperation between the two countries
  5. China’s Investments in Countries Along Its #BeltandRoad Project Are Soaring: Chinese acquisitions in the 68 countries officially linked to President Xi Jinping's signature foreign policy totalled $33 billion as of Monday, surpassing the $31 billion tally for all of 2016
  6. China Defends Pakistan After Trump Criticism
  7. Russian expert says Trump’s new Afghanistan policy aimed at China`
  8. U.S. repatriates wanted economic suspect to China: The suspect, surnamed Zhou, allegedly falsified documents and swindled loans and acceptance bills worth 354m yuan (53m U.S. dollars) from four financial institutions from October 2013 to April 2014, according to the Ministry of Public Security
  9. China defends Pakistan against Trump barbs
  10. US talked to Russia, China about role in Afghan peace process - Tillerson
  11. China’s secret threat to Australia’s #Antarctic claim, report reveals: The report warns China’s expanding presence in Antarctica is aimed at angling for resources including minerals, hydrocarbons, fishing, tourism, transport routes, water and bioprospecting
  12. China, #LatinAmerica to Expand Links With International Expo: The first China-Latin America and Caribbean International Exposition will be held in early November. 400 to 500 enterprises and over 40,000 visitors from both sides are expected to attend the event
  13. Construction of first phase of #Thailand-China railway project to start in October: first phase, or the 253 km railway from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima. The railway project will also be further extended from Nakhon Ratchasima to Nong Khai on Thai-Lao border, which is called the second phase
  14. China, #SaudiArabia agree to strengthen economic ties: Al-Falih said Saudi Arabia cherishes the traditional friendship with China and is ready to make full use of the high-level steering committee to promote the docking of the Belt and Road Initiative with the "Saudi Vision 2030" growth strategy
  15. Chinese state councilor, Tillerson discuss bilateral ties, Afghanistan issue over phone
  16. "China’s own favorability has strengthened in recent years in Canada, Australia, Lebanon and Turkey"
  17. In the capital, THE WEEK finds young #Bhutanese openly proclaiming their love for China. Even monks and senior officials are not immune to China’s charm
  18. Chinese chap collared, charged over massive US Office of Personnel Management hack
  19. China will assist #SriLanka to become a Singapore - envoy: China will assist Sri Lanka to establish a technology university in the South with the objective to develop the technical aspects of the fisheries sector as well as other sectors and enhance the technical knowledge of the Sri Lankan youth
  20. #Philippines, Chinese coast guards hold maritime exercises: Balilo said improving relationship with China is in the best interest of the PCG as it would enhance the skills of its personnel in combatting sea piracy, terrorism and illegal drugs – the problems Duterte wants immediately addressed
  21. A #ChineseAmerican couple said they will stand by the city of San Francisco and defend their ownership of a street in one of the city's richest neighborhoods, where the homeowners are seeking to have the purchase negated
  22. Taiwan's Tsai bleeding support as key policy goals falter. Tsai's approval rating had fallen to 21%, the lowest since she took office in May 2016, while disapproval was triple that at 63%
  23. Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown a rare mission around the Korean peninsula : “The U.S. and South Korea holding yet more large-scale military and naval exercises does not help reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula,” - Russian foreign ministry
  24. Chinese students injured in Australian university campus attack
  25. Chastised by E.U., a Resentful Greece Embraces China
  26. Around 70 scientists from China and #Mexico joined in a workshop to discuss how to use nano technology to develop renewable energy and remedy environmental pollution
  27. Supported by exports of cars and electric equipment, China has overtaken Venezuela to become #Cuba's largest trading partner
  28. Europeans first to train here for #space: Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy and Matthias Maurer of Germany, both from the European Space Agency, joined 16 Chinese astronauts in waters off the coastal city of Yantai
  29. #Thailand’s cabinet approved a draft contract for a detailed plan on the design and construction of the first phase of the country’s high-speed railway project with China
In Domestic news
  1. China's Communist Party Turns to Confucius
  2. Passengers with an Android phone in Beijing can now swipe their phones to board the #subway
  3. Biography about Xi's seven years as a "sent down youth" becomes bestseller
  4. China to rev up bullet train revolution with world’s fastest service on Shanghai-Beijing line
  5. The guilty secret: Chinese crime writer Liu Yongbiao arrested for 4 cold-case murders
  6. The world’s largest floating solar farm is producing energy atop a former coal mine in China
  7. China to build #shalegas facilities, issue exploration tenders: Proven shale gas reserves of the field, located in Chongqing, now exceed 600 billion cu m, following the discovery of more than 220 billion cu m of additional deposits earlier this month
  8. Sight in Chinese man’s eye restored after pig cornea #transplant: The cornea, the transparent layer at the front of the eye, also contained no blood vessels, lessening the risk of the man’s body rejecting the transplant
  9. Building a ‘#Cyber Army’? Beijing Aims to Raise a New Generation of Cyber Wizards: Ministry of Education hopes to establish world-class network security colleges for the brightest minds to teach and learn in the next 10 years
  10. Chinese Town in Guangxi Province Throws a Parade for 4 Graduates Who Scored Tops in Gaokao
  11. Beijing air pollution indicator levels lowest since 2013
  12. China launches first Internet Court at Hangzhou
  13. These are China's plans for floating #nuclear reactors: These floating plants could power oil rigs and islands off the coast, or travel to disaster-struck coasts to provide relief
  14. China Just Exceeded its 2020 Target for Solar Installations. "In the last two months alone, China has added 24.02 GW of solar capacity. To put that into context, figures from earlier this year put Australia’s total capacity at around 6GW...The US currently has a total capacity of 44.7 GW."
  15. Train Delivers Eye Surgery to China's Rural Poor
  16. China’s #RenewableEnergy Revolution: At the start of 2017, China announced that it would invest $360 billion in renewable energy by 2020 and scrap plans to build 85 coal-fired power plants. Last month, the National Energy Administration, rolled out new measures to reduce dependence on coal
  17. China solicits public opinion on illegal fundraising law
  18. The number of newborns in 2016 hit 18.46 million and the total #fertility rate reached over 1.7 as the country's two-child policy took effect. Statistics shows that 18.46 million babies were born in China in 2016, up 2 million from 2013 numbers
  19. China Announced the Successful Launch of 8,000 Water Clean-Up Initiatives in First Half of 2017
  20. China deploys army to assist in Macau typhoon clean-up
In SciTech news
  1. China’s embrace of embryo selection raises thorny questions [Actually, it doesn't]
  2. Our brains do change from early to mid-adulthood. Scientists in China have found that significant microstructural changes occur in the brain from early to mid-adulthood, allowing them to accurately estimate an individual's age from their brain structure.
  3. China embraces embryo selection and state health could cover it within ten years
  4. How world’s next fastest computer will boost Chinese sea power
  5. #3Dprinting is booming: Medical, automotive, machinery, consumer electronics, aviation, toys, home decor, even art ... it appears there is not an industry, sector or field of human endeavor in China that has not been touched by the revolutionary 3D printing technology
  6. Science publishes Super Steel breakthrough developed by HKU-led Beijing-HK-Taiwan team at low cost - All News - Media - HKU
  7. Recipe for Safer Batteries, Just Add Diamonds - DrexelNow
  8. Chinese city of Nanjing gets first 3D printed bridge railings
  9. Chinese scientists make breakthrough in super steel
  10. Chinese Studio Replicates Ancient Art Through 3D Printing
In Economic news
  1. China’s digital-payments giant keeps bank chiefs up at night
  2. Using Protectionism to Try to Keep China Down
  3. Xiaomi is reportedly working with Google on the next Android One phone
  4. China is America's biggest #creditor once again: China's vast holdings of U.S. government debt jumped $44 billion to $1.15 trillion in June, according to U.S. Treasury Department data
  5. Global funds expanding into massive Chinese investment market
  6. Chinese electric car start-up #FutureMobility eyes global market in challenge to Tesla: With a team of former executives from BMW and enginers who worked for Google and Tesla, FMC recently closed a US$200 million funding round
  7. China’s Robot Revolution May Affect the Global Economy
  8. #Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China: by 2015 over 720,000 out of Taiwan’s 10-million workforce, 72.5% of them with an undergraduate degree or higher, had moved overseas for better jobs. China, with its common language, has absorbed the majority
  9. Midea's Plan for Beer-Pouring Robots, People-Less Factories
  10. Economists Spar Over How to Revive China’s Rust Belt
  11. China has enough assets to tackle debt mountain, think tank says
  12. Austrian firms bring their apprenticeship model to China
  13. The demand for Chinese #models in foreign markets is surging these days because the growing purchasing power for luxury and fashion products among Chinese consumers is a big draw
  14. Intellectual Property and the Coming US-China Trade War
  15. China is overrun with unicorns
  16. China's SOEs to shed hospitals and schools in bid to streamline
  17. Chinese firms win orders for world‘s largest container ships: The order for the nine ships is reportedly worth US$1.44 billion
In Military news
  1. China's homemade diesel engine for naval vessels undergoes testing: will meet the demand of diesel-powered large and medium-sized naval vessels
  2. China's making major progress with its #aircraftcarrier tech: earlier this summer, China launched the catapult-capable J-15T from the land-based electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS), as well as debuted new steam catapults
  3. China's quantum submarine detector could seal South China Sea
  4. For sale: China's brand new, souped-up tanks
  5. China’s New Ballistic #Missile Marks New Chapter in Global Nuclear Deterrence: China is developing a new sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Julang-3 (JL-3)
  6. China, #Thailand agree to push forward military ties: Thailand is also willing to strengthen cooperation with China in military drills, equipment technology, personnel training and multilateral security to improve cooperation between the two militaries, said Surapong
  7. China tests new missile near Korean peninsula
  8. Chinese #Military Going Hi-Tech As World Watches: military expert Vasily Kashin told Sputnik that the Chinese Navy is now the second strongest out there after the US Navy and, in terms of technology, is now breathing down the necks of its Western counterparts
  9. China Developing its Own Carrier-Capable AEW Hawkeye Aircraft for PLAN
  10. Chinese Navy's Special Operation Detachment Exchange with #Tanzanian Marine Corps
Other Notables
  1. 6 Chinese fantasy romances that'll take you to another world
  2. A total solar eclipse will cover East Asia in 2035 on the 90th anniversary of the end of WWII
  3. Conor McGregor: Floyd Mayweather can't train for me without resurrecting Bruce Lee. “What other mixed martial artist is there like me? He’d need to reincarnate Bruce Lee, and that would be the only person he could bring in that could mimic me with the way that I’m coming at him." (lol??)
  4. Anti-desertification efforts in China's Inner Mongolia - Kubuqi
  5. Chinese air force backs new military blockbuster film
  6. Will Trump Ignite a War with China?
  7. Cambridge University Press relents on censoring "China Quarterly"
  8. The US military project for the world
  9. Inside The Chinese Food Mecca Of Los Angeles [Chinese Food: An All-American Cuisine, Pt. 3] AJ+
  10. Search for #WW2 Chinese-American veterans is a race against time: 20,000 Chinese Americans fought in WW2. The youngest who served would be 88 now. The oldest who is still alive is 101 said Gor, national president of Chinese American Citizens Alliance. We're trying to find them as quickly as possible
  11. Naval Collision Adds to Fears About U.S. Decline in Asia
  12. West’s accusation of unfair trials in China outdated
  13. Backgrounder: Major racial riots in U.S. in recent years (this is the sort of compiled data Chinese media should be spreading)
  14. Science Fiction boom in China
  15. DJI - Skating to Win
  16. Poor Man Dedicates Life to Raising Abandoned Baby Girls in China
  17. Conflict movies lift China’s second-half box office as studios find more yuan in every bang: Patriotic themes are now seen as essential to winning a bigger share of the mainland movie market that saw 1.3 billion tickets sold in 2016, according to analysts
  18. China Box Office: #WolfWarrior2 Becomes Second-Biggest Single-Market Film Ever After 'Force Awakens': The Chinese juggernaut climbed to $769 million and nudged aside 'Avatar' in the single-territory charts, with only 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' having earned more from one territory
  19. See how Chinese dumplings are produced in an unmanned factory in N. China
  20. 'Wolf Warrior II' Star Frank Grillo on How China's $780M Blockbuster Was Made (Q&A)
  21. "Peru discovers in pre-Incan site tomb of 16 Chinese migrants"
  22. Trump Won't Do Anything Concrete about US Opioid Problem, So, Blame China
  23. China's Top Billionaire explains what's wrong with Donald Trump's Populist rhetoric (2017)
  24. 0825 Interesting things to know of in China
  25. 70 years on: Green development flourishes in Inner Mongolia
  26. An Interesting Answer to the Question "Are Chinese People Really Happy Under Their Government?" on Quora. This particular part is very telling: "the Chinese have a fresh memory of what we’ve been through over the years, thus fully understand the importance of a competent government"
  27. Thanks to global warming, China’s ‘Snow Dragon’ and U.S. cruise will meet in #Arctic. Not so long ago they would have likely not been bold enough to attempt the Northwest Passage because of its dark reputation as an ice-bound coffin for many of the sailors who took part in early Arctic expeditions
  28. Hanfu - A Tale Of Traditionalist Resistance (An Informative Essay on the Modern Hanfu Revival Movement)
  29. Tao Huabi, founder of Lao Gan Ma, is dubbed the “hottest woman in China” because of her chili sauce empire
  30. China-Bashing is the Dangerous New Sport of US Elites
  31. China Film Insider: The Top 10 Male Chinese Actors You Need to Know
  32. A tale of two statues: Confucius and Lin Zexu
  33. Jackson Wang - Papilion
  34. Dear Disney, Here's 8 Extremely Hot Asian Guys Perfect as Mulan's Love Interest
  35. China-Russia-Mongolia Border Defense Law Enforcement Drill Concludes in North China
  36. Remembering the American firebombing of Hankou, Wuhan in 1944.
  37. 彭麗媛 十送紅軍--中國第一夫人
  38. NEW!! HD Lu Xiaojun's dip on parallel bars with a load of 55/70/80kg
  39. Москва–Пекин (Moscow–Beijing) [More Modern Version]
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