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Looking for a swolemate: how can I word that in my profile?

2020.05.15 23:18 Replicant28 Looking for a swolemate: how can I word that in my profile?

32M here, previously posted my profile for feedback and got some great tips (thank you!,) but am currently off dating apps until it’s safe to actually meet people in person (fuck you Corona!) With those tips, I started to get right swiped on (I paid for Bumble Boost,) but unfortunately, none of the profiles were really my type, and I wanted some tips on what I could do to try and get matches with who I’m looking for.
I do Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting (previously dabbled in powerlifting,) and honestly, I am very attracted to women who lift and have muscle. There is something very sexy about seeing someone throw up a heavy weight, and it would be amazing to meet someone who lives a similar lifestyle to me, plus, having someone to do this with would be cool!. What I’m struggling with is finding a way to put on my profile what I am looking for without it coming off as offputting (I have heard many complaints about how people translate the phrase “I am looking for someone who lives an active lifestyle,” to “no fatties!” Or “Skinny women only!” (The irony in that being that I’m not even attracted to skinny women.) I want people who read my profile to know that I care more about the person actually being into fitness versus only caring about how they look.
Is there any way that I can properly word that without potentially being offputting and it being taken the wrong way? Would writing “looking for my swolemate” be too cliche? Over the past few months, before lockdown my CrossFit gym has been seeing more and more “power couples,” and I kind of want that experience too.
And as to why I haven’t asked out anyone at my gym: most of the members are men, and the women who are there are pretty much already with someone. And I was actually going to compete for the first time last month and was hoping I could meet people from other gyms at the competition, but then Corona happened (fuck you, Corona!)
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2020.03.30 15:41 AminoAcidGirl 23 [F4M] Health is our only true Wealth. Slim petite healthnut lookin to date anyone who does legit Boxing or Calisthenics if not full-blown Bodybuilding

Straight female
Hockey player
157cm • 45.1kilos • Under 19% Bodyfat
Have lost some muscle definitions on my body now, although I still religiously stick to my daily swim-and-gym life.
It's not some pretentious bullcrap. And don't dare call me "high maintenance." I really just take Fitness and Proper Nutrition seriously.
You can't force me to drink/eat sh1t. My body has been programmed to wake up early and shut down early for quality deep sleep.
I can't even be friends with people who eat at McDonald's. That's just garbage you don't need in your life.
You are what you eat. Garbage in, garbage out.
I got used to dating Fit Guys who've joined me in stayin sharp and focused in all aspects of a healthy partnership.
I really miss havin that special one with a special dynamic where you wake up next to each other after a full productive day of Meal Planning, Training, Refeeding, Work or Errands, and of course some rounds of amazing suck&fuck in between Chilltimes.
If you cannot do longterm, I'm fine adjusting to whatever works for you. I'm never an unreasonable person. I have high standards and will never settle, only because I am a high quality human being taught to be assertive as fvck.
Since upstanding members of this society technically cannot/shouldn't breach typical Lockdown Protocols, we can chitchat for now, and when this whole shizz is over, maybe we could train together and do some more (if we've got chemistry). I do live in a Hotel with a simple free 24/7 Gym & a kickass Pool Lounge (27metre Lap semi-infinity!). I prefer to Host you, granted you're trustworthy and not a psycho.
I just miss having a Swolemate.
That consistent health partner. The one you simply can't lift without.
A true Swolemate doesn't have to be eating Steroids for breakfast. The nattier, the better.
Not only would we spot each other at the Gym, we can grow together and motivate each other, working towards shared Fitness Goals and maybe even Business Goals.
If you cannot do long-term, that's fine by me. I'm independent enough to walk away and be my own person.
Yet it would be really nice to have that one true Swolemate who understands the struggle of Meal Planning and staying either under Caloric Deficit or just maintaining Bulk-up Gainz. Maybe even go Grocery-shopping for Lean Chicken Breast fillets and tons of eggs plus Protein Shakes. Together together!
Age, height, ethnicities, or political inclinations don't have any bearing on this kind of partnership.
About ME
(and hopefully some of it applies to you, too...)
•follows an actual legit Workout Programme
•consistently eats a balanced CLEAN diet
•consistently works out daily with ample recovery time (adequate sleep for optimum muscle growth!)
•engages in Sports and also a Sportsnerd
•financially stable but working towards more flexibility
For those thinking I'm a Catfish, Skype WhatsApp and Viber available upon request for Videochat.
Telegram's already written on my Profile, would love to mutually exchange Progress Pics and Workout/Sports Programmes maybe even banter about common likes/dislikes.
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